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um, guys?? guhUYS GUYYYS GUYYYZZZZZ stop what you’re doing and look at what @kotyonoksnz drew for me!!! 

His Hoodie, My Hoodie (M)

OC x FratBoy!Jimin
Length: 8.6K oh man holy shit 
Type: Three Word Drabble… fluffy, with bit of naughty times
Recommended OST: (x) and (x
(a/n): The 2/7 prompts that @an-exotic-writer sent me (lol you did this to yourself) I would like to keep my status as a pure cinnabun okay? This was ummhmM fun to write though ;) I would like to sincerely apologize to all the people I have teased with this ahah forgive me please, please accept my love. 

Summary: “You don’t really know when it happened— considering he melded so seamlessly into your life— you can’t name the exact moment where Park Jimin morphed from a variable to a constant in your dreary reality.” What happens when one of the biggest fuckboys on campus suddenly only has eyes for you?  

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Prompt Request by My Missy: Hoodie, T-shirt, Skin
Warning: explicit content that leaves me wanting to dig my own grave. Please proceed with caution. Ya know Park Jimin, thigh riding, lots of profanities.

001. Hoodie 

It’s Friday night, about half past midnight; the hour where any reasonable and righteous activities crease to exist. Sighing from your cluttered desk, you manage to run your highlighter stained fingers through your loose bun that was on the verge of falling apart—funny, because so are you. 

“Keep piling things up on your plate like that and you’ll realize you’re spreading yourself thin.” a voice rings from your shared bathroom and your head snaps up to see your roommate Lisa strolling through the door, dressed to the nines. 

Through your study-hazed mind you recall that the “party of the century” that she has been raving about for the past two weeks is tonight—God, you really hope they don’t get reported, the sirens are such a distraction. 

“Aren’t you just about to be late, Your Highness?” you reply with a roll of your eyes. Not that she is wrong about your workload, of course you knew that; you’re just too darn stubborn to let go of your competitive edge.
“A queen is never late. Everyone else is simply too early.”
“How can you remember Princess Diaries quotes and not even a single word our professor spews out on a daily basis?”
“Because darling, I only highlight the important stuff.” she chuckles and flips her blonde locks to the side.
You grumble because goddamit she’s pretty enough to be this shameless, but nonetheless urge her to hurry along and to be careful of strangers. She listens to your advice well enough, precariously balancing on one leg to strap on her heels until-

“Come with me.” 

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