gooderham and worts

Distillery District, a piece of history in the middle of the city.

Gooderham & Worts used to be the largest supplier of alcohol in Canada. The company’s growth started slowing as beer and wine became more popular and when the Ontario Temperance Act was passed in 1916 (this Act banned the sale of alcohol in Ontario). The company was later sold and continued producing alcohol for the USA during Prohibition. Ultimately, in 1990, the distillery was closed and became the Distillery District. 

#997 The Distillery District

Toronto has a few older areas that were shut down for a long time, then refurbished and reopenned giving itself a fantastic make over. The Distillery District is one of these areas. Gooderham and Worts was a canadian distrillery started in 1869. In 1990 the distillery was closed and became the distillery district which is not only the home of a lot of Toronto artisans, but also a fantastic collection shops, galleries and restaurants. The collblestone roads and the old architecture give the place souce and spirit and is one the few areas where you can feel the history of its location.