Galileo Galilei

愛は噛み砕かれて ガムのように膨らんで
狭過ぎるこの部屋の中で 僕らを押しつぶしていった
パンと乾いた音が鳴って すべてが消え去ってしまうと
無駄にしてしまった時間と 落ちていく自分を見ていた
ああもう いかなきゃ.


“The candle has burned out and the band has rested peacefully but our music will be there for generations to come. We have become spirits that will endlessly live on for the rest of the century and maybe even beyond. Farewell. We have served our purpose.”

Goodbye Rick. Goodbye Syd. Goodbye Pink Floyd.   ᆤ  ᆤ  ᆤ  ᆤ  ᆤ  ᆤ  ᆤ  ᆤ  ᆤ  ᆤ  ᆤ  ᆤ  ᆤ  ᆤ  ᆤ  ᆤ  ᆤ May your spirit live on and forever inspire new generations of human beings to live their lives to the fullest.