goodbye... forever!

Glitched: Part 5 - Say Goodbye

Author’s Note: Firstly, I apologize for how long this came out. I didn’t know it was going to be this long, believe me. Secondly, there is actually two parts to this part. It came out far longer than I had thought, so I had to sever this part into two parts. The second part to this will be Part 6, which will leave off right from the end of this.

Daily reminder: This fanfiction series is an angsty horror story. It’s dark and there’s nothing remotely happy about any of it. This chapter in particular is centered entirely on the events of “Say Goodbye”. As such, there is an uneasy sense of dread that gets dragged out throughout the story. Knives come into play and nearing the climax, there is a detailed bloody scene that could be disturbing to some readers. You have been warned….Enjoy!

3:17 P.M. – exactly forty-three more minutes until his execution.

The weakened Irishman stared at the watch as he delved deep into thought. Slowly but surely everything that had happened back in October was coming back to him in fragments. He could remember the excruciating headaches, and how at times, he thought he had been losing his mind, convinced he was hearing and seeing things. The nightmares – he could never forget those. Those had permanently scarred his brain; those weren’t getting forgotten anytime soon unfortunately.

But what had happened close to Halloween? What caused him to be where he was now – in a pitch-black, glacial prison cell with his brutalized wrists and ankles linked to the wall? How had that unstable, insidious manifestation managed to gain control over him and his body?

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Hey here’s my second year film, Goodbye Forever Party! It’s about a person named Lilith and her struggles with her job, mental illnesses and relationships. 

Most of the film is registered cutouts on a multiplane, which means that I would traditionally animate the scenes, cut out each frame but keep it registered to the pegbar, and then layer the pieces of paper on different planes of glass to create an illusion of depth.

This is the hardest I’ve ever worked on anything in my life, most of the animation was completed within the span of 3 months. If you like it, it would mean the world to me if you could share it and/or show it to people! 

Thanks for watching! 

commission of two very special boys

Our friends asked about you.
Saying your name didn’t hurt like it used to.
I told them I haven’t heard from you,
And for months now that’s the truth.

This is the longest we’ve been apart.
Almost a year now but it feels like it’s been longer.
I still feel the cracks in my heart,
But every day without you I grow stronger.

—  K.N.B.