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Steve Rogers x Reader:

- Doing What’s Best

- “Your music sucks and you suck. Get over it.”

- “Quick kiss me.”

- “Quick kiss me. Wait you want me to do what?”

- One Sided Feelings?

- Bubbly (COMPLETED)

       Part 1   Part 2

- Serenade

- Goodbyes Aren’t Always Forever (COMPLETED)

        Part 1     Part 2    Part 3    Part 4

-  Shattered

- Close

- Grenade

-  Hooked On A Feeling

- Run

- Stupid Enough

-  2 Poor Kids

- Cake

- Would You Stop Being So Tall

- Miss Me? (NSFW)

-  Christmas Morning

- I’ll Pick You Up Anytime 

- There’s a Difference!

- Wait and See

- Not Fair

Bucky Barnes x Reader:

- A Bad Dream

- Break Down The Walls

- Playing Dress Up

- Relief

- A Helping Hand

- Perfect

- Mine

- The Only One

- The Skirt Is Short On Purpose

- Conflicted Feelings

Realizing The Truth

- Wow You’re Getting Pretty Good At Lying

- Lost Soul

- Bucky/Reader’s Death

- I Don’t Share

- Addiction

- Too Late

- Crush

- Motivation

- A Distant Memory (COMPLETE)

         Part 1      Part 2    Part 3

- Light Of My Life (COMPLETE)

        Part 1   Part 2

- One Last Time (COMPLETE)

        Part 1     Part 2

-  Better or Worse

- One

- Get Together  

- 3am Sandwich

 - Talking to the Moon

-  I’m Sorry

-  Absolutely

- Just The Backup

- Just A Little Push

Drunk Tired

- You’re Adorable

- Silver Blood

       Part 1   Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

-  Speak

 Late Night Snack

- Life Isn’t A Fairytale

- Roommates Masterlist

- Baby Doll

      Part 1    Part 2

- “Guess What?! I’m not pregnant!”

- Worst Christmas Party Ever

 - Accomplice

Pietro Maximoff x Reader:

- Party Pooper

- The Death Of Pietro Maximoff/Reader

- A Blind Date

- Daddy’s Little Princess (DISCONTINUED)

         Part 1  Part 2    Part 3

- I Really Don’t Care (COMPLETE)

      Part 1   Part 2  Part 3 Part 4

- Neither Dead Nor Alive (COMPLETE)

      Part 1  Part 2

- Only Fair

- Karaoke Night

- Distraction

- Always Safe

- April Fools

- Yes

- 5 Minutes

-  Wheelchair

- I Don’t Dance


Tony Stark x Reader:

- A Big Old Teddy Bear

- Being A Rock star

- Let Go Of Me

- “You think you know everything, don’t you?”

- Worth It?

-  "What do you mean you thought I hated you when we first met?“

- What We Ain’t Got

- Fine

-  Old

-  Fuck Up

- I Thought I Could Keep It

Bruce Banner x Reader:

- “Please stop petting the test subjects.”

- “She’s taking my pillow, I need reinforcements!”

-  Books

- Bad Spell


Clint Barton x Reader:

- “Could you ever truly forgive him?”

- Cupid’s Arrow

- I Wouldn’t Call It Love

- “Who wouldn’t be angry you ate all of my cereal and faked your death for three years!”


 Natasha Romanoff x Reader

- “No not happening”

- Fuck you Catwoman


Loki Laufeyson x Reader:

- Returning the Feelings

- Casual

- You Whom I Love


Avengers x Reader:

- A Little Pick Me Up

- Valentine’s Day Head Canons 

- Being On Your Period

- Sick Day (Science Bros)

- Bad Blood (Stony)

 - Stop Whining

- Special Rule


Natasha Romanoff x Steve Rogers:

Something Off


Marvel Actors:


Chris Evans x Reader

- I’ve Always Hated That Lamp Anyway

-  Not All Bad

- The Hug and Roll


Sebastian Stan x Reader

- Almost Too Bad

- Make It Work



Charles Xavier x Reader

- Stop Thinking

Peter Maximoff x Reader

- I Want To Help You

I used to think home was when I slept in my bed at my parents house, or when I could relive the old days, but now that I’ve met you, I can say what home really is. Home is the smile you give me when I tell you that I love you, or the laugh you make when I tell a joke. Home is my hand in yours, reminding me that you are here and not a dream. Home is your name on my lips as I say how much I’ve missed you. Home is not the familiar, it’s you and I together again, and darling, I’m homesick for you every time I say goodbye. Yet, I can’t help but be thankful that I can finally say that I’ve found home, and it’s the most beautiful home I could ever hope to have.
—  T.B. LaBerge // Home

in another world we don’t even need to have this conversation. in another world you already know what I want to say before I say it. there, there is no need for words. you tell me you’re afraid of being alone in the way you overfill both of our coffee mugs, the way you never make my side of the bed. I hear about your insecurities in your ever-shaking hands, all the plates they’ve dropped, all the broken glass they’ve caused. you know my last heartbreak in the way I end every phone-call with call me back when you can instead of goodbye. you know I’ve missed you when you come back to all the lights on, to the tv on full volume.

in another world we don’t have to say things to make them real. you know I love you, oh how you know I love you.

SpongeBob SquarePants  {Sentence Starters}

  • “I’ll have you know that I stubbed by toe last week and only cried for 20 minutes.”
  • “Well, at least I still have my personality.”
  • “It feels like somebody… wants to sell me something!”
  • “You don’t need a license to drive a sandwich.”
  • “The inner mechinations of my mind are an enigma.”
  • “We finally got enough people for a seven-mile spanking machine!”
  • “Fine. I guess you’re gonna miss the… panty raid.”
  • “You just can’t WAIT for me to die, can you?”
  • “Firmly grasp it in your hand. Firmly GRASP IT!”
  • “Well, I gotta admit, that slowed me down.”
  • “Do you smell it? That smell, the kind of smelly smell. A smelly smell that smells… smelly. “
  • “Is Mayonnaise an instrument?”
  • “Goodbye, everyone. I’ll remember you all in therapy.”
  • “It took three days to make that potato salad…three days!”
  • “I’m ugly and I’m proud.”
  • “Chocolate? Chocolate! CHOCOLATE!”
  • “F is for fire that burns down the whole town! U is for Uranium…bombs! N is for no survivors!”
  • “Can I be excused for the rest of my life?”
  • “Too bad that didn’t kill me.”
  • “Well, it’s no secret that the best thing about a secret is secretly telling someone your secret, thereby, secretly adding another secret to their secret collection of secret, secretly.”
  • “Do instruments of torture count?”
  • “Remember, licking doorknobs is illegal on other planets.”
Imagine Dean being overprotective of Cas AND jealous af
  • Dean: Why the f do u have so many missed calls from Meg?!?!?
  • Cas: um she wanted to meet up to discuss the issue at hand-
  • Dean *ignores him*: WHAT A DEMON SKANK! Does she think she has some kinda... I don't know... claim on you?
  • Cas: ...
  • Dean: Like listen to this voicemail.
  • Meg: "Call me back later. Goodbye."
  • Dean: "Good" bye? She likes u if u she says "good" bye. I don't like t Cas. Not one bit.
  • Cas: I don't like her in that manner...
  • Dean: Yeah sure you don't.
  • Cas: You know what? I'm gonna have a beer.
  • Dean: Yeah you go do that. Maybe have one with your demon skank while Ure at it.
  • Cas: *eyeroll*
  • Dean: *pouts*
Imagining5sosinmeoops Imagine Masterlist

SMUT (Bold and Italicized)

Wizarding World!5SOS Masterlist


Fraternity Games    Part 2

    All That Matters    Part 2


    By Chance


    An Album Speaks A Thousand Words

    Tell Me You Don’t Still Love Me

    Naughty Girl


    The Neighbor’s Son   Part 2

    Maybe More

    Baby Making


    Don’t Worry

    You’re Perfect (Mashton Preference)

    I Object   Part 2

    An Album Speaks A Thousand Words (Michael Version)


        Are We Friends or Are We More

        Birthday Sex

        What If This Is Goodbye?  Part 2   Part 3

        Over and Over

        Good Girl

        Bros over Hoes

        All Yours, Forever

        My Water Broke!

        Something New

        Hands On Me

        Lost in Reality

        Nothing Like A Little Jealousy

        Wondering   Part 2   Part 3

        Part 4   Part 5    Part 6


        Stand Up   Part 2   Part 3


        Forgive Me

        You’re Perfect (Mashton Preference)

        Stupid Feelings  Part 2   Part 3

        Part 4   Part 5   Part 6   Part 7




        I Missed You

        Let The Games Begin   Part 2


        You Jump, I Jump

        I’m Sorry   Part 2


        More Than Air

        He is your Ex (Preference)


        Don’t Ever Leave

        Save Me   Part 2

        First Sight

        Fight Me

        He is your Ex (Preference)


              All Along

              Lost and Found    Part 2   Part 3  

              Part 4   Part 5  Part 6  

              Part 7   Part 8   Part 9

              Tommy Clarke

              Forget Me Not

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              sentence prompts ➝ the civil wars
              • ❝I don’t want to stay.❞
              • ❝Do you ever listen?❞
              • ❝Please forgive me.❞
              • ❝You’re just lonely.❞
              • ❝Drink up, baby.❞
              • ❝Give me one night with you.❞
              • ❝It’ll all be over soon.❞
              • ❝Have you got something to tell me?❞
              • ❝You’re like a mirror, reflecting me.❞
              • ❝I just wanna take care of you.❞
              • ❝Do what I say and I’ll make you okay.❞
              • ❝I miss the way you wanted me.❞
              • ❝Did that full moon force my hand?❞
              • ❝Don’t go. Please don’t go.❞
              • ❝Why are you so far from me?❞
              • ❝I don’t want to hurt you.❞
              • ❝I’ll kiss you again between the bars.❞
              • ❝You’ll always be the one that’s standing in my way.❞
              • ❝I wanna give up, but I won’t.❞
              • ❝There’s no reasons, no excuses.❞
              • ❝Just don’t go without me.❞
              • ❝Can’t live with you or without.❞
              • ❝Say goodbye and don’t look back.❞
              • ❝I’m going to go home.❞
              • ❝Give me a chance, I’m beggin’ you.❞
              • ❝Oh dear, never saw you coming.❞
              • ❝I’ve been awaiting for you.❞
              • ❝I never meant for this to mean a thing.❞
              • ❝Don’t say that it’s over.❞
              • ❝I could get over you but please don’t ask me to.❞
              • ❝Haven’t you seen me sleep walking?❞
              • ❝You better wait with me.❞
              • ❝Don’t take that sinner from me.❞
              • ❝All your perfectly delivered lines, they don’t fool me.❞
              • ❝How long will I have to wait for someday?❞
              • ❝Let me in the wall you’ve built around.❞
              • ❝Your mouth is a melody I memorize.❞
              • ❝I don’t love you but I always will.❞
              • ❝Eternally, I’m broken.❞
              • ❝Give me the burden, give me the blame.❞
              • ❝In my arms is where you are to be.❞
              • ❝You’ve been lonely, too long.❞
              • ❝Tell me that you’ll always be true.❞
              • ❝You’ll always be the only one.❞
              • ❝You’re still the best thing that never happened.❞
              • ❝Where she walks, no flowers bloom.❞
              • ❝I just wanna hold your hand.❞
              • ❝Oh, why don’t you keep drinking?❞
              • ❝I know you wouldn’t hurt me.❞
              • ❝There’s so much I’m dying to tell.❞
              • ❝Sometimes I can’t tell where I am.❞
              • ❝Try to convince me that I’m not drowning.❞
              • ❝You had me fooled for a while.❞
              • ❝Stop saying those sweet things you know I like to hear.❞
              • ❝Don’t you let me lie here and die here.❞
              • ❝I don’t want to talk right now.❞
              • ❝The killer in me is the killer in you.❞
              • ❝Looks like you made up your mind.❞
              • ❝Why do you keep looking out the window?❞
              • ❝You only know what I want you to.❞
              • ❝There’s a note underneath your front door.❞
              • ❝I’m a dead man walking here.❞
              • ❝Oh, aren’t we a pretty, pretty pair?❞
              • ❝Look what you have done.❞
              • ❝That’s the least of all my fears.❞
              • ❝I just want your arms wrapped around me in this moment.❞
              • ❝I don’t have a choice, but I’d still choose you.❞
              • ❝All the king’s horses and all of his men couldn’t tear us apart.❞
              • ❝Where’d you learn to lie the way you do?❞
              • ❝Who could do without you?❞
              • ❝The less I give the more I get back.❞
              • ❝Meet me in the garden where the weeds grow tall.❞
              • ❝All that he really wants is someone to want him back.❞
              • ❝I wish you were the one. Wish you were the one that got away.❞

              “There is a difference between saying good bye and letting go.

              Goodbye is "I’ll see you when I’m ready to hold your hand and you’re ready to hold mine.”

              Letting go is “I’ll miss your hand. I realized it’s not mine to hold, and I will never hold it again..” “


              Stiles Stilinski Imagine: Expect the Unexpected.

              “Where’s my best friend?“you asked as you walked into Scott Mccall’s living room.

              "He’s gone"Lydia folded her arms.

              "What do mean he’s gone Lyd?"you sighed as you sat down across from Peter Hale.

              "He wanted to talk to you, he got impatient so he left"Melissa explained.

              "Who wanted to talk to me? Stiles or the Nogitsune?"you frowned.

              "Look I know it’s hard but we’ve just got to play him at his own game"Lydia held your hand supportively.

              "Well at the moment he has the upper hand"you pushed yourself gently out of your seat and made your way to the door.

              "Scott, Lydia I’ll see you later, Thankyou for having me Miss.McCall"you waved your goodbyes.

              The drive home was painful, he could be anywhere. Stiles your bestfriend could be in danger.
              10 minutes later and you arrived at your house.

              "Mom, Dad?"you called out.

              You got no response. You decided to take this time alone and have a Nice, hot shower before going out again.

              Something felt wrong about your house though.

              "Oh look, its y/n in the flesh; I’ve been waiting for you"You heard a voice speak out from the corner of your room.

              "How cliche"you rolled your eyes.

              Suddenly the Nogitsune sprung out from the shadows, grabbed you by the throat and pinned you up against the wall.

              "Stiles are you watching this, are you watching your bestfriend die slowly, the girl you’ve loved for years is not going to be breathing any longer"The Nogitsune spoke allowed whilst you coughed for air.

              His grip only tightened.
              Suddenly you dropped to the ground and the Nogitsune fell to next to you clutching his head.

              "No, Stiles has the upper hand"you whispered as you rubbed your neck.

              2NE1: to anyone.

              Hello bitches, you all follow me. Can’t nobody deny my charm and fire. After I blow a kiss, even my haters stutter as they say “I hate you”.

              You think I’m the baddest female, only thinking “I am the best”, lifted above the rest. It’s not true. Sometimes you just gotta be you

              I feel the most ugly when I’m missing you. I hope you’re not happy without me, that you just want to comeback home. Do you love me as much as I love you? I pretend that I don’t care, but every time you and I are together, I’m falling in love again.

              If you feel lonely without me, just don’t stop the music and clap your hands. Please don’t cry when I go away, because it hurts me as well. 

              Goodbye until we meet again. 

              Imagine: Thomas feeling sad when he had to leave you for his long filming trip. You were standing there, by the airport gate, seeing Thomas packing his stuff and ready for departure. You couldn’t help it but to yell, “Thomas, wait!” Thomas turned to look at you. You ran straight to him for one last big goodbye hug, with a little bit of tears rolling down your cheek. His hands on your waist, pulling you closer and tighter. “Remember to call me when you land, promise?”. You pulled away from his embrace to look up at him. He smiled and wiped your tear, “Of course, love”. You pressed your cheek against his chest, “I’’ll miss you Tommy. I’ll miss you a lot.” 

              { five’s company // ch. 3 }

              { let’s see the boyfriends at work!

              French used:

              bonjour - hello

              oui - yes

              mon cher - my dear

              magnifique - magnificent

              Comment allez-vous? - how are you?

              mon coeur - my heart

              au revoir - goodbye }


              Lafayette needed a break. After being on his feet for almost half of the day, he finally had a chance to take a breather and retreat to the bathroom. He washed his hands, splashed his face, and tried to wake up. He missed his boys. He missed you. 

              A newfound energy came about him when he looked at the time on his phone. He was almost done. This was his last assignment then he’d get to be home. He thought about going to Hercules’ studio. He just wanted to be near one of you and since Hercules had the most flexible hours, it wasn’t like Hercules could really get in trouble for having his boyfriend in his office. 

              Plus, maybe he could look at the pretty dresses and nice suits his boyfriend made. 

              If not, he was sure he could at least pop in to see John or Alex. Mr. Washington was a dear friend to him and he was sure that the older man would be more excited to see him rather than immediately ask him to leave.

              He decided to go to Hercules. Maybe they could get lunch together. 

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              Soft kitty, Horny kitty - Baekhyun

              Originally posted by wooyoung

              Group: EXO
              Member: Baekhyun
              Type: Smut, roleplay
              Warning: sexual content, kitten kink, foul language

              Flashback to 3 days ago:
              ‘I gotta run babe, or i’m gonna miss practice.’, he pouted, still not wanting to let go of you despite his words. He pecked a kiss on your lips to say goodbye but as soon as his lips touched yours, he wanted more and started kissing you deeply and needy. 

              ‘Baek, you’re really gonna be late if you don’t leave now’, you said chuckling as you broke the kiss for a second. 

              ‘Mmmm…’ he hummed and smiled as he locked his lips on yours again, agreeing with you but still not letting you go as his hands wandered down to your ass, squeezing it softly. 

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              sometimes in the middle of the night i can feel you again, but I just miss you and I just wish you were a better man

              and i know why we had to say goodbye like the back of my hand, and I just miss you and I just wish you were a better man

              I have to go

              I am in the process of handing my electronics over to an authority figure, I will be gone for an unknown amount of time, perhaps a month, I am not entirely sure. I will be back, don’t worry, but I have to go. Goodbye darlings, you are in my heart!! I love you all, Pleas don’t be afraid for me, I will be back soon.
              I will miss you.


              But Alfi didn’t care about Fiona. He wanted her dead. He wanted both of them dead. He spun her around again, landing her heavily on her back. Jacqueline could feel her vertebrae shaking. He straddled her lap, pushing his knees on her hands, bending her wrists so far back they were about to snap.

              Then, he raised the knife up high in the sky. <<Goodbye, Jackie. I’ll miss you>>, he murmured sadly, before swinging it back down, straight for her neck. One clean cut.

              There’s only one way to express it…
              I was surprised.

              Surprised you left, not even a moment to hesitate.
              The heartbreak was something I didn’t anticipate.
              You were my one and only,
              And now I am feeling a little lonely.
              I don’t get why you did this to me,
              I understand you just wanted to be free.

              I wish I had a moments warning,
              but you left before the clock struck morning.
              I miss your voice saying “Goodbye”
              And the warmth of your hand on my thigh.

              I guess this is how it was supposed to be,
              And I guess I have no choice but to let you free.

              You were my first love,
              and maybe I gave you too much a shove…

              I hate that you went away…
              But I can’t change that now.
              Maybe I’ll see you again someday?

              —  Again Someday
              Dani Moore