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IDK anything about Akagi besides what you've posted but I feel like he'd down five cans of Red Bull and fight his younger self in a parking lot while his friends/buddies/those two dudes you draw him with look on and remark how weird this is while placing bets.

thats actually a surprisingly accurate interpretation of the characters

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What do you think about the fact some people are saying that Kiri and Mina were surrounded by "cherry blossoms" in the chapter? Some people are saying the cherry blossoms symbolize a new start for Kirishima, while others are turning it into a shippy moment where Kiri makes a promise to Mina while surrounded by them. I'd curious about your thoughts on this

If shippers want to, they can turn it into a shippy moment. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a sweet friendship moment, something we have never seen with Kirishima and Ashido. Although, I’m pretty sure it’s not meant to be seen as romantic at all. There is no blushing or flirting going on. The conversation they’re having is not about their relationship. They’re not even thinking about their relationship. Neither Kirishima nor Ashido hint at having any romantic feelings for the other. 

Cherry blossoms have a lot of lot different meanings.

As you said, cherry blossoms can symbolize renewal and rebirth. Cherry blossoms come out in the beginning of spring, a time for renewal, optimism, new hopes, and dreams. In chapter 145, Kirishima and Ashido specifically talk about Kirishima saying goodbye to his old self and starting high school as a new person. Kirishima’s promise to Ashido is specifically about him finally overcoming his past self and regrets and living life happier and as a hero. 

This specifically means they’re talking about Kirishima’s renewal as a new person who can finally be a hero to protect people. As I mentioned earlier, cherry blossoms symbolize renewal or rebirth, so these cherry blossoms in the panels most likely symbolize Kirishima’s own renewal. There’s nothing romantic about it. Kirishima and Ashido are having this sweet friendship moment because Ashido went to Kirishima’s middle school and remembers the old Kirishima. She’s now holding him accountable for becoming this new person. 

It’s also the beginning of April, a time when cherry blossoms normally come out in Japan, so the cherry blossoms may not mean anything at all and just represent that it’s spring and the beginning of a new school year. Although, I think it’s more likely that the cherry blossoms represent Kirishima having a new start.  

here, this is where my mother
planted sorrow in my bosom
and left it to bloom–

can you see her there, waving goodbye 
to her old self shed away
like dried snakeskin leaving behind
a no skin bare woman not even
wishing to be made whole.

here, this is where my father 
painted stories on my eyelids
and left them to wither–

can you see him there, standing alone
in the husk of old dreams
counting them like stars in the sky
making patterns out of nothing and
wishing they would stop burning.

here, this is where I
burnt them down, all of them, the trees
and root smoldering, linage and all–

can you see me there, gasping for breath
with lungs finally free of vines
and smoke and ash that has built up
generation after generation, leaving me
floating at last.
—  a litany to a girl beset by ghosts | jocelyn

To stan a group that speaks a language u don’t understand, that’s an issue .. u don’t get why they laugh but u laugh anyway, why they cry but u feel bad for them .. u don’t get what’s going on on screen before u, but u try to guess .. the language is a huge barrier but u try to overcome it ..  Then when u decide to make edits for that group, that’s a bigger issue! really really tough thing & I didn’t realize to what extend until I saw some edits for a local show in my country! I was even able to read their lips in the gifs! pretty pretty simple task when u understand the language & hence u’ll be able to get what they say at every video related to that group ..
I wanna give a shout out to all gif makers who don’t understand Korean & still can manage! It’s really a huge job, guys! Be proud of yourselves! *high five*

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Suda Akari * I’m going to be an idol as well as a person (2015-06-09)

Welcome home♪
It’s SKE48 Team E’s Suda Akari!

Yesterday was the live broadcast of MBS-san’s weekly Appare Yattemasu
that I’m a regular on!

Because of the timing right after the senbatsu sousenkyo
they even scratched some other corners to talk about the sousenkyo,
or rather they just went and talked about the sousenkyo in the other corners.

They brought out the new Suda Akari and tampered with it,
and it was a time I’m really thankful for.

Yowiko’s Arino-san and Hamaguchi-san’s,
Ungirls’ Tanaka-san and Yamane-san’s,
and finally Tanobe-san and the whole staff’s friendliness,

I feel gratitude from the bottom of my heart
for the miracle that I got to be part of such a regular radio show.

Repaying that favor won’t be an easy thing,
but because of that it’s become a driving force for me ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

As a person I saw new sceneries and polished myself,
and I want to turn what I realized and learned into power and pay it back.

I got a good luck charm from Tanobe-san
and another certain thing (笑) from Tanaka-san.

※I think there’s a few people who only heard about the exchange on that radio show from other people or texts.

But because I think there will surely be some misinterpretation,
please have a friend play you the audio recording.

That’s my wish.

I think I’m going to start liking the other radio show members
and Appare Yattemasu even more from now on♪
(maybe even Ungirls’ Tanaka-san. 笑)

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu★

It was embarrassing, but I presented the speech I had prepared in case I’d entered Kami 7. 笑


I wrote about my feelings from after the AKB48 Senbatsu Sousenkyo
in my last blog post
and the one before that,

but with each passing moment,
I’ve had more feelings spill out.

Reading through the comments
it seemed to me like some of my feelings didn’t come across properly,
so let me write them down as well as I can.

I think that would be the best for both sides^^

But if it was just heavy content all the time in this blog,
everyone would surely get tired reading it,
so I want to quickly make a switch and write more fun blog posts,
and that’s why I’ll try to make this the last one with talk about the sousenkyo.

It’s going to be reeeeaaally long, but please bear with me if you can.

When I rethink the speech I made on stage during the senbatsu sousenkyo,

regardless of whether they’re my oshi or not,
I couldn’t turn the feelings from the people who gave me their utmost support into a smile.

I think that day I couldn’t quite make that “I’m glad you chose Akarin” believable
to the people who spared time for me and supported me.

But no matter how hard I try now,
I couldn’t bring it out,
and now it’s in the past,
so there’s no way to do it.

But as time has passed,
once again I’ve come to think of that selfish part of myself as pathetic.
Even though it could have made everyone hate me,
I thought it couldn’t be helped.

But despite that you still waved at me during the concert the day after,
and called my name and waved fans and penlights.

You all still supported me like you always do
or maybe even with bigger love than usual,
and that’s why I think you’re really really amazing.

That was the moment when I could confirm again
how much until now and from now on and from the bottom of my heart I respect
every single person who carries that much kindness within them.

Of course not everyone could come to the Yahoo Auction Dome,
but I felt the kindness from your comments too.
Thank you.

Actually it was precisely because of that that I got a response.

I don’t want to finish as it is.

Of course that doesn’t have to do with the ranking
but with being someone who’s in a place where they can be sent a smile from everyone.

I’ve fully realized it.
There’s still more I can do.

When I got the result,
I couldn’t successfully swallow and digest the uncomfortable situation,

but among so many hard-working members,
this year’s rank 18 is something pretty high after all.
That’s what I’ve come to think.
I always watch the tenacity of the other members from right next to them and have it motivate me, so I know what I’m talking about.

But until the time of that concert,
as I also mentioned on the radio,
I honestly thought about giving up the time I spend with SKE.

“That’s because you couldn’t enter senbatsu.”
If you look at the result superficially,
you might think something like that,
but what I want you to understand is that those are not my actual feelings.

After all, I’ve never treated being an idol that lightly.
So I can’t continue to strangle myself with such feelings.

As people have proven to me two years ago,
if you just show your full power, there are people who will find you no matter how hard it is to stand out wherever you are.
To even enter AKB48-san’s senbatsu,
that’s something that can become any member’s aspiration.

“That’s the reason why I’m here, that’s what I can demonstrate.”
Because I could think like that,
I wanted to enter senbatsu this year too.
Experiencing each senbatsu sousenkyo, little by little,
how that has become everyone’s aspiration is something that made me happy.

I didn’t want to see any sad faces anymore about myself not being elected into senbatsu,

that was what was most frustrating for me, so I wanted to enter senbatsu again.

Anyway, I wanted a reason for me to be here.

I’m saying this for the first time now,
but there’s something I had decided a long time ago.

And that’s

“The time I stop being able to preserve the idol Suda Akari
is the time I have to quit”.

I don’t think there’s anyone who really believes in themselves,
but since I joined SKE,
I never had the courage or confidence to go fight as my fundamental self.

That’s why there were moments
when bringing a smile to the faces of the people in front of me as the idol Suda Akari
was what seemed to have become what I was about,
and because everyone’s kindness and being there for me was something I was glad about and that was a support for me,
because there were still sides of me I wanted to show those people,

I absolutely wanted to still stay there.

But I knew all along
that by binding myself to the idol Suda Akari’s rules
I would reach my spirit’s limits one day.

That’s why that result,
when I broke,
that’s when it happened.
I had decided to show my full power with no regrets until that day.

In that moment,
the moment I was called for rank 18,
that person who drove herself into a corner just snapped,
and at last the idol Suda Akari
came unstuck and fell off.
『The time has come for me to leave.』
That’s what I thought and the tears wouldn’t stop.

That’s why the right way to put it is not that I wanted to quit,
but that I thought I had to quit.

But, because that was the case,
I really think I should have expressed my gratitude until now more properly in my speech..

I hear a lot of opinions about that undergirls gathering picture,

but myself standing there,
the idol Suda Akari having vanished,
and only an empty shell of myself remaining and gazing absentmindedly,
that was the best I could do at that time,
and that’s why no matter how hard I would have tried,
I wouldn’t have been able to show a better side of myself.
If there were people who took offense to it, please excuse me.

I’ve talked a lot,
but it all sounds like arguments and excuses.
But even if it might not sound like it,
this is the actual reason.

But if it hadn’t been for this opportunity for me to say goodbye to my old self,
I’m sure I would have broken in the near future.

That’s why I’m going to make use of this opportunity to have a temporary reset.
That I was miraculously given a life as an idol,
whether it was by chance or inevitable,
I think it’s a strange fate.

But even though I can say I have faith in my current self,
the reason I’m here isn’t something I’ve been given,
and I think in the end I myself understand it best.

What’s important is whether I need this place or not.
Whatever it is, what I choose in the end is myself.

If it hadn’t been for everyone’s smiles,
I would have never gotten to where I am now.

That’s why, if it’s okay,
can you please continue to show me your smiles?

What I need is your smile.

So please let me put a smile on your face.

Please give me another chance,
as a single person,
as the me who has once again begun to be an idol.

“By dying as the idol Suda Akari,
won’t you also stop giving your best at handshake events and theater performances?”
I think there’s people who might ask that.

But I can assure you that that’s not going to happen.

After all, it’s only natural for a person
to give their best when it comes to connecting with other people.

Are you someone who could continue to support the idol Suda Akari more than anything just like you’ve done until now?

I might be a negative crybaby too at times, but my heart is the same.

I believe that as a person
I can get even closer to everyone.

I by myself am not an idol.

Please let me have the need for you.
And please let yourself be someone who accepts my smile.

From now on, yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

Suda Akari