goodbye hats

 At UFC Fight Night 107: London, Brad Pickett made his final walk to the octagon, as he was set to retire following his bout against Marlon Vera.

 Pickett made his professional MMA debut in 2004, and is one of the pioneers of the light weight-classes and their rise to the big stages such as the UFC and other big combat organizations.

 Debuting for Cage Rage and essentially fighting for just the competition aspect, Picket made his rise and gained a wide following during his stay with WEC before being bought out by the UFC, in which provided the cage for his farewell fight, and countless new fans from all over the world.

 The England native fell defeat in his last bout, getting knocked out by a head kick in the 3rd round. Pickett stated: “When I was younger, I would have eaten that kick and continued on”, showing why it was time to hang the gloves up, or in his case, take the hat off.

 Pickett left every fight in the cage, and dedicated his body for entertainment and fun competition. A true warrior, and pioneer of this sport.

 Thank you Brad ‘One Punch’ Pickett.


Born on this day: April 22, 1922 - Jazz music icon Charles Mingus (born Charles Mingus, Jr. in Nogales, AZ). Happy Birthday to this visionary genius on what would have been his 95th Birthday.

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omg zoro's been so fucked from literally day one there's a scene in like ep 3 or 4 where luffy's hat blows away and the two of them go after it with the /exact same expression/ like honey you've known him for a day and you already care so much about the things he cares for such a sweetheart

roronoa “hoe for the hat since day 1″ zoro 

I got a new job at a tea company! A TEA COMPANY! So much loose leaf tea to try! They even do fandom teas, so I’ll certainly be snooping around Tumblr with my marketing hat. ☕️

Goodbye cinema life, it’s been a love/hate relationship!

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Mermaid!Tae is literally throwing flower crowns in the ocean after you made them while you were bored and him popping out of the ocean like. "OHMYGOD FOR ME YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE! WANT SOME SEASHELLS?" while you're trying not to panic at a talking fish

sometimes, when it gets hard to relax and find peace, you’d pick some flowers from the nearby trees, to whichever colors you could find before gathering them nicely in your arms. long and slow strides imprints your footsteps on the ground, by the shore, over the rocks where you find a nice spot and take it as your own. sitting by the edge, you’re a jump away to plunge into the water. your feet hovers above the water that reflects the sky as it grows blue, a mixture of green, splashes of white creating the perfect blend of the ocean.

your hands are swift, having done this a lot of times and you smile at it when you’re done. sighing, you carelessly toss it over your lap, and it plops on the surface of the water. placing both palms by your sides, you gaze up to the skies, clouds forming together in funny shapes, idly floating around as you grace the soles of your feet over the water.

however, in the midst of you trying to clear your thoughts, all you hear is a splash before you gaze down to where it was once calm, now appeared with a spot of red. it rises up higher and higher to the point where panic overwhelms you and you yank your legs back up with a gasp. the red spot emerges and you’re gaping at a boy that appears from the depths of the ocean.

his hair, damp with a dark shade of red that he ruffles them and it’s actually a faded carmine. his eyes are a nice turquoise with a hint of ultramarine that captivates you. his lips, plump and inviting as he smiles and you’re not too sure if his teeth are reflecting the light or they’re naturally that pearly white. as he inches closer towards you, slowly, showing no signs of harm, you take notice of how he’s moving as he glides with ease with the water and that’s when you see it.

he has a tail. he’s a merman.

holy shit.

“is this for me?” he questions, his voice as deep as the waters could go and you gulp, shaking your head with a meek reply of not exactly. you initially thought he would get pissed, because whatever reason he has to be, you really don’t know but you’re cautious. licking your lips, you add on, “b-but you can have it…”

“really?” his brows perk up and you start to smile at his box grin that appears. it’s so endearing, watching him put it on and he didn’t put it properly, to how it crooks to the side. he huffs when you chuckle at him. in any occasion, you should bolt the fuck out of here because you’ve watched mermaid movies and read stories that they’d prey on those in a vulnerable state. but when his eyes are sparkling at you with such endearment, you can’t reject his request of help me?

you’re still careful, rooting yourself on the rock incase you’d need to retreat but you’re close enough to adjust the flower crown on his damp locks.

“thank you,” he leans back, to which you get back onto the rock properly and sit, reeling your legs back, tucking them under your thighs as you blink at him, “this is beautiful,”

“you’re welcome,” you manage softly, unable to take your eyes off him and he finds that he’s doing the same, too.

“i’m taehyung, a merman. or a mermaid, if that sounds more familiar to you.”

“i… i’m y/n. human. just… human.”

“well then, y/n the human, i’m afraid i’ll have to go now but i’ll see you around, yes?”

again, you can’t quite say no to him and you’re unsure if it’s because of the fear or the enchantment that gets you reeled in. gulping, you nod shakily and press out a yes before he smiles at you once more.

“great! i’ll see you tomorrow, then! have a good day!”

you manage to wave at him weakly, to which he swoops back into the water and then he’s gone. gawking, you’re trying to snap yourself awake to see if you’re hallucinating and for a solid second, you think you are but then he pops out of nowhere again that it makes your heart stop when he reappears.

“oh, and y/n?”


“you should smile more. you look pretty.”

okay, definitely not hallucinating.

You always hurt the ones you love
That’s why I had to twist the blade
Goodbyes ain’t my forte
Hat tipped, you go your way

You’ll never meet a girl like me
I’ll never meet a boy like you
No one who knew what we went through,
Would designate us someone new

As black as Fat Kams’ market trade,
White as the rap sheet of a dove
This is the way you switch the blade
You always hurt the ones you love

—  Amy Winehouse - Amy 2015