Ladies and gentlemen and everything between, the day has come.

I hereby declare this day, and this day foward for the rest of our summer-the end of our social game, and the start of a new one…a Big Brother Game. Let us farewell to our social life, as ours will literally be glued to our TV screens, phones, and laptops. Let us laugh, cry, yell, and celebrate together on this BB19 journey. Let us hope this season is not an absolute snooze fest and flop. Today, and this day forward for the rest of our lives, we dedicate our time, passion, and every waking moment for this show and this show alone.

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Good Times
  • Me: *is minding my own business*
  • Me: *is in a stable state of mind*
  • Emotions: *are relatively calm*
  • Me: *is basically really unprepared and very unsuspecting*
  • All Time Low: *releases Good Times*
  • Me: .........
  • Me: ...seriously???
  • Me: *is actually ecstatic and can't wait for June 2nd* well fuck
  • Me: Adiós tranquility and au revoir my ability to hear.
  • Me: emotions, prepare to get fucked up and ears- prepare to bleed

Do I   

1) finally watch Poe hug Finn, add another ship to the three billion I already have, and wave goodbye to my social life?

2) indulge in 128 minutes of Diego Luna’s adorable accent and in return get my heart broken once more?

It’s a tough decision.