goodbye the office

requested by the lovely @as-told-by-mari

After everything… I’d still choose you.”

“You can lie to yourself but don’t lie to me.”

warnings: fluffiness and shortness.

According to Penelope’s very colorful visiting schedule, it was finally your day to go visit spencer in the prison. you were both excited and terrified, you were excited to finally see the man you love but terrified to see what condition he’d be in. spencer was a lover not a fighter and prison is not exactly the place a person like him should be. Before you leave you Say, your goodbyes to everyone in the office and they all wish you the best of luck, with kind words and hugs you are on your way. The drive is dreadful you have a million thoughts running through your head. finally you make it to the prison and wait for them to bring spencer out with the rest of the inmates you take a seat behind the glass the wait nervously fidgeting in your seat the biting your nails it seems like hours have past while you were waiting but in reality it couldn’t have been more that 20 minutes

Finally you see the guards bring in your lovely boyfriend in a less than lovely condition spencer has a busted lip and a black eye and you feel your heart drop all you want to do is run up to him and hold him and never ever let go. If only this stupid piece of glass wasn’t here, spencer sits himself across from you and it is silent for a moment as you both take in that you are really sitting across from each other as you try to hold yourself together you finally decide to speak

“What happened Spence?’  You say with tears already starting to fill your eyes

“Hey don’t cry! I’m fine really I’m okay it looks worse that it is everything is okay” spencer says trying to reassure you

You can lie to yourself spencer but don’t lie to me .I know everything is not okay” you say with tears finally spilling from your eyes.

“Maybe it’s not okay right now but once I have you in my arms again it will be”

Spencer hates to see you upset, and he hates it more when he is the very root of your sadness. He can’t help but blame himself for how upset you’ve been J.J has been telling him how you don’t smile as much or how the circles under your eyes seem get darker every day. He can’t help but be angry at himself because he is the one doing this to you, making you worry about him all over a secret he hadn’t told anyone, now  you and him and all of his friends where paying the price.

“I’m so sorry for everything I’m putting you through. I’m sorry for not telling you about what I’ve been doing, and I’m sorry for being the worst person and boyfriend you don’t deserve to be put through that. I know you know that I did not murder anyone but I did keep a huge secret and I do not expect you to forgive me. I understand if you wouldn’t want to be with me after this mess-“

“Spencer stop. After everything… I’d still choose you. You’d be ridiculous to think otherwise, you’re my forever Spencer Reid”

“And you are mine y/n”

(a/n its not that great! but i tried)