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“You know how in the military there are often times when there isn’t anything to do. I hated that. I wanted to find some fun in those times. So I made a lot of plans with other military mates. We tried things like who could do a handstand the longest, to copying TV shows where we ran around trying to rip each other’s name tags off. The atmosphere changed a lot after we played around. In the past, there was a lot of injustice and violence, but it all disappeared and we began to have fun. My comrades and I just tried the activities for fun, but it brought on such a good result overall. I always try to live like this. Gotta live a fun life.”

“군대에서 하는 거 없이 마냥 시간을 보낼 때가 많잖아요. 저는 그게 싫었어요. 그 안에서도 재미를 찾고 싶었죠. 그래서 동기들이랑 이런저런 기획을 많이 했어요. 물구나무 오래 서기부터 시작해서 TV 예능처럼 등에 이름표 붙이고 추격전도 하고요. 그렇게 놀다 보니 분위기가 많이 바뀌었어요. 예전에는 부조리도 심했고 구타도 있었는데 다 사라지고 재미있는 분위기로 바뀌게 됐죠. 그냥 동기들끼리 재미있어서 하게 된 건데 자연스럽게 좋은 효과를 내더라고요. 저는 항상 이렇게 살려고 노력해요. 재미있게 살아야죠.”

The world is beautiful, you are beautiful, God turns on the light switch when the sun peaks over the mountains to wake you and shuts the light off before bed time, don’t fear the dark because he has a pale night light, the halos of your Guardian angels will reflect if you’re sleepy enough and squint hard enough to say they are with you, I know you will be sad and feel alone but you aren’t, he cries with you the drops sprinkle down and the angels peak around your door to check on you and invisibly wrap there arms and wings around you, and they will yell when you’re in deafening silence or chaotic noise and the thunder roars, he blows seeds and things grow, you will grow from your wounds and you will be happy, things will fall apart, you will fall apart, the earth isn’t strong all the time, there are sink holes, hurricanes and the sky isn’t always blue but I promise you the sun will rise tomorrow and the next day and the day after that, people will come and clean up the chaos or calm the storm and sometime you will have to learn how do that alone but there’s beauty in knowledge and struggle, and you will fall and break and destroy but there’s beauty in the ruins, it brings new life and growth, no one will be mad or blame you for the raging seas and natural disasters you have because we all have them to. This is your process and he is with you, he makes no mistakes, he is the keeper of the world we’ve yet to see and the joy we’ve yet to experience.
—  The book I promised myself I’d write,