goodbye in japanese

japanese: different ways of saying hello and goodbye

はじめまして - hajimemashite - Nice to meet you (used when it is your first time meeting someone and introducing yourself)
おはよう(ございます) - ohayou (gozaimasu) - Good morning
こんにちは - konnichiwa - Good afternoon
こんばんは - konbanwa - Good evening
もしもし - moshi moshi - Hello? (used when answering a phone)
ようこそ - youkoso - Welcome (used when welcoming someone to a new place)
ただいま - tadaima - I’m home! (used when announcing your return home)
おかえり - okaeri - Welcome back (usually used in reply to “tadaima”)
おじゃまします - ojama shimasu - I’ll be interrupting/intruding/a bother (usually used when entering someone else’s home)
しつれいします - shitsureishimasu - I’ll be rudely interrupting/intruding (like “ojamashimasu” but slightly more formal. This is also used in work environments like when you’re interrupting your boss’ meeting to enter the room.)
おさきに - osaki ni - I’ll be taking my leave now (usually said as you are leaving work or a group meeting before others)
またね - mata ne - See ya later
おやすみなさい - oyasuminasai - Good night (as in one of you in the conversation is about to go to sleep)
さようなら - sayounara - Goodbye


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