goodbye leg

The best moments from Voltron season 3

-Prince Lotor’s generals 
-Lance taking selfies with aliens
-“I’m gonna teach this sentry a lesson about tailgating”
-Pidge is trying so hard to find her brother, poor bby
-Matt might’ve been taken by fashion pirates (it would explain the leaked image, pretty boy)
-the way Keith almost begged the Black lion not to choose him ಥ_ಥ
-Lotor’s smile
-“You want me to lead Voltron? Well, this is how I lead.”
-Keith has zero impulse control, and he knows it
-Lance having no idea how to control Red and flailing about for almost an entire episode
-“Hunk, I’m a leg!”
-Lance’s goodbye speech to Blue, cuz I didn’t need my heart anyway T-T
-Allura trying act like Lance to control Blue
-“You really activate my partical barrier”
-Literally every scene Ezor was in
-Zethrid just wanting to blow something up and getting irritated with Lotor’s tactics
-“Well, I’m glad we’re all making fun of Lance…”
-“Just take me to ze space hospital”
-Alternate reality alien Kuvira
-The whole fandom bashing Shiro’s new haircut (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻
-All the Shiro clone theories
-Lance talks big, but has 0 confidence in himself o(╥﹏╥)o
-Keith getting shut down whenever he wants to do something
-Lance’s sniper
-Allura’s sick bayard
-“This may be the worst post in the Galra empire, but it’s my post. VICTORY OR DEATH!”
-Keith fighting the Galra who is prolly his mother ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
-Young King Alfor and Zarkon
-Zarkon giving baby Allura a Galra helmet
-The original paladins
-Basically just the entire last episode
-Does Lotor know that crazy witch is his mom?

I went on an Adventure!

I was warned but I persisted!!

I met new judicial friends with important hats and legume themed names!

I encountered dubious nachos!

I found an old Cozy Coupe with a cool paint job!

I encountered the fabled danger zone that the poet Kenneth Clark Loggins spake of so passionately!




Pig Powders!!!!!(???????)

Some accordianistas!

….. moving on


DEAD FRED (also a fancy gown for sale)


Here I both tempt fate and touch some teeth.

A good fellow cooling himself by yon jukebox!

Goodbye, legs!

Goodbye, fancy tiger!


Goodbye, Wild Woody’s and all your audacious bullshit! Keep being a bastion of mannequins and madness in the middle of nowhere!

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But lmao imagine one day you do meet nj and he asks why you draw legmon and you say "I like your legs"

Imagine tho all that comes out of my mouth is “….leg” then he’s like “leg?” Then I’m like “Leg.” Then I give him a red hoodie with the word leg on it then he just graciously accepts it, then I wave goodbye saying Leg then he also waves me goodbye “Leg Leg”


you know that feeling
after a good day
when you were out with friends
your legs have walked
miles and miles
with the people that you love
for a whole day
and when that day turns into night
and you’ve said your goodbyes
you come home
legs tender
screaming with pain
toes smushed in shoes
wanting to be free
you go to your bed
and lay
with your legs relaxed
feet out
that feeling of comfort
from the blanket hugging your form
you feel tired
but also
the warmth massaging
your happy aches
that’s a feeling that
i would like to feel more often
—  song of myself / 20. / @sinkinglikepebbles

So Uh … Steampunk Sky-Pirate AU Sickleshipping … yea why NOT.
monozu and I are in deep shit now.

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Much to Reiner's humor, Bertholdt is about to come through the door, with a loud yelp, the chicken leg hits Bertholdt's tan face. Goodbye chicken leg. Rest in peace.

Fine Print -- Joonmyun

Reading is something that you’ve always cherished.

It’s easy to get lost in a book; you become so absorbed in the story and the characters that your own troubles slowly fade into nothing.  For a little while, at least.  It’s a form of escapism that is very useful when your thoughts are racing and you’re having trouble organizing them into something less chaotic.  You don’t own a lot of books because there isn’t anywhere to put them along with all of the other stuff you have crammed into your tiny, one bedroom dwelling.

It takes minimal research to find out that the city library is quite close to your building so on your next day off you decide to walk down there to check it out and see exactly what it has to offer.  Its structure is squat and not at all imposing in comparison to the gargantuan buildings made from chrome and glass that surround it.  Weathered brick and large windows greet you warmly as you enter, your gaze briefly sweeping over rows upon rows of books occupying the first and second floors before settling on the front desk.

The person behind it is not what you were expecting.

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