The HIPHOP Thrift Shop | The Bboy Spot

The Bboy Spot, primarily located in Winter Park Fl, held a 2vs2 battle/session/thrift event this afternoon from 12pm-6pm. I walked in through the back garage door into a steamy, tagged up room of training bboys getting down to Old Dirty Bastard inclusive break beats. Surrounding the center cypher were tables of vendors & their eclectic assortment of used items. Everything hip hop, from paint markers, to boomboxes, plenty of well worn pumas & adidas, comic books, and even old school records, this definitely was not just any regular session. I had the pleasure of copping some perfectly sized all white cortez’s & a brand new BARS t-shirt for Cheffrey. After the event I got a chance to sit down and interview some of the bboys, highlighting one of the communities very own, MF kids. I spoke with team founder Nate Nocks on Bboy culture, the lifestyle & some goals they have for the community. 

“It’s a lifestyle, not just some sport”. ( -Nate Nocks) 

Coming soon, to goodcooks. I look forward to going to more Bboy Spot events in the future. 

Signing out satisfied, 
Mona Lee.