goodbye fatgirl

Push yourself👊🏼

The hardest part of my weight loss has always been the motivation, keeping that momentum and pushing through on days when all I really want to do is sleep and eat pizza.

I’ve been working full time for the past few years and this has pros and cons, much like anything else. I can meal prep easier, I know how long my day is and when I’m going to eat and I can bring all my food with me. The days are busy so I usually eat less anyway.

The tough part is going to the gym after a really stressful day at work when I want to go home and binge watch Netflix and drinks lots of tea. I bring my gym stuff with my, I have a snack about an hour before I leave and I change straight after work. That way I’m walking home in my gym stuff and I think ‘well I’m already dressed I may as well go in’. Once I’m there I normally really enjoy my workouts.

By the time I get home, shower and make dinner it’s like 9pm and I’m tired. But I tell myself that prepping my meals and packing my bag tomorrow will take all of 20 minutes then I can go to bed. Self motivation is a huge thing for me and I try and focus on short term goals, so for example I’m going out dancing this weekend and I wanna look 💯. This actually motivates me and makes me get through the final 4 minutes of cardio when I feel like I’m going to die.

Or when it’s raining and I want to be lazy and get the bus home but instead I’m rushing to the running shop straight after work and saving up to buy new shoes because I know how important it is to me. I’ve just started running again and I want start right.

Find what works for you and try to stay motivated. I know how incredibly difficult it is and I’ve had so many highs and lows during my weight loss. I’m now 6lbs away from my LW and I’m so excited about it. I want to keep pushing myself to be better and faster and stronger and healthier💪🏼


Everyone is on their own journey, they want to lose weight, gain weight, or get fitter. We all have our reasons and views on why we are doing this and what we want to achieve. This is the history of my weightloss journey and where I want things to go…

I started this blog around 5 years ago, at that stage I was so unhappy with my body I was around 220lbs at 18 years old and 5′1. I was so unhappy with how I looked and I really struggled with trying to lose weight. Then I started tumblr and I found that extra bit of motivation I needed. I started losing weight then when I started uni and was 19 years old I was at 160lbs. I still wasn’t happy but I had come a long way. I was more condfident and felt better. I was proud of how my body had changed and how much healthier my eating habits were. 

Then in my 2nd/3rd year of uni I stopped going to the gym. I went out a lot, worked hard and did enjoy uni life but left my health in the background. I put on more weight when I left uni and got a job I went back up to 197lbs. I wasn’t happy with my life, my relationship, my job and I needed to change things. I got a new job, decided to end my relationship in order to spend some time on me. That was over 2 months ago. 

Since then I have gone down to 183lbs. I haven’t started working out again yet but I’m planning to get back into the 30DS tomorrow. I don’t want to go on any dates or meet someone new because I am not happy with myself right now. I know it’s all about balancing learning to love who you are and achieving the goals you want which I am trying to do. But I know that right now I would not feel confident getting naked in-front of another person because I don’t like what I see when I look in the mirror. I know I can do better than this and have a healthy lifestyle and be the weight I want to be. Loving myself is treating my body well and being kind to it, which I haven’t done a lot of. Right now my focus is me and my fitness.I want to be the best version of myself and that can be  and that can be achieved through discipline, a healthy lifestyle and having that motivation to keep going. 

There are a lot of you on here who have inspired me and motivated me throughout the years. I feel genuinely lucky to have some amazing followers and people on here who support me. I will be here, always, for anyone who has any fears/questions/struggles about their weightloss journey because I have been there. Everything you are thinking I probably thought. I’m older but not much wiser, but I will be able to relate to you. I wish I had someone who could have understood why things like not being abel to swap clothes with my friends, or get into full length photos with my friends upset me. Just so you know, there will always be someone to listen and understand how you’re feeling. This is a journey many of us go through and there is a lot of support out there if you need it.