goodbye time 4 me to go

  • Blue going grocery shopping with Ronan 
  •  “Exsuse me I lost my daughter, Blue can I make an announcement?” “yeah sure” “goodbye you little shit, this is what you get for not letting me buy my Mac & cheese”
  • “Gansey slow down you’re going to get us killed” “I died twice and came back both times don’t tell me what to do Adam”
  • “Gansey you’re late” 
  • “A Gansey is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to” 
  • Adam:???????????????????
  • “I slept through my alarm“
  • Ronan blasting 22 by Taylor swift when he turns 22 and everybody just looks at him like????? Ronan Lynch knows other songs than Irish and metal songs????
  • Ronan: “Gansey Can you please pass the salt?”  “Can you pass your classes?” 
  • “My goal in life is not be the best but inspire people to try their hardest and make better choices in life” “Adam you say that everytime I beat you in UNO” “Oh look at me I’m Blue and I’m the best in UNO and i don’t give my friends any chances to get the sense of acomplishment at least once in their life ” “Adam shut up”
  • Gansey wishing for Noah back every birthday before blowing out his candles
  • The gangsey and everybody in 300 Fox way gathering in Persephone’s death anniversary, knitting and baking her favourite pies and cakes.
711 speculation

Ok, so you know how in 710, Ian has pretty strong reactions whenever Mickey implies that they won’t ever see each other again?

1. When Mickey walks away from Ian under the bleachers, and Ian immediately asks how he’s gonna find Mickey (he knows he’s gonna have to).

2. After they first kiss and Mickey says, “Tell me goodbye then.”

3. The morning after in the van when Mickey says, “Am I gonna see you again?”

4. Obviously, the last scene when Mickey says, “This goodbye?”

In the second two cases, Ian gets practically mad at the thought that this could be his last time seeing Mickey. He acts kind of defensively almost, and he kisses Mickey passionately, and a little possessively both times. So, to me this indicates that Ian does not want to let go.

Yesterday, someone wrote a great post about how Mickey knows this is the end, and that he and Ian are on borrowed time. He’ll take whatever he can get. Well, I’m here to say that Ian knows that too. They both know it. They are gonna try to stay together, but it’s not under tenable circumstances. They’re just trying to hang onto each other however the fuck they can until it has to be over.

Based on those 711 promo pics, it looks like the two of them in the desert at night drinking beers may just be their last scene together. Look at Mickey’s face in the one frame. They’re gonna get a chance to finally slow down and talk, and Ian’s gonna say something (and I really don’t think Trenever has anything to do with it), and Mickey is going to make the decision to go on without him.

I don’t even think he’ll say it explicitly. I think Ian will wake up the next day, and Mickey will just be gone. They’ll be together one last time, that night, and Mickey will realize Ian needs to go back home to his family, or whatever-the-fuck, and that will be that.

So at least Ian won’t leave Mickey? 

  • November 4, 2016
  • Writing to you is my way of chasing you. It’s an addiction, and it needs to stop.
  • I’ve decided I’m gonna let you drift away, knowing that who’s not meant for me, no matter how many letters I write or wishes I make, never will be.
  • And in case the Universe decides you do belong in my life, I know you’ll eventually find your way back, no matter how far you stray.
  • So this is goodbye. And this time I'll do my very best not to look back.

christ on a cracker this blog is old enough to go to kindergarten…

back when i started, i was v starry-eyed about having it forever. i think this fourth yr may be its last, tho. i’ve had a good run and i think my bitter old man bones could use a rest. nothing 100% certain yet; this isn’t a goodbye forever msg. but in the future i may take my bow. 

but to the matter at hand: the frilly pink celebratory img. my god it’s been a long ride. the equivalent of one full presidential term. a kid going thru the entirety of high school. the wait bet olympics. the amnt of time it takes for himaruya to finish a comic. 4 damn yrs. and for those yrs, thank yall so much. it’s reblogs and likes and support from yall that have kept me going this long. i could not be where i am w/o yall. and for w/e remainder of time this blog has, i hope yall stick around :-)  


i watched it’s a wonderful life last night (my favorite movie, i love the idea that even one person can change someone else’s life so drastically) and decided to make alternate universe toby who doesn’t follow the path she was suppose to and therefore never meets navy and never gets married and never has children.

au toby is snarky and skeptical and doesn’t believe in much.  she dyes her hair black (to match her soul) and doesn’t make eye contact with people when they talk to her.  she has nobody to make sure she’s eating enough and therefore doesn’t.  toby is a nurturing soul and without anyone to take care of she ends up wasting all that warmth on insipid things like her two goldfish and her collection of coffee mugs.

Killian “Captain Hook” Jones & Emma Swan are ENGAGED!!!!!! After 4 years of EVERYTHING! MY OTP ARE ENGAGED!!!!!!!! 

“I was hoping it’d be you.”

“Hey, beautiful.”

“Perhaps I needed reminding that I could.”

“You couldn’t handle it.”

“Not a day will go by where I won’t think of you.”

“Killian, come back to me.”

“You sold your ship for me?”

“I can’t lose you too.”

“I’m not a tearful goodbye person. But maybe just this once.”

“I love you.”


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Roommates || Suga || Part 6

Summary: Part 6. You were never one to believe in letting something you love go in hopes it would return… That was until Min Yoongi sauntered back into your life three years on from saying goodbye.

Word Count: 1,729

A/N: I’m back! Trials are over and I’m going to try and post the next parts to most of my series before the HSC sneaks up on me. Anyway, here’s the long awaited next part of  Roommates for you all! Sorry for the minor hiatus and I hope you all enjoy.

<< Part 5 || Part 7 >>

The last time you had felt so disoriented was during your university days; waves of liquor filling plastic cups and burning your windpipe after one too many shots of vodka, leaving you struggling to walk back to your dorm room.

You didn’t think you would have felt that bad once more without the need for alcohol in your system.

But there you were, trying to stay upright as you stared in disbelief at the man before you.


The name came out as a whisper and you felt your lips shake at the distant syllables passing through them. You were worried about the answer - maybe you were hallucinating. It was possible, you had spent most of the morning cleaning so maybe the fumes were finally catching up to you.

You had to be sure that he was real - that he was really standing in front of you here, in Seoul, after all this time.

The man before you smiled and your heart stopped - you knew that smile so well - before he answered with a simple, “Surprise.”

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  • "I guess I had never dreamed this would happen. You’re not here. I sent my last message to you. Last goodbye. It really is time to let you go. I told you I hoped you were happy, hoped she could do everything for you that I was never able to.
  • You told me she does, and that you’re happier than you ever were. And I’m glad.
  • I just wish it was with me.“
  • -Losing Him, Day 4</p>

anonymous asked:

"like how did he have time to go back to the school to say goodbye to elena but he didn’t have the time to call caroline back?" Right?!?!?! That's why I'm just like 🙄 at SCs claiming Stefan is going love Caroline forever & she vice versa. I'm like did y'all forget 4 seasons ago people (SE,TC,BJ) were declaring undying love for each other & now it means nothing like TVDs declarations are like Trump tweets. Outrage many, pacify a few

Even the way they say “I will love you forever” it really screamed platonic to me, nothing about it felt romantic.

Music Tag

Rules: You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and list the first ten songs, then tag ten people.

Thank you @florahlism for tagging me and since she put her favourite lyric from the songs I decided to do that too!! And also thank you @glossomly and @rohmancely for tagging me :)

1. Oops - Little Mix

“I would take a time machine to the day I said goodbye”

2. I Don’t Wanna Know - Astrid S

“Long days and late nights can’t keep you off my mind
But are you feeling the same?”

3. Six Feet Under - Billie Eilish

“ Don’t come back, it won’t end well
But I wish you’d tell me to ”

4. DNA - Lia Marie Johnson

“Eyes like yours can’t look away”

5. Mercy - Shawn Mendes

“Show me an open door
Then you go and slam it on me”

6. Find What You’re Looking For - Olivia O'Brien 

“But I know you, you’re nothing but a sad boy”

7. Bird Set Free - Sia

“ But there’s a scream inside that we all try to hide”

8. Compass - Zella Day

“Where you are, I will be
Miles high, in the deep
Where you are, I will be
Anywhere, in between”

9. Be Alright - Ariana Grande

But the hard times are golden
Cause they all lead to better days

10. Young and Beautiful - Lana Del Rey

“He’s my sun, he makes me shine like diamonds”

I tag: @leavingforever @azuher @glossomly @itsephora @acuore @fauhne @aqhuiver @charmantra @lushwater @lushfully (Sorry if you’ve already been tagged)


Please note

* = smut

** = trigger 



Pokarekare Ana- Calum is a powerful Maori chief who falls in love at first sight but this new love is proving to be difficult 

1  2  3*  4  5   6


Never Be (Prince!Luke)- Luke falls in love with his brother’s wife and suddenly a royal bundle is part of the picture 

1   2  3  4  epilogue 

Fresh Meat (Frat!Luke & Ashton)- Luke is the fresh meat on campus who has a massive crush on you who is currently the president of the frat, Ashton 


Blackout (Superhero! Michael)- Michael is a powerful CEO by day but a superhero by night. However, he must protect the most important people in his life, his daughter and you, the nanny


Fresh Meat (Frat!Ashton & Luke)-Luke is the fresh meat on campus who has a massive crush on you who is currently the president of the frat, Ashton




3am agreements  


‘i love you’ type of sex 

the royal bundle


husband and wife* 

love in the mornings




don’t touch her (frat!Calum)

rather be a daddy  

prom surprise 

hazy love 

back from tour* 

the protective dog 


expectant Ashton would be like 

stress relief *



A grin can say something else 


christmas through the years 

I will love you till the end of time  

Down the road*


Late night Games 

Sleeping on the floor


Ewwwww cute couples

It’s me!

Michelle Phan told me to 

Down the road**



When disaster strikes 

Princess Luke 

Please knock* 

Down the road 


Here’s your Daddy 



Little Boys 

The neighbors 

New life 

Down the road   pt.2 


#1 going on tour with him 

#2 hickey 

#3 proposal 

#4 wedding 

#5 you’re a doctor (Laston)

#6 it’s his birthday 

#7 vacation


#9 Roles Reversed 

#10 you visit his family and get sick 

#11 saying goodbye at the airport 

#12 tour ends 

#13 baby on tour 

#14 media gets it wrong 

#15 looked down upon 

#16 high school sweethearts 

#17 finding out you’re pregnant 

#18 the birth of your second child 

#19 you get your period while on tour with him 

#20 “old friends”

#21 denial 

#22 going back to Sydney 

#23 you get married in a courthouse 

#24 buying the ring 

#25 cuddles 

#26 parties 

#27 night time  

#28 baby comes up in an interview 

#29 spending the night 

#30 bed 

#31 college *

#32 bad girl au

#33 alcohol **

#34 nerves 

#35 sleep

#35 after 

#36 leaving him alone with the baby 

#37 too long 

#38 mornings 

#39 babies

#40 showers 

#41 taking his clothes 

#42 a still moment 

#43 Friday nights

#44 second chances 

#45 bedtime

 #46 playtime 

#47 married life 

#48 maybe a baby?

#49 2am*

#50 magazine articles 

#51 the family life 

#52 missing the family 

#53 leaked 

#54 honeymoon

#55 third wheels 

#56 lazy Sundays

#57 single father au

#58 secret 

#59 bedroom problems*

#60 the first time*

#61 christmas shopping  

#preference #62 it’s not suppose to play out like this 



You miss him on tour

1. i am trying to figure out
why i am the way i am.
why i am made of
three-parts running
and one-part
fighting so hard to stay.

2. there is a bad habit
that lives inside of me;
one that searches for
exit signs,
unlocked doors and
cracked windows
every time i step into
a new space.

3. my exit strategy is flawed
but it’s the only thing
i know how to do: leave
before you become
the one on their knees,
before you become
the one who keeps
looking for answers
inside of all the wrong

4. nobody asks
me to stay anymore.
instead they ask: do
you ever get tired? where
are you going? were you ever
going to say goodbye?

5. all my dreams 
are about a world
where i don’t run.
a world where i stay long enough
for someone to remember who i am. 
i unpack my bags, 
i stop looking for a way out,
i come home. 
this is the world i want to live in.

—  A.Y. // RUNNING
ta ta 4 now

hello people of tumblr, just writing this so you didn’t think that i dropped off the face of the earth, i’m not going to be able to get on tumblr for 1 to 2 days because my computer bob is a stupid little shit and needs updates and such, and in that time i will be thinking of some new imagines YAY!, and hopefully you’ll all like them when i return, and you’ll all accept me back with loving arms and curved horns full of ale, goodbye 4 now, i shall return. much love and thanks from me <3

So basically:
  • Ouat: "Ok guys, 4B let's go!"
  • Ouat: *creates all sort of new stuff*
  • Me: "Ok let's try not dying of heart attack..."
  • Ouat: *delete Ursula*
  • Me: Goodbye SeaDevil.
  • Ouat: *Bring back Zelena*
  • Me: "Hey auntie you're back!"
  • Ouat: "Ok this fan is happy, quick do something!"
  • Ouat: *crushes rumbelle, kills Cruella*
  • Me: ...
2/4 (Calum Hood) request

“Wait,” you said to your tutor. “Where did the 3 come from?” You asked, not understanding at all what was going on.

Your tutor sighed, probably annoyed that this was the fifth time you had asked.

You had a major math test tomorrow, and you actually felt like ripping your hair out. You were too stressed to be able to concentrate on the math.

After a while, you said goodbye to your tutor and went back to your dorm. Your boyfriend, Calum, had actually waited for you this entire time in the library.

“Y/N, there you are.” He said, standing up and put all his books back into his bag. “What’s wrong?” He asked, concern taking over his features.

“I just don’t get anything. I can’t concentrate on any of my work.” I sighed, feeling like crying again.

We walked back together to my dorm room, and I was going to take out my math once again. “No, Y/N you’re too stressed. You’ve done enough math for the day.”

You didn’t protest, you really didn’t want to work anymore.

“I actually feel like crying, it just doesn’t make any sense.” You said, hoping that your tears actually didn’t start.

“Shh, it’s okay.” I murmured, wrapping his arms around you so that you got pressed up right against him, cheek against his chest. “You just need to relax.”


 sorry this is kinda short, but here is 2/4 of the request :)

send me more!!!

1. I regret that you had been my 3 AM thoughts.

2. I regret everything I gave you. From the human-sized stuffed toys to my time allotment. You are my top priority like how eggs are on the top of your mother’s grocery list.

3. I regret that I took you to my favorite places. I realized that our story is like the first time I watched the sunset with you after the last ray of sunlight bid goodbye and as the darkness says hello and stars started to creep in the night sky our story ended with the very detail of this romance.

4. I regret that I am still holding on. Preparing for the next chapter of our relationship, waiting for you, for us to gaze at the gazillion of stars; and my heart mourns that you really let go of me.

5. I regret that I told you my deepest, darkest secret and how you will tell it to others like how dolls in horror movies creep out into the bed or how skeleton in a cemetery surpassed the ten feet deep land in Michael Jackson’s thriller.

6. I regret every single tear that my eyes shed. I am ashamed of myself that I want to hide. If only I can bring back my tears every night. Every droplet of tear that shouts our together, every droplet of tear that whispers your forever, my pillows would catch every tear and says together forever. And you define your together forever until you find someone new.

7. I regret all the things that I said to you. I want to bring back every ink from my pen. I want to erase every word from the lead. I want to crumple all the love notes I made for you. Stitch my mouth and never speak of you, break every canvas, pierce every inch, delete every record of you. You made out with all of my pens that whenever I write down I feel like I’m in a den. I am still writing you, but I turned every heart into breaks, every memory into a scar, and every bike into a spike.

8. I regret the moment that I stayed, the moment that you told me to wait for your call. It’s like I’m glued to the spot where you left me. It’s like I’d stepped on tar after you told me we’re over. I stayed believing that you will have a glance and realize that you’re wrong. The worst part is that you only left me with your decision; no excuses, no reasons, nothing. You let me believe in your vows, unspoken. You let me indulge in every moment, I’m broken.

9. I regret the moment we first met; the origin of our relationship, the beginning of our plot, the prologue of our novel. Remember the moment of our getting-to-knows, the moment you held my hand for the first time. Remember the moment you first wrote your phone number on a tissue paper. The moment you told me that you fell in love after a single sight, like how hunters kill animals in Open Season. You single-handedly shot my heart, like how hunters kill animals in Open Season.

10. I regret that it took me a long time to forget you. No. You are still in my mind, clinging unto every region of my brain, jumping in every part of my heart. Your name is tattooed on my skin that I want to soak in the rain hoping that the ink would fall down from my body and that’s how easy forgetting you.

11. I regret that you are still my 3 AM thoughts.

—  batangbrodkaster, 11 Things I Regret After Our Break-Up

allwired-thoughts asked: I’ve really been slacking from reading lately. I have a few novels that I’ve read and I’m just not interested in reading as much as I was. Do you have any recommendations to make someone want to read? …if that makes sense

I do this all the time! I’ll read like 10 books in a row and then go two weeks or more without touching one…so I’m going to give you a pretty long list. I divided it up into various categories and these are just books that at, some time or another, got me into a reading mood! Hopefully, some of these will get you back with it too! 

Just don’t make yourself feel like you HAVE to read- I hate when I let my TBR stress me out! :)


1. Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple?

2. Goodbye for Now by Laurie Frankel

3. Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi


4. Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card

5. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling

6. The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova


7. All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

8. Glory O’Brien’s History of the Futureby A.S. King- realistic BUT with magical realism :)

9. Love Letters to the Dead by Ava Dellaira 

I could keep going on and on but here’s some to get started with haha! Thanks so much for the question! 

Hey everyone, I have a big announcement to make:

After a long hiatus to think this over, I’ve decided to leave the US and travel back to my hometown in a week! I did a year of internship practice and part-time job experience which really gave me so much knowledge about the art industry!

But yeah..cause im a foreigner blahblahblah life’s harder for me to get stuff…

So! Im going back home and hopefully get more job offers there! 
Note: This isnt goodbye forever! I’ll just gonna be in a different location with a 4 hour difference lol- but i always travel to the US every summer…

Wish me luck and thank you for everything! 💦

I’m going on my first solo camping trip today. It will take me 10 hours to get to base camp and another five to get to my final destination but i’m determined to see the snow one last time before satan decides to take Chile under his sweaty arms, and this is also an attempt to scape the angry swarm of mosquitoes that keep me hostage every night. Goodbye allergies, goodbye spring.

Pray for me, tumblr friends. If I’m not back in 4 days, it means I am dead and I’ll see you on the other side.