goodbye promise

“I promise to hold you when you’re cold or when you just want to be held.

I promise to always kiss you goodbye.

I promise to take you on cute dates. Museums, concerts, fancy restaurants and the shitty ones too.

I promise to surprise you with flowers or your favorite candy.

I promise to kill the spiders although I’m terrified of them as well.

I promise to always touch you gently.

I promise to listen to you.

I promise to hold your hand when someone stares at you for too long.

I promise to never go a day without telling you how indescribably beautiful you are, and how insanely lucky I am to call you mine.

I promise to always encourage you and your singing, I promise to always be your #1 fan.

I promise to be there on days you cry whenever you are reminded by the fact that your mom gave up on you so easily, and how she was embarrassed by the fact that you love me.

I promise to work everyday to be a better person, for you and for myself. I want you proud of me.

I promise to never force you on rollercoasters no matter how much I want to see your face on one.

I promise to write about you, you’re my inspiration.

I promise to watch Spongebob with you when you’re in a bad mood and you’re just wanting a laugh.

I promise to make stupid jokes so I can see your beautiful smile.

I promise to take pictures of you doing absolutely nothing because thats all it takes for you to be the most captivating human I’ve ever known.

I promise to carry you when you don’t feel like walking.

I promise to jump in front of anyone who tries to hurt you.

I promise to watch your chick flicks, they annoy me, but you don’t.

I promise to tease you just to see you pout so I can kiss your pouty lips and see you smile afterwards. Knowing I have that power, is the most rewarding thing.

I promise to sing to you although I sound like shit.

I promise to put my book down whenever you’re wanting to talk. My attention is yours whenever you want it.

I promise to always defend you.

I promise to wait for you. People say its too hard on your heart, but whats harder is imagining my life without you in it.

I promise to be open with you about how I feel even if its hard for me. You taught me to lay everything out there because I don’t know when I’ll ever have that chance again.

I promise to be different from every other person you’ve ever known, every person thats walked out on you.

I promise to tell everyone I come across how lucky I am to simply know you.

I promise to love you unconditionally.

I promise to be your safe place forever.

I promise to never make you feel like your feelings are invalid.

I promise to remember every important date of ours.

I promise to kiss every place you’re insecure about.

I promise you that every lyric, every person I come across, every sunset, will remind me of you when I go days without speaking to you. I miss you so much that I look for you in everything I see.

I promise to be 100% without a doubt, completely yours.

I promise to never give you a reason to not trust me.

I promise to play the guitar for you even with my slight fear of playing in front of people.

I promise to always make sure you’re warm.

I promise that you’re safe as long as you’re with me.

I promise to call you randomly when I miss your voice.

I promise to make life fun, so be ready for adventures, memories, and more memories.

I promise to give you your space whenever you want it.

I promise to write you cute poems, and give you a lot of forehead kisses.

I promise to rub your arm with my thumb because I know how much you love it.

I promise to brush your hair whenever you get out of the shower if you’re too lazy to.

I promise to go out of my way to make sure you feel safe all the time.

I promise to love you so much it makes people sick.

I promise to watch scary movies with you that I’ve already seen so I can cover your eyes when I know a scary part is coming up.

I promise to be grateful for your love every single day.

I promise you that I won’t give up.”

—  I’ll be here when you come back


“Anche dopo la nostra lunga e felice vita insieme, Damon teme ancora di non rivedere mai più Stefan. Di non trovare mai la pace. Ma io so che si sbaglia. Perché la pace esiste. Vive in tutte le cose a noi care. Questa è la promessa della pace.. che un giorno, dopo una lunga vita, ci ritroveremo di nuovo.”

The reminiscence of how we used to be together will never be forgotten, neither will the memory of how you treated me when it was over.


                         Fairytale AU: No happily ever after for…. Cinderella.
When the glass slipper fit perfectly, the prince asked to marry Cinderella but before she set off to the palace with him, she wanted to have a little chat with her step mother and step sisters. Despite of the fact they mistreated her and made her life pretty miserable, she ended up forgiving them and invited one of them (her less cruel step sister) to join her and live in the palace too. However, as time as days went by the Prince realized Cinderella didn’t turn out to be that sweet girl he met at the ball because once Cinderella started living in the palace and started living a lifestyle she wasn’t used to, within time she began growing greedy and selfish. — and due to the following events Prince Charming decided to postponed the wedding until further notice with the excuse of wanting to get to know Cinderella better but instead he found comfort in Ella’s step-sister and later on began to have a relationship with her behind Ella’s back. And obviously it was just matter of time before the Prince realized he choose to marry the wrong sister and decided to stood up Ella at their wedding and run away with her step sister.  

and her smile could light up the darkest room

A little drabble in honour of Mileven week.

Her smile. He loved it so much. Sure, it was rarely in use, but when it was it made Mike’s heart flutter.

The first time he almost caught it was when she said “Goodnight Mike.” He had looked back down at her, expecting a small grin. For some reason, he’d felt a little confused. But he let it go, and walked up the stairs to go to bed.

Then it’d been on the La-Z-Boy. Not only had she shown him a smile that could fill him with warmth, but she’d laughed too. Sure, it’d been quiet, and barely there. But it was. It was, and it made him so damn happy.

And on the train tracks, when she said she understood. She’d smiled at him then, and he’d realised. He’d realised that he was falling helplessly in love. He just didn’t know he would hit rock bottom.

After she made Troy piss himself, she’d been so badass. And yet, when she smiled, she was pretty. No, beautiful. That’s what she was, though Mike’d wouldn’t admit that. To anyone. Definitely not himself.

He had known. He’d known she was lying when she said she was tired on the tracks. But he’d seen the ghost of a smile on her lips, and he’d been blinded. Because damn, he was in love with her.

On the quarry. I’m the monster. How could she say that? A girl with such a sweet smile, how could she believe that she was a monster? He’d given her a smile, and for some reason that calmed her. She’d smiled back a little, and he’d fell for her even more.

The bathroom. They’d been so close to kissing. So. Close. But they hadn’t. He’d smiled at him, and he’d been about to pluck up his courage because of that. But they hadn’t. There was no time.

In the cafeteria. He’d been so sure. So sure that this was over. So sure that he could give her the things he’d promised. Maybe we can go to the Snowball together? And, god, she smiled again. His heart was melting, and he felt so damn sure, so he kissed her. He let his mind take over, and he kissed her. He felt like an idiot, and he sure as hell looked like an idiot, but it was worth it to see her smile.

Just hold on a little longer, okay? He’d been such an idiot, believing it was over. It wasn’t. The Demogorgon was here, and they were going to die. But no. She saved them. She smiled at him, and it was a smile that would forever haunt his dreams. A smile filled with both fear and bravery. Goodbye Mike. And then she was gone. She was gone, and so was her smile. Though he’d never forget it.

The day he found her huddled in Castle Byers, close to hypothermia, Mike hadn’t wanted to smile. He’d wanted to cry, to scream, to shout, to hold her to him for the rest of time. But as she stirred and saw him, she smiled. A full, genuine smile. A smile that he’d never forget. “Hi, Mike.”

Sure, it was rarely in use, but when she did smile, Mike fell a little harder. And she’d always be there to catch him.

4.11.16 // 11:28 pm

i saw nothing at first because it wasn’t worth it. i was blinded by an endless circle spinning around my head like a halo that was mistakenly given to me. you became the fire to guide me home – a celestial light…a beacon. everything was broken and i don’t know if i wanted to be saved fixed. the shadows are haunting and they haunt you too but every flower shines brighter with every act of love. it was something new and i was afraid at first, but the monsters that truly mattered were the ones in my head. and you put them to rest. 

now i’m sinking and i can’t hear your voice. what is the sound of falling angels? this silence is deafening; the night sky bleeds and i’m letting everything burn around me to erase your absence. you have my heart, my soul. but you also still have every breath you stole from me. my rib cage is empty and my bones are hollow. is this what love is? is this what it’s supposed to feel like? it hurts. but i still want it. i ache for it. for you. i’m alive because of you. where are you? i’m alive so i can wait for you. where are you? i’m waiting–

one day,
this is the promise she makes to me.
one day,
we will close the distance between us.
one day,
we will say our last teary-eyed goodbye.
one day,
her promise will come true.
—  one day, we won’t have to hide.

1. Don’t feel bad for getting rid of the things that make you sad. Surrounding yourself with toxicity prevents you from following the life you dream of living. You deserve to live that life. They’re the ones that lost you. They didn’t realize how lucky they were.

2. Bad things happen. You can’t prevent things from going wrong. You can’t control everything and keep it in place. Things follow their own path. You have to let them. They help your recognize your strength. You will get past it. It’ll be over soon, I promise.

3. Goodbyes are hard. They’re not good at first glance. I never really understood why they were called “good”-byes until now. Sometimes we can’t help that we drift away from people. Push them away or they just choose to follow a different journey that doesn’t include us. We have to let them go no matter how much it hurts. Goodbyes lead to hellos after all. Let new people in. They will share a whole new world that is right at your fingertips, if you let yourself move on.

4. Not everything is a competition. There will always be people who are better than you at something. But remember, you will be better than them at something too. We all poccess different talents and abilities. We shouldn’t put others down for being good at something. Spread love and appreciation. Encourage each other.

5. Forget the suppression. Rise above it. You are better than those people purely because you choose to radiate love instead of hate. Kindness instead of ignorance. They’re already below you.

—  5 thoughts on forgetting the bad things in life ~