goodbye like a bullet

[25/100] | 4•25•16 | Bujo spread for this week. Saying goodbye to April showers and hello to May flowers 👋🏼🌷
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I love talking lyrics! Whats your fave lyric from the rev rad album??

Oh god I don't’ have just one????

Here are my top 10 (in no particular order) Faves from the album:

(omg i don’t have the album sleeve so i apologise if i have got some lyrics wrong but I’m relying on mine own ears and the Most Honourable azlyrics)

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1. After I met you it was like every organ in my body only functioned for you.
2. You made me tender, you know that? I used to be so hard. I feel myself going back, I feel myself hardening.
3. I look at you and there’s this love in you, and it’s pure, and it’s vibrant, and it’s not for me. None of it.
4. I used to think the amount of love I had for you was remarkable. All of it just ruined me in the end. It’s petrifying how something so beautiful can be so damaging.
5. After you left, I wrote down my last words. I thought that was the end, I thought I was going to die without you.
6. I had trouble loving myself but when I met you, I fell in love so effortlessly.
7. You always asked me why I was unhappy when I didn’t have a reason to be. I guess you gave me my reason.
8. Your goodbye felt like a bullet that night. I just wish it would’ve killed me like a bullet too.
9. Maybe if I hadn’t spent so much time crying about you, I would be something other than broken.
10. I think the people we fall in love with say a lot about us.
11. I sat in your front yard at 12 am and wished for you to love me. Your lights turned off, and then I knew.
—  M.O.W, Things I’ll never get to tell you

Both the episode title and the song playing when Shaw found out Root’s fate being “The Day The World Went Away” is entirely appropriate.
Because when Shaw saw the look on Reese’s face, when she realised that Root was dead… The world really did go away for her, even for the briefest of moments. She lost the woman she loves, without as much as a goodbye.
Shaw is going to tear through Samaritan like a bullet through paper because of Root, and she’s going to fight so fucking hard for the family she has left. It’s going to be an incredible thing to watch.