goodbye ser jaime


Goodbye, Ser Jaime

These characters have my favourite relationship in all of Game of Thrones/ASoIaF. I don’t care if it goes bro-ship or romantic relationship in the future. All I care about is the fact they have the most honest and respectful relationship that I have seen in longtime. And it didn’t just happen. It was something that had to be earned. And something that has come through blood, sweat, and tears.

This is a woman who has spent her life being tormented by men for her looks, her manners, her behaviour, and everything about her. This is a woman who has only ever been civilly treated by one man, and even then was being treated so out of kindness. This is a woman who is the first person to know the truth of that night when the boy who became the man before her saved a city and was named murderer for his actions.

This is a man who has lost all faith in honour and oaths and promises and vows after seeing knights standing by as a King raped and murdered before their eyes. This is a man who lost his identity the moment his blade opened a king’s throat and replaced Ser Jaime with nothing more than ‘the Kingslayer’. This is a man who is the first to see and truly acknowledge the woman before him as worthy of honour and respect and even his sworn oath, something he had long since abandoned.

Ser Jaime.

No one has called him that sincerely since that fatal night, and for the first time, when this woman looks at him, he almost feels worthy of the title once more.

Help help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.

i just realised that in harrenhal brienne says ‘goodbye, ser jaime’ but jaime is so fascinated by the fact she called him with his real name and not with the name he is mainly known for, so he doesn’t say anything

but in the ‘oathkeeper’ episode, jaime is the one who says ‘goodbye, brienne’ but brienne is too overwhelmed with emotions so she just turns away and leaves and not a word was spoken 


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