goodbye lbd




What I said in the comments on DVG's facebook post

Because I want to…

Thank you for bring a smile to my face when you were the adorably awkward and camera shy William Darcy. I started watching LBD after an Evening of Awesome and I fell in love with it. I never knew that the show would have such a huge impact on my life and I want to thank you for that. I have come to deeply care for these characters and I acknowledge them as my friends. They made me realize and learn so much. I’ve seen other adaptions of “Pride and Prejudice” but this one has definitely impacted me the most. Thank you for every thing you have done from being my favorite Mr. Darcy to you being adorable in general.

To Lizzie

You have taught me that first impressions don’t have to define everything. That everyone deserves second chances to go with their tea, and that sometimes all you need to do is listen to be there for someone. You have taught me how important good communication is. You have taught me that change is good. That not as everything is black and white, and people do not fit into perfect little boxes. That it’s okay to be single. That growing up is a good thing. That family is one of the most important things you have. That there’s nothing wrong with wanting to stay at home instead of going out. I will remember these little things, and I will always remember you. And while I wish I could watch your next life chapter, I will always cherish the time that we got.

Thank you, Lizzie Bennet, you were very compelling.