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mglouise97​, I felt like it was necessary that you were tagged in this


And thank you Mark, for being one of the most awesome, inspiring people on the planet. Here’s to the next million, huh? [x]

peace and quiet (ava/odin)

[I wrote another one because I’m shipping trash and the shitty roommates au is probably one of my favorite things ever. I didn’t mean for this to turn out angsty lmao but angst likes to rear its ugly face in these made-up scenarios sometimes. I listened to this song the entire time I was writing this so I guess it sets the overall mood? Maybe?]


Friday night, and the apartment was quiet, peaceful even, as Ava lay stretched out on the couch. She read the book in her hands with serene concentration, the dim light from the table-side lamp giving off a warm, relaxed glow. She remembered Gil telling her he’d be back late because he was tutoring, and Maggie was undoubtedly having a night out on the town. 

She didn’t bother to look up when she heard the click of the door unlocking. 

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tbh the only arguments i ever hear against the existence of monosexism and monosexual privilege always seem to come from queer monosexuals who are too up their own ass about their own oppression to listen to bi people about the source of biphobia (which we already know is a thing)