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Some really nice comments about Youngbae’s worries about BigBang and the Double Life appearance on TV… BigBang until whenever 

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BTS Reaction: Another idol flirts with you when you're secretly dating

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Jungkook: Even though he’s the maknae I can see him getting the most angry and bitter. He’d try to hide his emotions but he’d still scoff and roll his eyes as he sees the idol talk to you. He wouldn’t say anything though and instead try to control his anger but once you came back to him he’d immediately grip you arm but once you looked at his facial expression he’d soften trying to smile but you’d know what was wrong. You’d squeeze his hand in reassurance giving it a small kiss and soon his real smile will be back on his face.

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V: This cutie ahh he would be so oblivious to the obvious flirting and he’d be standing next to you joining in the conversation being his usual happy self. When the idol does ask you out his mouth drops open in shock. He looks at him and then at you. You end up giving him a look to which he manages to hide his shock. “Y/N doesn’t like guys.” V would spill out and this time it would be your turn to stand in shock. “Yeah, I’m not attracted to guys.” You’d try to say convincing and once he walks of you and V are both in fits of laughter.

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Jimin: He would get slightly insecure as he sees the tall good looking idol flirt with you but you made sure to keep a distance and show you’re not interested. When he does ask you out you have no time to give him an answer before he’s pulled away to do something. “You’re not going to say yes, are you?” You hear a small mumble from behind you and you turn to see jimin with his sweater paws staring at the ground, a sad expression on his face. “Yeah I am actually.” “Oh.” He’d say looking like he was about to cry. You roll your eyes before pulling him in for a hug. “Hey, look at me.” You say holding his face is that he was looking at you and not the ground. “I love you and only you.” You’d say placing a quick kiss on his cheek before someone noticed.

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Suga: He would not even let the idol have a chance to speak to you. “She/he is not single.” He’d state in a deep voice from where he was sitting, making the idol look suspiciously between the two of you. You’d try to cover up but Yoongi would stop caring at this point. “She/he is mine and I’m hers/his, so I’d appreciate if you backed off now.” He’d end with a sarcastic smile, the idol clearly getting the message and leaving you to scold Suga for being so mean. “But I love you and don’t want to lose you.”

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Jin: He would start laughing hysterically his whole face going red. The idol would give him a questioning look causing him to cover his mouth in an attempt to stop laughing but it wouldn’t work. You’d say no and once the idol was gone you’d turn to him. “What was that? It was so obvious.” “Its just funny. The idea that you would leave me for him. Look at this handsome face.” He’d say before posing dramatically. You go in to slap him playfully but he grabs you arm pulling you closer and kissing you.

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Rap monster: As soon as he feels threatened he wouldn’t care that it was a secret and instead would pull you closer by the waist. “I’m afraid Y/N can’t as she’ll be with me, HER BOYFRIEND.” He’d end with a cute smile waving goodbye to the idol. “You could have done that nicer. Or not let out our secret.” You say pretending to be angry. “Are you angry? I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help it, I saw the way the idol was looking at you and only I can do that. I didn’t like keeping you a secret anyway.” He says shrugging, his hands still around your waist, you turn to face him as he kisses your forehead.

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J-Hope: As you talked to the idol he’d start being his loud over dramatic self and randomly start jumping around making it impossible for you conversation to continue. You wouldn’t even be able to hear what the idol has to say as you’d be staring at H-Hope a huge smile on your face. You’d walk over to him and as he tries to pull you in for a kiss you’d shove him lightly as he’d be sweating from all the jumping he’d pour slightly and you’d give in pulling him in for a hug.

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Exo reacting to another idol flirting with you


I don’t think he’s the type to confront the idol for his actions, unless the idol is going overboard and he can’t handle your denseness.. but otherwise he will get closer to you somehow to show that you’re his and he’s yours.. In a sense. Afterwards he’d most likely tell you about what he’d observed if you hadn’t noticed and smile to cover his coldness towards the situation. “If you only saw the way he stripped you jagiya..”


He won’t take action immediately because he might be a little slow. But when He noticed how the idol hands slowly draping its way around your shoulders and your carefree smile, he’s gonna make his way to you. He’d be holding a soft glare with a big grin and he’d press a kiss to your cheek before chucking away the idol’s hand. “SO…what’s up? The names Kim Min-seok if you didn’t know.”


Would be the one to confront the idol when he caught on. He’d be all loud and obnoxious when you giggled at the idol’s joke. He’s going to be all pouty and and moping around when you ignored him. Eventually you’re going to be tired of the way he’s acting and excuse yourself from the other idol’s company.

“Hallelujah!! You’re mine again!!”


Would be smiling and all that jazz with you and the idol but be lowkey planning their death. When he noticed how the idol was getting a lil to friendly with you and… Ya you you’re just to oblivious he’d respectful and calmly get you out of that situation.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Its just time to get home.”


Might get all serious with you after walking in on you and the idol hugging goodbye. He’d be so sour…. So sour, that you’d have to devour him with kisses to give you back the old byun byun.

“Come on talk to meeeee!”

“One more kiss.”

“You said that five kisses ago.”


Is the whiney type. Is going to whine until he gets your attention. Is going to also be lowkey planning the idol’s death. To stop him from glaring at the both of you just excuse yourself from the Congo and give him a big hug.

“You’re so soft Chen..”

“Yeah yeah yeah… Whatever.”


Would be between whiney and planning their death or just get you away while planning their death. Depends on the mood for this princess. Doesn’t really like sharing your attention with his other members, like if he’s gonna share it with another idol.

“Jagiyaaa… Its time to go.”


Would be the quiet cute type of jealous. After observing the situation….well after his members pointed out how close the idol was, he’s gonna pout……. All the way home. Til you finally ask him what’s wrong.

“Its just that today… You were a lil to close to my liking with your friend …”


Would be the chill kinda sarcastic type. He’s gonna be smooth around you two.. Like you wouldn’t expect a thing but then he’d just swerve on that idol like…

“Hey. I see y'all having a conversation here.”


I knew I picked the right lane.