goodbye rabbit

Wordsnstuff's Writing Playlist
  • The Less I Know The Better : Tame Impala
  • Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby : Cigarettes After Sex
  • Ribs : Lorde
  • I Went Too Far : AURORA
  • Buzzcut Season : Lorde
  • My Blood : Ellie Goulding
  • How : The Neighbourhood
  • Female Robbery : The Neighbourhood
  • A Little Death : The Neighbourhood
  • The Beach : The Neighbourhood
  • Daddy Issues : The Neighbourhood
  • R.I.P. To My Youth : The Neighbourhood
  • Crybaby : The Neighbourhood
  • Fill In The Blank : Car Seat Headrest
  • Drunk Drivers/ Killer Whales : Car Seat Headrest
  • Angel Of Small Death And The Codeine Scene : Hozier
  • Vincent : Car Seat Headrest
  • Let's Dance : David Bowie
  • Life On Mars : David Bowie
  • Lady Stardust : David Bowie
  • Heroes : David Bowie
  • Rhythm Nation : Janet Jackson
  • Billie Jean : Michael Jackson
  • Gods & Monsters : Lana Del Ray
  • Sick Of Losing Soulmates : Dodie Clark
  • Cool For The Summer : Demi Lovato
  • Starboy : The Weeknd feat. Daft Punk
  • Say My Name : ODESZA feat. Zyra
  • Silhouettes : AURORA
  • Run : AURORA
  • Winter Bird : AURORA
  • Whirring : The Joy Formidable
  • Open Season : The High Highs
  • Brand New Moves : Hey Violet
  • Pure : Hey Violet
  • Guys My Age : Hey Violet
  • Bravado : Lorde
  • Into The Light : J. Views feat. Wild Club
  • Temporary Love : The Brinks
  • Love Lost : The Temper Trap
  • Viva La Vida : Coldplay
  • In The Night : The Weeknd
  • Acquainted : The Weekend
  • Greetings From California : The Neighbourhood
  • Let It Go : The Neighbourhood
  • Prey : The Neighbourhood
  • Ferrari : The Neighbourhood
  • Midnight City : M83
  • We Own The Sky : M83
  • Oblivion : M83
  • Could Have Been Me : The Struts
  • Kiss This : The Struts
  • Black Swan : The Struts
  • Put Your Money On Me : The Struts
  • My Machine : The Struts
  • Roll Up : The Struts
  • Emperors New Clothes : Panic! At The Disco
  • Golden Days : Panic! At The Disco
  • Vegas Lights : Panic! At The Disco
  • Girls/Girls/Boys : Panic! At The Disco
  • Back And Forth : Operator Please
  • Oh My! : Haley Reinheart feat. B.O.B.
  • We Don't Have To Dance : Andy Black
  • Homecoming King : Andy Black
  • Sippy Cup : Melanie Martinez
  • Mrs. Potato Head : Melanie Martinez
  • Mad Hatter : Melanie Martinez
  • Cry Baby : Melanie Martinez
  • Give Us A Little Love : Fallulah
  • Wiped Out! : The Neighbourhood
  • Single : The Neighbourhood
  • Froot : Marina And The Diamonds
  • Blue : Marina And The Diamonds
  • Starring Role : Marina And The Diamonds
  • Home Wrecker : Marina And The Diamonds
  • Sex Yeah : Marina And The Diamonds
  • Immortal : Marina And The Diamonds
  • My Girls : Animal Collective
  • Walking On A Dream : Empire Of The Sun
  • Haunting : Halsey
  • Colours : Halsey
  • Control : Halsey
  • Gasoline : Halsey
  • Sweater Weather : The Neighbourhood
  • Sex : The 1975
  • Love Me : The 1975
  • Cool Girl : Tove Lo
  • Moments : Tove Lo
  • Not On Drugs : Tove Lo
  • Influence : Tove Lo
  • One Last Night : Vaults
  • As You Are : The Weeknd
  • Dead and Gone : The Black Keys
  • Weight Of Love : The Black Keys
  • Take Me Out : Franz Ferdinand
  • Sugar Man : Rodriguez
  • I Wonder : Rodriguez
  • Crucify Your Mind : Rodriguez
  • Tear You Apart : She Wants Revenge
  • Come As You Are : Nirvana
  • SEX : Cheat Codes & Kriss Kross Amsterdam
  • Heavy In Your Arms : Florence + The Machine
  • Breath Of Life : Florence + The Machine
  • What The Water Gave Me : Florence + The Machine
  • Spectrum : Florence + The Machine
  • Nights In White Satin : The Moody Blues
  • No More Mr. Nice Guy : Alice Cooper
  • Poison : Alice Cooper
  • Ballad Of Dwight Fry : Alice Cooper
  • Every Breath You Take : Denmark + Winter
  • We Gotta Get Out Of This Place : Denmark + Winter
  • Wish That You Were Here : Florence + The Machine
  • Love Me Again : John Newman
  • Blame It On The Night : John Newman & Calvin Harris
  • Latch : Sam Smith
  • Arabella : Arctic Monkeys
  • Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High : Arctic Monkeys
  • Cornerstone : Arctic Monkeys
  • Do I Wanna Know : Arctic Monkeys
  • Beyond The Veil : Lindsey Sterling
  • Hold My Heart : Lindsey Sterling feat. ZZ Ward
  • Hollow : Tori Kelley
  • Take A Walk : Passion Pit
  • Somewhere Only We Know : Keane
  • This Is The Last Time : Keane
  • Reptilia : The Strokes
  • Machu Picchu : The Strokes
  • Wild Things : Alessia Cara
  • Here : Alessia Cara
  • TRNDSTTR : Black Coast ( Lucian Remix )
  • Into You : Ariana Grande
  • Sun Models : ODESZA feat. Madelyn Grant
  • Goodbye : Who Is Fancy
  • Rabbit Heart : Florence + The Machine
  • Bad Blood : Bastille
  • Perfect Illusion : Lady Gaga
  • Judas : Lady Gaga
  • Talk Too Much : COIN
  • Atlas : COIN
  • Run : COIN
  • The Pop Kids : The Pet Shop Boys
  • Plastic : New Order
  • Restless : New Order
  • Academic : New Order
  • Singularity : New Order
  • Tutti Frutti : New Order

I said goodbye to my pet rabbit, Doc, today.  She had kidney and bladder problems and was having difficulty moving.  Doc was a very sweet bunny, and she gave us five great years.  I’m so sad to lose her, but grateful that she isn’t struggling anymore.

recipe for upgrade

step one: stay quiet and still
as the boys practice their instruments.
their job is to perform
and yours is to be pretty.

your hands were not made
to press keys or pluck strings.
the fact that you can sing at all
is merely a fluke.

step two: war is no place for women,
but you aren’t a real woman anyway.
beg to fight alongside your brothers.
pappy will let you when he realizes
for all your delicacy, he cannot restrain you.

you will terrify your brothers
and the bronze robot who fights alongside you.
when they look at you in horror,
try not to take it personally.

(the official story will be
you were never involved.
this is acceptable.
you don’t want to remember.)

step three: when you attend the funeral,
look closely at your almost-mother’s face.
you are the pretty one, and so is she.
keep this in mind
when pappy calls you the wrong name again.

step four: the second time you go to war,
they take you away from your family
and put you in a white apron.
try not to be angry; there is no malice here.
they just don’t understand you’re alive.

you hate seeing people in pain,
but apparently this is the healing kind.
at least this time, they might live
when you try to save them.
many will not. do not blame yourself.

step five: when the war comes,
turn your back and flee.
find solace in gentler humans
who preach love and peace.

you do not want to hurt anyone
ever again.

step six: you are scared to go home
after four years of running.
start singing again,
though it isn’t the same as before.

a part of you will be saddened
and another will be relieved
when word reaches the manor
of a singing robot with old eyes.

step seven: spend years
wandering the halls like a ghost.
you’re not sure how to tell five

talk to the one in the vault.
his name is hatchworth.
he is lonely. so are you.

step eight: it will be almost a decade
since all of you were home
by the time your brothers come back.
rush to the front door to greet them.
open the familiar travel crates
and they’re in pieces
they’re in pieces
they’re in pieces
they’re in pieces —

a walter girl informs you
you have recently suffered a crash.
she tells you your brothers’ chassis
are in the lounge
but you should steel yourself before entering.
you refrain from pointing out
you are not made of steel.

the gold one’s face is locked in a manic smile.
the copper one’s rust is smeared with leaking oil.
the silver one does not look like you remember.
you do not know which is worst.

step nine: write a song.
ask the spine for help
when you realize you aren’t programmed
to read music.
remember you are allowed to request this
of family.

step ten: return to the park
you last visited so long ago.
this is the singing you remember.

step eleven: after your last upgrade,
start counting the days manually.
your internal clock says it is 1996.
it’s said that 5480 days in a row.

turn off your error reports.
if the errors can’t be fixed,
there’s no point in listening.

step twelve: say goodbye.
rabbit scoffs and pretends
this is just another trip.
the jon gives you a plastic tiara
and calls you a princess.
hatchworth says he appreciated the company
while you were here.
the walters cry.
the spine pauses, reaches down, and kisses your hand.

tell them to stay with you
until the end.

step thirteen: as your optics begin to
fail and your limbs go jerky, then
slack, take comfort in
knowing even when you were
alone, you were always

Kazutaka Kodaka (@kazkodaka)

I’m very sorry for causing all of this trouble. I said that I wasn’t going to write about the 2 characters anymore, but…that was a lie. But I was telling the truth when I said “I don’t want to write them in a half-hearted manner” and “I can’t just rebuild it from zero as a completely different work”. So because of that, we’ve prepared Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak Academy -Despair Arc-.

Featuring the Super Danganronpa 2 characters, it’ll tell the story of Hope’s Peak Academy that led up to the Worst, Most Despair-Inducing Incident in the History of Mankind. It’ll be a difficult, painful, and time-consuming story to make, but now that I’ve declared this to be the final chapter there’s no way around it. I’ll do it. Please let me do it!

It’ll be difficult since it’s an original story that takes place in the past. But because it’s going to be in an anime and not in a game, we’ll be able to put things that fans of 2 want to see and know in it that can be done specifically because it’s an anime. So considering that, I think it’ll be in this way that everyone will be pleased with through this thorny road.

So there are two Danganronpa 3s. As for how the Future Arc and Despair Arc will be related, and what kind of story it’ll turn out to be, please look forward to it. Since it’ll be an anime and not a game, the anime staff with Director Kishi as supervisor, along with the Danganronpa staff, are all fired up so that we can please all the fans of Danganronpa.

I’ve got a ton of work on my plate doing the scenario draft and overall supervision, but there’s even more in store for Director Kishi and the staff at Lerche. There’s Kaihou-san, the series configuration writer, not to mention all the writers without whom we wouldn’t have been able to take on this reckless challenge. It’s in response to my huge, selfish demands, so I think it’ll become quite a huge work.

I apologize to everyone I worried with my tweets the other day. I was feeling up to being a little mischievous and showing off the amplitude between despair and hope. A mischievous heart is the driving force between the things I make, but it’s not good to lie. I’m fine with getting comments like “what a horrible prank, Kodaka” or “I like what he makes, but he’s a bad person” until you’re satisfied.

It’s a little embarrassing being caught in the act doing this outside the actual work. But of course, since there’s more where that came from with surprises and a mischievous heart in the actual work, please let me take on the new work. I promise it’ll mess with your head.

Of course, the game New Danganronpa V3 is also something we’re deep in production for. The staff is doing their best to make it the best game with the best mysteries. And as far as I’m concerned the anime is my priority, but please make sure to check out the Danganronpa stage play this year!

So, because I still have to bear the guilt of making everyone angry at me, I’m going to the Shinjuku Cabaret Club like a dragon*…no, like a scared rabbit. Goodbye.

*Like a Dragon = Japanese title of Yakuza



“Pirate yeah, pirate nah, pirate yeah, pirate nah..” Alan plucked flower petals one by one. She was looking for a sign if her wish would come true.

“pirate yeah, pirate… NAh??!!!!” She yelled as she plucked the last petal. “Hmmph. why would I believe in these petals. I can do anything anyway. Tch. It’s because mother used to do this asking if father loves her or not. ”

Alan lied down on the branch daydreaming “I dream of becoming a pirate. I’ll search for treasures! Become rich and famous~ Sounds nice, right mother? hehe ”

“What the fuck are you saying my stupid daughter? Stop dreaming.” Her mother, Takutina replied. “Pirates are lame. Be realistic! If you want to become rich, become a thief instead! Tch. ”

“Thief…. thieves disguise themselves. If I do that, my beautiful face won’t be recognized. I still prefer being a pirate. Then I can have the title ‘Pirate Queen’ *winks at mother* ”

“Just shut up and go to your own world, you useless daughter!” Takutina closed the book she was reading and stood up to walk away.

“ Gah! are you really my mother? Can’t you at least support your daughter’s dream?? like father?? ” Alan spoke like a child needing a mother’s love. ((poor Alan… having a tsundere mom is tough ))

“I rather disown you than support that dream, my dear child. And stop talking about your beardless father who knows nothing but grow beard then shave it! ” ((guess who’s the father! lolol)) Takutina vanished from her daughter’s sight and Alan was left dumbly staring off the space.

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A friend of mine had to say goodbye to her dear rabbit today. Talking to her, and looking at my own buns got me thinking about how suddenly time is gone, how it can seem to drag on endlessly and then in the next breath move as a flash. I hope we all make time to cherish our loved ones.