Luke imagine based off of Spaces by 1D. This is part of the Four Series, a series of imagines based off of songs off the album Four by 1D. ENJOY!

I sighed and placed my guitar down. Yet another fight. It became a daily thing now. It wasn’t always her starting it, sometimes it was me, and sometimes it was nothing. Sometimes there was a sudden dark energy in the air, causing both of our pulses to raise and angry words to be spewed between one another. “I don’t understand why you can’t just help me out around the house, Luke?” she stood in front of me, her arms moving with her words, and her hipped popped out in annoyance. “I know you’re away on tour a lot and you come back exhausted and you want to relax and be normal, but guess what? This is normal. Normal people wash their own laundry and cook their own meals and wash their own dishes!”

“I know, baby, I wanted to relax a little.”

“You have done nothing but relax the past two weeks. I work too! I come home and clean and take care of the house. Hell, I do it while you’re away as well! It’d be nice if you could help me out when you come home!”

“I do! I’m exhausted, okay? I need time to relax.”

“And you don’t think I need time to relax?”

“It’s different your job isn’t as hard.” Her face hardened with my words that I immediately regretted once they fell from my lips. “Baby, I-“She shook her head and walked away. I got up and walked after her, calling her name as she quickened her pace. Suddenly, she stopped turning in her tracks and placed a hand on my chest to keep me away.

“Save it, Luke. If you want somebody to take care of you go back and live with your mum!” Her voice was cold and her eyes empty. I sighed as I heard the door slam. I tried to think back to when this all had started and what had triggered it, but I couldn’t. We had fought every day since I came back from tour. I wanted to spend time with her and be happy, be us, but it was nearly impossible with the constant screaming. If I was being honest, it scared the shit out of me because I didn’t know how this would end, but I had a bad feeling it would end with one of us saying goodbye.

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