goodbye cruel world


#and here it is #the moment when everything changed #oliver isn’t used to being told that he deserves to be loved #because for so long he has thought that he doesn’t deserve to be with someone that ‘he could really care about’ #because he can’t handle anymore guilt #he can’t handle knowing that someone else he cares about is dead because of him #so instead #he chooses to be alone #and to not allow himself to be happy #so when felicity tells him that he deserves better than a one night stand #he just takes a breath #because that’s all he can do

Why Jian Yi cried

That night was the first time he realized that he may not be ‘normal.’ 

All jian yi ever wanted was to be normal. To fit in. To have loving parents like everyone else. To have friends. 

Another translation of this (courtesy of my lovely chinese mother) can be read as ‘abnormal homosexual’ 

which of course made Jian Yi lash out, as his worst fears about himself are confirmed. Even a total stranger had known. 

So when he says ‘my dick hurts, is it abnormal?’ it is also a metaphor for his feelings for zhan. so when zhan yells back that it is abnormal

he just broke 

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