Every time I try to escape this fandom...

Vikk: *does something adorable, punssss, is an absolute cupcake*

Simon: *acts like an absolute idiot, does something ksimon, emon, minizerk etc related*

Ethan: *laughs*

Josh; *giggles or is absolutely adorable with Freya *-* *

JJ; *says something stupid but funny, and his smile is enough.. *

Tobi: *being all adorable as well, talented, skillssssss*

Harry: *makes me wanna facepalm but laugh at the same time*

Tumblr: “oh you’re trying to leave? would be a pity if… “ *loads of adorable, funny photos and gifs of the boys*

Me: *sighs* well at least I tried .. *checks all their new vids, pics, gifs etc.*