goodbye the ponds


raggedy man, goodbye.


Rose, Amy and Clara’s farewell

S02E13 - Doomsday x S07E05 - The Angels take Manhattan x S09E10 - Face the raven

So, since I been called Satan, its more than fare to dothe whole thing, yeap? So, editing the gifset adding Rose’s farewell!

And please, oh Gods of Gallifrey, that the new companion don’t  be another Martha Jones!


My feels are broken….

It wasn’t just Wilf who was a touching father figure to the Doctor’s companion…very few people remember Brian Pond (or his name before he met the Doctor, Brian Williams), Rory’s father….but he was amazing.

From helping fly the dinosaurs, to tirelessly watching the cubes, Brian farewells the Doctor, his son, and Amelia Pond by telling the Doctor to take them on adventures, but to bring them back safe….

and the very next episode was The Angels take Manhattan.  How could the Doctor ever face him? He couldn’t even face himself after losing the Ponds.

I really love this video that gives a proper ending to Brian’s character and, in a way, Rory’s….Amy got the epilogue, and she deserved it, but I don’t think we should forget the Williams’ boys. Give it a watch and cry with me.