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Summer Break!AU edit series | “Goodbyes”

(please do not repost the edits or the fic anywhere)

Chanyeol chuckles to himself as he sorts through the rather large pile of pictures he and Baekhyun have taken since the beginning of their vacation. Most of them include shots of Baekhyun doing unexplainable things or just being downright cute.

The rest of them consist of a blurry Chanyeol making his best attempts at messing up Baekhyun’s shots of him. Baekhyun’s reactions to Chanyeol screwing up their pictures is too funny for him to not do it as often as possible.

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Me bc it’s confirmed that we’re never gonna see Audrey, Brooke, or Stavo ever again.

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This is a twisted story. A twisted love story.

With the neigh of an urban legend, with the tears of a boy, with the return of the ordinary, with the disappearance of the mastermind, and with the hints of a new story beginning, the story of twisted love now closes its curtains.

For their love is no longer twisted.