goodbye everyone

Hi, everyone!

Oh god, how I miss this blog and each and every one of you.

I have no idea how many of readers I still have, or if I even have readers at all, but I feel like an asshole for abandoning this blog like I did and I would feel even worse if I left you guys without any explanation.

Writing fanfic has always been something i did for fun, I never gave much thought to it but it has always brought me joy and made me happy, and for that I have to thank you. You made my days incredibly brighter and prettier by writing beautiful, excited and sinful reviews about my work, and I’ll be forever grateful for that.

I know that this sounds a lot like a good-bye, but it is NOT! For those who are wondering about Touch Faith, I still have ZERO intention of abandoning it! I’m serious, it might take a entire life time, but Touch Faith will be updated and it will have an end, I PROMISE! I highly advise all of you to subscribe to Touch Faith on ao3 to receive a notification of that update when it comes, and I’ll also tag everyone on my taglist (and everyone who wants to be add after this announcement has been posted). So, don’t worry, father Barnes’s adventures will continue!

For now, I’ll be putting this blog in a hiatus for the time being. I’m currently waking up too early to go to work and going to sleep at an absurd hour because of school, time to write is something that I simply do not have. It makes me sad to have to cut this part of my life, but I have to make more room to more things right now and running this blog and writing fanfiction had to take a seat on the list of things I can fully dedicate myself to. I fully intent to come back sometimes and write whenever I get the chance, but it will happen rarely. 

Thank you for everyone who ever liked, shared and obsessed over my fics! I’ll love you guys forever!

@markwatttney @buckysbackpackbuckle @corusxant my lovelies, I LOVE ALL OF YOU! Please keep in touch, I still need to share my thirst over older men!

I’m not too sure what to say here? I’m going to be taking my leave from this blog.

It’ll have been a year in 2 weeks from now that I’ve been on this blog and I wish to celebrate it with you guys, but unfortunately I just cannot find it in myself to stay and write for this fandom anymore.

It has been a pleasure writing for you and meeting all the people I did. I remember when I first saw Chii make this blog and I was incredibly excited for her and her mods to succeed, but never in my wildest dreams did I believe I would ever have the chance to write for this blog.

This is getting too long, my apologies, so I’ll end it here with a goodbye to everyone.

Thank you for allowing me to experience this.

~ Des

Watch on



                                                   I need your help to take him out.

                                                            Don’t let me be gone.


so basically i saw this amazing post and thought “how the hell has nobody jumped on this yet?” so i animated it and now we can all rest in peace

For all your bisexual Lance needs

so here’s a shitty edit I made a little while back for a Voltron crack video I never posted feel free to use if you want idk good night my good fellows


an older design for thuringwethil Ive now moved on from but still; as well as a sketch of Mairon as I see them in the very early times aka “just moved into angband”. i feel sauron would take full advantage of trying out all kinds of forms and appearance (while it was still possible :)) …). also, that awkard moment when “hey thuringwethil can I see your boobs for reference”; then copying gothmogs hairstyle (horn-style?)