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kookie! this valentines day, will u be sweet? or spicy? ;)

// Sorry nonny, the answer seems to be savage & sinful this time around lol

credit to @ask-bts-rapline & @copybookink for coming up with the lines for the cards <333 LOL imdedlaughing


Therapeutic Goodbye Cards

This is such a simple, yet powerful termination activity.  I got this idea from a client who gave me a very touching thank you note during our last session.  It is something I have kept and reflect back on, and i realized that it could potentially play a similar role for a client.

The focus of the content is on the journey through therapy and what has been accomplished.  I highlight strengths, review coping tools and lessons learned, and express my thoughts about termination. At the end I usually include instructions of what to do if they decide to enter therapy again.  My hopes that it will serve as a transitional object and be something they can reflect back on.  If you decide to do an activity where you exchange cards then make a copy of what the client gives you because their own words of encouragement will mean the most.

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please give us tips on how to get the SSR card in eventsss!!! I CRIED WHEN I DIDN'T GET USUI!!!

I didn’t get the card myself, anon friend huhu. The point requirement is hella steep and if you’re not prepared to blow your dias, you can kiss that SSR card goodbye. (sobs) :((

For those who got the Usui card via ranking or points, any tips?


Friday things 4/28/17

• When you write a goodbye card and it ends up being a fucking novel 🙃

• currently making a very specific batch of cupcakes alisha requested to take into work later!

• I don’t work today which I’m super happy about bc since it’s Alisha’s last day I can just hang out with everyone until I’m feeling too overwhelmed.

• I’m finally coming out of this bout of depression I was in, and I feel like I can breath again! On Tuesday I had a really nice conversation and as sad as I am about alisha leaving, I feel like our friendship has sort of evolved. The past few months have been the most growth filled months I’ve had and I didn’t realize it until I looked back. A little distance sometimes really does do wonders and make relationships healthier and better.

• at the store there’s all these little pranks being pulled in the traditional way it’s done at tjs when a mate leaves, and this was part of me and a few others contribution 😜

• random side note: THESE bars are fucking amazing!!!! They’re the coffee cake fiber one bars and dear god they legit are coffee cake bites lol!! 🙌🏼

• another side note 📝: I am not going to respond to rude af anons anymore. You all know and see what I choose to post about; which are predominantly my struggles. What things I am not good at and come here to vent about. I don’t share as often the triumphs and growth made. And I’m not going to listen to anonymous people who don’t know me on any personal level to dictate how I feel about myself! I have actual people in my life who help me grow and are proud and know me well enough to comment on that type of stuff!

• all in all, I’m doing pretty good nowadays! I’m going to really enjoy my last day hanging with alisha at our store and remember that she’s still super local and we both want to stay in touch and so all is good! It’s still super sad, but all I’m going to remind myself is “how lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

• alright doodes ✌🏼I’m gonna frost those cupcakes, continue watching law and order svu, and then at about 3pm go to the store and hang out there, say goodbye etc etc


スイートルームで悪戯なキス Love Trap (Kissed by the Baddest Bidder JP GREE)

Eisuke Ichinomiya Birthday Event: 悪戯な王様にKissを

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