hey fans of wooden overcoats

and comedy in general, DRAYTON TRENCH is a hi larious podcast from the Wireless Theatre Company about a (broke) detective trying to save an archeologist feat. her secretary, Tired™ nephew, purple-haired assassin, and more absolute characters

OH also it’s written by David K Barnes and stars Beth Eyre (wooden overcoats!)

I don’t think it’s on itunes?? But you can listen to it on audioBoom

guys, it’s good

EDIT it is on iTunes, check the notes!

anonymous asked:

Thoughts on Sonamy?

uhhh how do i put this

and also…….. 

sonamy was…..probably my first Real Ship.

i’ll never move past these two. they are so good

Edit: also just adding on….those posts were made like. ten years ago two to three so those asks are kind of null and void when it comes to stuff i like now. like im a completely different person now than i was then

but the love for these two remains. 100%

emmujin  asked:

do u hc any of those red and blue dorks as trans?

Literally All Of Them, but specifically Tucker (whos canonically trans as far as I’m concerned. he had a BABY), nonbinary Caboose, trans girl Carolina and trans boy simmons. I absolutely accept and love EVERY trans headcanon though and they are ALL good



“When Violet Baudelaire tied her hair up like that, it was a sure sign that the pulleys, levers and gears of her inventing mind were working on a top speed.”

A Series of Unfortunate Events (2017) // The Bad Beginning: Part One

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Do u have some superbat fic recs?

LET’S GO (all of the following are in the BVS universe)

i have two BIG TIME recs:

tell all the truth (but tell it slant) the fake relationship au to end them all. holy fuck. this is the fic i lay ALL BLAME on for making me ship superbat. holyyyy fuck. holy fuck.

Whoever Falls First !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i read this last night and i was just FREAKING THE FUCK OUT. holy shit. oh my god it’s so good. IT’S SO GOOD. IT’S SO GOOD. like i literally had to stop reading and just bury my face in my pillow, scream, and take a few breaths because it hits on EVERYTHING i could EVER want from a post-bvs fic. holy fucking shit. it’s technically a work in progress though the author says there are ~2 parts left. the most recent part has a happy enough ending that i don’t feel… worried about what could happen in those two parts. and honestly even if they never completely finish it i would still be 100% satisfied with the WONDERFUL fic they gave us. (EDIT: IT’S OFFICIALLY FINISHED!!!! ill change out the link once it gets posted to ao3 but omg read it now anyway Now on AO3!) holy shit. and oh my gosh clark is just so perfectly hopeful and snarky all at once omg

EDIT #2: Another fic i’ve been FREAKING OUT over is:

as to which may be the true this is a WIP and it’s still in, I’d say (though idk for certain) early-to-mid stages. i’m also not 100% positive but I think it’s the same author as Whoever Falls First (see above) and MAAAAYBE even the same author as tell all the truth (but tell it slant)????? so basically what im saying is i need to hunt this person down and marry them ok??? but yes this fic is just. i screech every time i get an email about an update holy shit it’s so good


and some others that are AWESOME:

command me to be well 


Only Human

these are also awesome, but they are not movie-based! i managed to enjoy them greatly, though, even with only my limited knowledge from the dceu :D

Four Days on a Farm in Kansas

The Long Hangover