-I know that people keep saying it’s gonna be ok, but what if it’s not? I don’t know if I can keep fighting.
- Yes you can.
- How?
- You reach deeper, until you find the strength. That’s all life is, just one big fight after another. You fight, and you keep fighting until you can’t fight anymore. And when you can’t, we’ll be there to left you up and carry.
—  Silver & Dixon, 90210, season 5 episode 22



I think it would have been great if the episode had been 2hrs long, but I’m still happy, because I got what I wanted, which was LANNIE.

Ahhh Liam proposing to Annie, and her saying yes:


RIP 90210

February 28, 2013, the day the CW Network punched me in the heart. Obviously I’m speaking metaphorically, but the president of the network Mark Pedowitz may have well just physically punched me, probably would have hurt less. I say this because the network has decided to cancel 90210 this season, which means May 13th will be the series finale. I think I put too much faith in the network thinking they would have at least given the show a shortened sixth season, but they just proved to me that they are classless and heartless. 90210 has been one of its longest running shows that surpassed the 100th episode mark, they deserved another season for a proper send off. We all knew this could happen, I just never expected that it would. I mean, with the ratings being at an all time low, I knew 90210 would end, I just didn’t think it would be in 3 months. Way to add to my trust issues CW, I gave you the benefit of the doubt thinking you’d give the show and the fans a shortened sixth, well you done fucked up there, didn’t you?!

Honestly, I was just taking a nap thinking I was gonna wake up, grab some dinner and enjoy my night. Nope! I wake up to all these tweets and inbox questions about 90210 being cancelled! A girl was just trying to catch some Z’s, why you gotta ruin my sleep CW?! As if you didn’t ruin enough! For the loyal fans who stuck with the show during its highs and lows, the network sure did them dirty. Giving One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl shortened seasons and not giving 90210 one is some messed up shit right there. Someone tell me how that’s fair?

I don’t exactly have the highest expectations for the series finale because I feel like it was rushed. I don’t expect it to make much sense, I expect I will be left with a bunch of question marks in my head and saying to myself, “Really? That’s how you end it?” Think about it, the show has 7 episodes left to wrap up everything and try to make sense of the last 5 seasons. Have y'all seen the last few episodes? They’ve been so random! Half brother comes out of the blue, Naomi opens a restaurant, Liam has yet another career change, Silver and Adrianna open a slut truck (Not really, but that’s what I call it), Annie suddenly has feelings for Liam again (Homie, didn’t your boyfriend just die?), and some surrogate chick is living with Dixon (Seriously, the guy should just open a bed and breakfast. Screw running a record label). The only way I see things “making sense” is by doing a time jump towards the end of the finale. Time jumps are usually the easy way out to wrap up story lines and give the audience an explanation and happy ending. No matter how it ends I won’t be pleased, just because I really don’t think it should be officially over this season.

I’m not happy that 90210 is ending in May and I will forever have dislike and disgust for the CW Network for doing this to the show. The only positive thing I see with it ending so soon is that the actors/actresses can move onto bigger things because they are ridiculously good looking people with talent. Good luck to the cast on their future projects and as for the CW, why don’t they have a middle finger emjoi/emoticon? I’d like to use several of those to show my “gratitude” to network.