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I don't really understand why Riza being 'small' would be a bad thing. Can you explain a little more pleaz :)

It’s not bad. If she we’re short/petite, that’d be fine. The issue that I was having was, she clearly isn’t, and she’s called that by the fandom. It’d be like saying Alphonse is a pacifist. Yeah, he’s not as eager to open a can of whoop ass like Ed, but he’ll still defend himself and others.

I think people just assume she’s short cause she’s often standing next to guys that are 6 feet (182cm) and up.

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If there were more scenarios like this:

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Where she’s clearly a tower in comparison to the other person on screen, this conversation wouldn’t be happening. 

But again, I want to stress that this was only a nitpick of mine. I just find it odd how someone whose taller than me (5′4ft/164cm) is somehow ‘small’. 

And now because I’m currently watching ‘GoodFellas’ and for no other reason:

Riza: Come on Ed. If I wanted to insult you, I’d tell you to go get your elevator shoes.

Ed: Alright, alright. It’s cool.

Riza: Good.

(Both sip their drinks)

Ed: (Thinks the conversation is over)

Riza: Now go home and get your fucking elevator shoes.

Ed: (Slams drink) Mother Fucker! 

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i kinda wanna like go for that 1960s italian girl that maybe has a bf in the mafia kind of aesthetic/look. do u have any style ideas for that Concept that come to mind?

I cbf to confine it to the 60s only here r some 1940s-1990s mafia wife looks:

- PETA forgive me but u need a lux fur coat a la Cybill Shepherd in Moonlighting

- vintage silk nightgown

- manicured nails carrying around a teddy John Gotti bought u n wearing tacky wool getup in 1970s wintertime NY like Lisa Taylor in Eyes of Laura Mars

- white fur + black veil a la Diana Ross

- big hair + silver dress like Gina Mastrogiacomo in Goodfellas

- sparkly gold dress similar 2 the one Michelle Pfeiffer wore in Scarface

- get a rich man like Liz Taylor did to kiss ur neck and put expensive diamonds on u while u tan by the pool

- Marisa Tomei’s backless floral jumper in My Cousin Vinny

- lastly.. gun so u can go Karen Hill on him if he tries to run away from the feds w all ur diamonds in hand 


“The Best Films of the Decade: 1990-1999”

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