goodbye tori

I loved you in the morning;
Our kisses deep and warm.
Your hair upon the pillow
Like a sleepy, golden storm.
—  Leonard Cohen
(1934 - 2016)

finally, a tori and michael comic … (characters from Solitaire) …. michael is very afraid of storms and tori is sympathetic and i’ve had a lot of sprolden feelings this week

Beauty to the beast

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3rd person POV

The Pit was emptier than what was usual, only  a few initiates that went here and there, if it wasn’t for a tattoo, it was to buy some clothes.

But there was a particular girl, (Y/N), who wasn’t interested in any of this, in fact, she could be seen in a corner, snuggled in her big black jacket and her hair in a neat ponytail, holding a book.

2nd person POV

“You should do other things apart from reading” huffing while crouching down your best friend back in Abnegation, Andrea, tried to take you out from your trance"But it’s the best part!“ You answered back, the same answer as always.

"That forsaken book…How many times will you have to read it before you grow tired of it?”


“You’re such an unusual person (Y/N), that’s why I love you” She snatched the book from your hands, a gasp escaping from your lips “Ah,ah,ah…Not before you come with me to get a tattoo”

Sighing, you made your way with her to the tattoo parlor, Tori waving us the neon lights danced creating curious patterns “So…What’re you getting?” Looking at her arleady tattoed wrists, you crossed your arms “I’m getting a…"She tapped her chin, spinning around to finally stop in what seemed like a tribal design.

After she disappeared behind the curtain, you retrieved your book, slumping down in a sofa.

"If it isn’t the Dauntless bookworm…The same as always I suppose” Your eyes widened at that voice. Eric, the one and only Dauntless leader.

“Yes and, as per usual, I was in the best part” You didn’t lift your eyes from the book, feeling Eric’s mocking gaze and matching smirk burning holes in your skull.

Eric was the only one who always started a conversation about you and your book. It made your day, even if he mocked your attitude sometimes.

“You know (Y/N), i’ve always been interested, which book is it?” “I’m sure you don’t know it” In fact, I don’t know if you have any knowledge in literature, you thought, but bit your tongue in fear those words would come out “I’ll be deciding that, initiate” You closed your book, puting it in your bag “It’s Romeo and Juliet. There, happy?”

Then, the unexpected happened. Eric laughed. A ghost of a smile appeared in your features, but was replaced by a frown as he spoke up.

 "Of course it had to be that one" “What? Any problem?” “The stereotypical one for a girl” “Oh! And Mr. I-know-about-literature-so-don’t-contradict-me wouldn’t happen to know which books are not the stereotypical ones?”

Crap, you had sassied beyond your limits the man that could kick you out of Dauntless even if you were ranking the first ones in the Initiation, which wasn’t even the case.

Well, at least I lived…

“Come” You opened your eyes, looking directly at his blue orbs “God, do I even have to carry there?” “Carry me where?” “Shut up and follow me”

You did as you were told, waving goodbye to Tori who had gone out a moment to drink some water.

As you made your way to an unknown place, you started to make possible scenarios ‘He could make me clean the dishes in the dining hall…Nevermind we passed it’ 'He might make me run a hundred million laps in the gym…Nope’

A hundred hypothesis later, you realised where you were “The leaders dorms?” “A quick one, aren’t you?”

He took a key from his pocket, and opened the door of his bedroom, you assumed and entered to a dark room.

“Watch out where you step” You stopped dead in tracks and waited for him to open the light. Wise decision really, you would have stumbled with…Wait, books?

You picked the first one you saw, which had a nice red cover. Turning it over, you read the title “So…King Arthur’s tales huh? It has love Eric, aren’t you a softie?” He just rolled his eyes and took the book.

You were surprised by how many books he had, and of all genres, from horror to comedy, going to philosophical and romance “I thought Dauntless people didn’t read?” “I’m not originally from here, I was an Erudite” “That’s why you’re such a smartass sometimes” You whispered to yourself “ I heard you initiate” You cursed under your breath, making Eric smirk “Don’t tell anyone you’ve been here, or you’ll be Factionless in a matter of seconds. Got it?”

Nodding nerviously, you went to exit the room when Eric’s voice called you “We should repeat this kind of stuff…I’m a little bit oxidated with the reading culture because of the Leader thing”

You smiled to yourself and bid him goodbye, before going to the Pit to finish your good old book.

Every afternoon after dinner, you met at his room and spent time reading and commenting chapters. Sometimes, you read eachother’s parts of a book which you really liked, enjoying the times. It became like a tradition for both.

Eric didn’t know how to feel about it, he tried to erase from his memory your smiley face, the voices you put when you read a part from one of your books or how you blowed the hair out of your face which prevented you from reading.

It was too much for him, for he didn’t know how to cope with this emotions.

As he sat in a reunion, Max sat beside him, smirking at how distressed the Leader was “You look somewhat distressed” “…” “You seem troubled for something” “…” “Is the beast in love with the beauty?” “Oh, just shut up Max” How did he know about it? “I saw you the other day how you talked at the doorway of your room about a book”

Eric got red instantly, for his friend had hit the bullseye “Normally, I’d ban this kind of things, but she makes you less grumpier than usual, so I’ll help you” “I don’t need anyone’s help” He muttered, clenching his fists.

After the meeting, he got to his room, thinking how he could confess to you in a creative way, for you weren’t a normal kind of girl.

He spent the evening thinking about it, until he stumbled your book, Romeo and Juliet “I’m gonna look like a brat…But, if she likes me back, then so be it”.

You skipped contently to Eric’s room, ready for a new reading session. As you knocked on the door, you found it was already open , and Eric was sitting at the end of his bed, tapping his fingers over a book cover.

“Oh, of course I forgot it here!” You laughed and went to get it back, only to be stopped by Eric “This is the most dumbass thing I’ll ever do…” You arched your brow at that statement “But if I don’t say it now, I might never have the guts again”

“What are you say…”

“If I profane with my unworthiest hand
This holy shrine, the gentle fine is this:
My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand
To smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss”

There was an awkward silence, your faces heating and turning bright red “God, now you think I’m such a weirdo”. You rose up from your seat and started the next dialogue

“Good pilgrim, you do wrong your hand too much,
Which mannerly devotion shows in this;
For saints have hands that pilgrims’ hands do touch,
And palm to palm is holy palmers’ kiss”

You smiled, looking down at your boots .

“Have not saints lips, and holy palmers too?” Eric stood in front of you, as if he wanted to hold your hands.

“Ay, pilgrim, lips that they must use in prayer” Intertwining your fingers, you stared at his blue orbs.

“O, then, dear saint, let lips do what hands do; They pray, grant thou, lest faith turn to despair” As he finished the part, he leaned down and connected your lips with his in a tender kiss. Closing your eyes, you rested your palms on his chest and enjoyed the kiss.

As you parted, you smiled “Shakespeare?” “C'mon, you have to say it was genious” Eric smirked, crossing his arms in a cocky manner "And you said it was girl’s book huh?“ You mimicked his pose and smirk.

"For you, I can make an exception”

I gave you
all the pieces of me
that I thought I was supposed to give;

My heart,
to give you love and companionship.
My mind,
so you knew my darkest secrets.
My hands, 
for holding on tightly when you almost let go.
My lips,
to plant kisses that could heal your sadness.
My ears,
for everything you needed to get off your chest,
and my legs,
so I could carry us on when you have gone.

But I realized that every single piece of me
would still not be enough 
for your greedy heart.

—  4/30/2015
I love you. Goodbye.


The King and Queen’s bedroom door opened with a small squeak. Asgore stepped inside, a piping-hot cup of tea and a saucer balancing in his large palm. The room was a dreary gray in color, lacking the happier color scheme it once had back when…Asgore felt a twinge of pain in his heart. He didn’t dare think of the incident. Not now. Not when his beloved wife needed him.

The monstress in question was standing in the center of the room, facing the macaroni Temmie doll art that had been taped to the wall months ago. She was still and silent; Asgore was unable to sense any sort of emotion from her. There was no crying, no deep, rage-induced breathing…honestly, this hollow shell of the once cheery and loving Monster Queen filled Asgore with a sense of dread. But the male boss monster forced himself to step closer to her. Toriel was his wife, and no matter what, he would not let her go through this period of mourning alone.

“Tori…” Asgore spoke again, his voice a rich and soothing baritone. “I…made some tea. I thought you might fancy a cup.”

There was no response. Asgore’s brow furrowed slightly, and he took another step forward.

“Is…everything alright, dear?”


Asgore was taken aback by the sudden sound. A withered, mirthless laugh had escaped Toriel’s lips. Slowly, she turned to her husband. Asgore could now see the pain-filled smile that graced the monstress’ features. The fur on her cheeks was wet from tears.

“No, honey,” she whispered. “Everything is not alright.”

“Oh my…” murmured Asgore. He set down the tea on the nearby desk, before approaching his wife, and wrapping his burly arms around her smaller frame. He pulled her close, his nose tenderly nuzzling the top of her head. “My dearest Toriel…whatever is the matter?”

“I…” Toriel paused, her head resting on Asgore’s chest. She listened to his slow heartbeat. A tear then streamed down her cheek, and she suddenly pulled away. “I have done something horrible.”

“What?” Asgore blinked in surprise and confusion. “What do you mean, Tori?”

“My decree…” Toriel replied. “I promised our people that I would kill any human who fell into our kingdom. I promised to murder innocent children, Gorey.”

Asgore opened his mouth to argue, but realized she was correct. It was the wee hours of the morning, not long after the loss of their second child. Knowing that the humans had taken the life of her only remaining child had filled the motherly queen with a desire for vengeance, something she had never felt before. She called every monster in the kingdom to the Capital, and promised to make the humans pay for their crimes. Asgore had believed she was only speaking of anger at the time. Everyone said and acted unlike themselves when they were angry. He saw no reason to be concerned, especially when he also felt some anger towards the humans. That was then. It had been weeks since the decree, and while Toriel’s rage had since faded, her subjects’ desires of destroying the human race had not. Asgore stared solemnly at his sobbing wife, and carefully, he brought up a hand, resting it on her shoulder.

“You were angry,” he began softly. “Everyone knows you were angry, dear. But you’re not anymore. Now you can take back what you said. Surely, we can find another way to break the Barrier. Our people will understand.”

“It is not that simple, Asgore…” Toriel stared up at her husband, her eyes glossy and bloodshot. “My promise filled our subjects with hope. If I just strolled up to them and said, "Oh, forget about what I said. I will not be collecting any human souls.”, I will destroy them. All of their hopes and dreams…shattered…turned to dust. One by one, they will fall into despair and perish. I will have killed them all. Do you see, Asgore? I will end the lives of innocent people, no matter which choice I take.“

"Toriel, no…” Asgore walked towards his wife again, but she simply backed away, shaking her head.

“Asgore, I…I am a a terrible creature…”

“That is enough.” Asgore caressed Toriel’s face in his hands, his thumbs wiping away her tears. He felt his eyes sting, but he held them back, forcing a smile to appear on his face. “Toriel, you are nothing of the sort. I will not hear you say those things.”

There was a moment of silence. Asgore and Toriel stood there, staring into each other’s eyes. It seemed like time had stopped just for them. Asgore searched his beloved’s eyes, hoping, praying that he had gotten through to her. Toriel slowly closed her eyes, letting out a long sigh.

“Then you shall not,” she finally said. “I shall have the servants pack your things.” Asgore blinked.


“You will not be staying here anymore, Asgore. I will not have you living with a monster like me.”


“No, Asgore.” Toriel’s voice was firm now. “I have made my decision. I cannot break my promise to my people. I will have any human that falls down here killed. But…perhaps you can stop that.” Asgore didn’t speak, allowing Toriel to continue. “You will live in the Ruins from now on, away from me. You will protect the humans who fall down. Raise them and love them, the way you did for…our children.”

“I cannot leave you…” Asgore finally found his voice. His body began to quiver, and his heart felt as if it would be torn into pieces. Toriel looked away, biting her lip as another tear fell.

“This hurts for me too, Gorey…” the monstress whispered. “But it is the only way. Please…just go.”

Another silence. Toriel faced the wall, a heartbroken Asgore staring at her back. It took every fiber of his being not to fall onto his knees and beg for Toriel to reconsider…but he knew it was no use. Toriel was incredibly stubborn; she would not change her mind, no matter what he said. His eyes closed.

“As you wish, my beloved. I…I love you. Goodbye.”

Toriel heard a soft clattering noise, followed by the opening and closing of the bedroom door. A few seconds passed before Toriel dared to look back. Asgore was gone. On the desk, his crown sat beside the now cold cup of tea. Toriel’s legs suddenly felt weak, and she collapsed onto her knees. Her tears began to flow freely now.

“G-Gorey…I am sorry…I am so sorry…”


Science Fiction, anime and art collide in this article from the 5/1986 pages of Newtype. I hope you all enjoy!

*Note: The illustrations from the first two pages are from the anime Majo demo Steady and illustrated by Mickey Bird which maybe an alias. If anyone know of artist using that alias please share.*

First page-

Title translation: I was able to “harvest” anime from the novel “field” (genre)!

Far left paragraph translation:

Science fiction, Love/Romance, Fantasy, Documentary, Violence, Human Drama,Mystery…As I walk along the novel “field”, I immediately feel almighty! I stride purposefully and here I find an anime tree. The branches hang low and are heavy with colorful fruit.Each one is an interesting anime TV series, an original video - there are many different kinds so come to this field of novels and pick your favorite fruit!

Article excerpt:

Recently, there have been many novels with covers and inside illustrations drawn by animators and manga artists. The novel “Majo Demo Steady” is going to be an OVA (original video anime). This trend started 10 years ago when Haruka Takachiho’s novel "Crusher Joe" was illustrated by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, which was then released an anime movie in 1983. Following this, Kadokawa Anime animated the novels Genma Taisen (Genma Wars), Shounen Keniya (Kenya Boy), Kamui no Ken (The Dagger of Kamui) and Bobby ni Kubittake (Bobby’s in Deep!). Fans used to dream of the animation of SF novels and junior novels and now the dream has become a reality. Illustrated characters in novels have now become anime characters too. We don’t think that this is a temporary phenomenon; this will take root in response to the times.

Second page-

Title translation:

The next video will be Asami ni Omakase! (Leave it to Asami!) The OAV for Majo Demo Steady has finally been set in motion! The director is Osamu Kobayashi and Ajia do Animation is helping with the production.

Blurb translation immediate left from title:

Clueless and sexy, and breathing delicately - it’s Asami by these three!

Article summary:

It’s a three-way conversation among Miki Takahashi (seiryu and very first anime roll), Miki Tori (character designer), and Keigo Misaki (original creator). Takahashi says that he loves Misaki’s work, that he read the book in one sitting and that he also bought the second installment “Megami ni Goodbye.” Misaki says that he is much moved by Tori's work. Tori says that it was his first time to illustrate a novel, and he didn’t know what to do so he asked for a sample. He was given a sample of Akemi Takada’s Orange Road.

Third page-

Title translation:

Animators have overturned conventional wisdom about illustrations!

Amanno article summary:

Animators now want to express their talents in just one picture, and they are now called "new type illustrators.“ Yoshitaka Amano is now more known as an illustrator than as an anime character designer. Yoshitaka Amano says that he is no longer an animator - he is now an illustrator. He says that he does not want to accept more anime jobs. He started illustrating because he wanted to try something new that wasn’t anime and if he goes back to anime all will be lost. He’s not even thinking of animating his illustrations. He says that he also wants to have an exhibit of his illustrations, complete with music, video and lighting, something that hasn’t been done in exhibits before.

*Other artists on this page are Akemi Takada and Mutsumi Inomata.*

Fouth page-

Title translation:

Prophecies of Newtype Authors

Haruka Takachiho

Interview title: Matching is Everything in Illustrations for Novels!

Interview summary:

Haruka Takachiho was asked to reminisce about the time he asked Yoshikazu Yasuhiko to illustrate Crusher Joe.

Takachiko: I thought that Yasuhiko’s drawings would match the world of "Space Opera.” I would even go as far as to say that from the beginning, I wrote it already imagining Yasuhiko’s drawings. I had a hard time convincing him to draw for me because he believed that the work of animators existed precisely in the realm of movement and should not be recorded in one picture - a way of thinking that is unbelievable considering the boom of animators illustrating nowadays. I haven’t collaborated with animators after “Dirty Pair” which followed Crusher Joe. I find Yoshitaka Amano’s work very appealing, but I don’t think his work matches what I am writing now so I haven’t thought of asking him to draw for me. Matching is the priority. The mood nowadays is that anything will sell if you add an animator’s drawings to it, regardless of whether the drawings match the novel or not.

Takeshi Narumi

Interveiew title: I asked for beautiful characters for Hijirikon sha yu.


For this novel’s illustrations, I wanted drawings that were sexy and mysterious. I’ve known that Ms. Takada is good. I saw her drawing of an angel in the July issue of New Type and it was sexy, mysterious and had a clean feel to it so I asked her to draw for me.

*Also on this page are Sci-Fi writers Keisuke Fujikawa and Motoko Arai*

There are things in my room that
I haven’t moved from
where you left them.
Sometimes I find
I need those things, but
I can’t disturb a perfectly good memory
buried in the way you left a note
on my nightstand or 
the string bracelet I almost finished making
(except for the fact that
I’d always get caught up in kissing you
while I was trying to finish it.)
So I’ll keep that bracelet
right where it is, 
and that hoodie of mine that you always wore
is still laying on the ground
in the corner, and
I can’t put it away because
I like the painful reminder of you and
I can’t wear it because
it doesn’t fit quite like 
your hand fit in mine.
My room is a graveyard of
memories and
land mines, and
I’m not sure which one
I’m more afraid to step on.
—  trip wire and land mines