goodbye caroline!

My Queen! She’s back and she’s controlling fucking hell!

favorite things from Portal 2: the unauthorized musical 2015 & 2017

- “space, adventure she’s MY subject now, i’m sending her to HELLLL

- “dad are we going to space? we’re a family now!”

- ”PAPA!”

- basically anything space core says


- Fairlith Harvey

- “there’s a blue sky out there waiting for us”

- Suddenly Wheatley (Reprise)

- “soon we’ll be painting your blood on the walls”

- fairlith harvey

- “there is a one in six chance your child will be abducted by the Dutch.”

- both Graeme and JD are so amazing as Wheatley

- “science isn’t about why, it’s about why not!”

- “say goodbye Caroline.”

-[CAROLINE DELETED] “Goodbye, Caroline.”


- “SPACE?” “SPACE!” “don’t encourage him what are you doing?”


basically just go watch it it’s amazing all the actors and actresses are perfect 

2015 version:

2017 version:

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Part One

AN: so this was a little different than I intended but felt that as a Salvatore the Reader needed a little spunk and the last part didn’t do her any justice <3

“We need to stop this.” Stefan growled.


“Stefan he killed out baby sister, I will not stop!” Damon shouted back and his fangs extended, making Stefan clench his jaw as he glanced towards the room where your body lay in a charmed coffin.


“We could find a way to fix this and use the fact that he doesn’t know we can bring her back to keep her hidden from him.” Stefan offered and his furious brother calmed.


“How long do you think we could keep her hidden?” Damon asked seriously.

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All right, dudes, after seeing that one Wheatley fansong post this morning, I thought I’d link to some cool Portal fansongs with lyrics! This is not counting remixes that use characters’ dialogue.

Don’t Say Goodby by Ellen McLain - A GLaDOS song, sung by her voice actress! (This version was modified to sound like GLaDOS’s voice.) Since it’s not in any of the games and is not canon, I’ll count it as a fansong.

Black Holes by Aviators - A melancholy Wheatley song.

Wheatley’s Song by MIracle of Sound - A catchy, more upbeat Wheatley song.

Why, Wheatley, Why? by Machinima - A Wheatley song, and one that I’m not sure is supposed to be silly or serious. A great song either way.

Harry101UK’s Youtube Channel - I’M NOT LINKING TO ALL HIS SONGS INDIVIDUALLY BECAUSE HE HAS TOO MANY. But the titles to look out for are: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Science!, Hello, Carol of the Turrets, The Wheatley Rap, The Pit Song, Defective, Hark! Our Turret Voices Sing, What Does the Chell Say?, GLaDOS Is to Blame, Making Science, If I Were a Core, The Wheatley Song, This Is Aperture, and Baby It’s Space Outside. WHEW!

Wheatley the Blue-Eyed Moron from Goodbye Christmas Caroline - A cute Wheatley song.

Goodbye Christmas Caroline - Wait apparently there’s a bunch of other songs from this project??? I haven’t listened to most of them but there you are!

Mission Control by Machinima - A Space Core song! Doesn’t quite follow Portal canon but it’s still great.

World Without a Sky by Machinima - A song about GLaDOS, Chell, and Wheatley. One of my favorite fansongs.

Aperture Labs by BabyCharmander - okay this is kinda cheating because I made this one, but still. General song about Aperture.

I know there’s others that I’m missing–I remember there were one or two other Wheatley songs from the earlier days of the fandom, but I can’t find them. Anyone else have any songs to add? (Again, this is specifically fansongs with lyrics, not counting remixes using dialogue!)

Mirror, Mirror: Chapter 1

author: @sincerelystiles
pairing: stefan x reader
word count: 2,541

authors note: i’m super excited to start this series. it is also on wattpad so don’t worry if you see it on there :) 

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summary: delia enrols late on campus and befriends half of the MF gang, and a young mikaelson. 

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