goodbye income

She’s a baby

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A/N: I wanted to do a drabble to explore the world I created for my witch!au and I can’t stop listening to the new zico song so this is what happened. i’m not spelling everything out in the story bc I just think it reads better that way, but in this au, all the boys have regular day jobs and each of them are witches. they all have a specific set of powers (see if you can figure them out!) but i’ll be going into way more detail w that and a whole lot more in the full length jimin fic coming up so if you’re left w questions now, they may be answered soon! hope yall enjoy!

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fox!Slaine and tanuki!inaho = transforming dork squad

A loud laughter and a wide smile
The girl who could change the world
He never knew that love wasn’t lightning
Love was the sea breaking on sharp rocks
Dulling them until they became smooth and welcoming

A grumpy face and a cold shoulder
The boy who would change her
She thought love was a punch to the heart
Love was a bird’s nest, picking up discarded twigs
Piles of broken pieces that stuck together

She was water and he was fire,
Headstrong and unstoppable
But she was air and he was lightning
They fit like a worn out puzzle with broken edges
All they needed was a little care and a little glue
On the days their love boiled and flickered

Every day feels like an incoming goodbye
But they live for the early mornings

—  Hear the ocean sigh