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kookie! this valentines day, will u be sweet? or spicy? ;)

// Sorry nonny, the answer seems to be savage & sinful this time around lol

credit to @ask-bts-rapline & @copybookink for coming up with the lines for the cards <333 LOL imdedlaughing


GURL i had this ting at my high school called all night grad where all the graduating seniors in my class stay at my school till 5 am n they have a bunch of food music games n activities n one was getting MF hypnotized n this man was not MF PLAYING BICH i went to do it cuz I’m a stupid ass n I went and all I’d hear was his voice n im spooked cuz i rmr him saying im gonna wake up refreshed in the morning n remember everythin he said n a gurl slept for 4 hrs and rly mf did feel refreshed! My whole bodie was tinglin gurl! Thot ants were in my spine having a dance! anyway this wildt I can’t believ I graduated fjsjtk


Therapeutic Goodbye Cards

This is such a simple, yet powerful termination activity.  I got this idea from a client who gave me a very touching thank you note during our last session.  It is something I have kept and reflect back on, and i realized that it could potentially play a similar role for a client.

The focus of the content is on the journey through therapy and what has been accomplished.  I highlight strengths, review coping tools and lessons learned, and express my thoughts about termination. At the end I usually include instructions of what to do if they decide to enter therapy again.  My hopes that it will serve as a transitional object and be something they can reflect back on.  If you decide to do an activity where you exchange cards then make a copy of what the client gives you because their own words of encouragement will mean the most.

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Ok, ok, you won a follower! 👏👏👏👏 Please, can you write a sequence for Truth or Dare? I loved so much!

(Sorry it took so long but here it is. I usually don’t do second parts but I kinda saw that I could go somewhere with it so I decided ‘why not?’ and here it is. It’s mostly just funny more than anything but whatever.

Part 2 for Truth or dare.)

Waking up wasn’t pleasant.

You didn’t have to go to work - thank goodness too because you weren’t even sure if you would be able to function properly - but that wasn’t the problem. The problem was that when waking up the bed was too nice. The kind of nice a lieutenant doesn’t have. Your first instinct was to panic. Which led to you wound tightly in silk bedsheets and wiggling desperately to get out of them. After a few minutes of fruitless struggle you gave up, slumping into the blanket burrito bundle of death.

As a headache came on full force you groaned, rolling around as if the action would cause the pounding to in your head to cease. The only thing the rolling was useful for was forcing you off the bed and onto the cold metal floor. As you groaned a ball of orange was barely peaking through the slightly ajar door on the other side of the room. Before you could even take a good look the ball was running towards you. Big blue eyes staring into your own, a pink nose and twitching whiskers.

A cat?

The cat, purring, rubbed its face into your own causing you to pull back. As much as you loved cats having a ball of fur suffocate you while being trapped in blankets wasn’t a fun experience. The cat didn’t seem to notice your struggle and instead let out a ‘mew’ and started rubbing against you even more before becoming bored. It jumped up, paws pressing down into the side of your neck and ear. You struggled slightly but relaxed when the cat laid down, paws still pushing into the cheek of your face, trying to gain your attention.

“Millicent.” The cat immediatly stopped in its movements and jumped off you, walking to the door that was opening and letting in way too much light. The headache came back fullforce and you groaned, attempting to roll just enough to get the light out of your eyes.

“Lieutenant (Y/n).” You paused and rolled back over, eyes first landing on the tabby that was rubbing against pristine boots. And when you said pristine you meant pristine. You might even be able to see your reflection in them if you checked. Then your eyes traveled to the pants. Not a crease though the cat was changing that. Your eyes landed on the jacket and rimrod straight back and as your eyes landed on those cold blue eyes and firey red hair you cringed into your bundle of blankets. You might’ve been drinking but you didn’t think you drank that much.

“What do you think you’re doing?” That cold tone in his voice had you retreaing even further in the blanket, trying to conserve any warmth you could get at the moment.

“Well you see sir… I.. Uh…” You had no idea what you were actually doing. This wasn’t your bedroom. A cat was here. The General was staring down at you and at the same time had a affectionate cat begging for his attention. What was going on? “I have no idea, sir.” You decided to be honest. He might cut you some slack, though it was highly doubtful.

It took him a second, but he sighed and pressed two fingers to both of his temples, rubbing in circles as if getting rid a headache. That was your job but whatever.

“You have no idea as to why your here?” You shook your head as best you could without increasing the pounding in your head. He took in a deep breath, closing his eyes while doing so before letting it out as slow as he let it in. When he opened his eyes again you cringed, holding back a pained groan from leaving your lips at the disappointment in his eyes.

“Well, let me refresh your memory Lieutenant.” You weren’t sure you wanted to remember when he hissed out your title like he was talking about a resistance member. “Last night you went drinking with Captain Phasma, correct?” You nodded. Yeah, you remembered that. But after it kinda got fuzzy… Kriff, did you do something while drunk? That had to be it. There was no other explaination as to why this whole situation was unraveling the way it was. “Well, you two decided it was a good idea to start a game between the two of you.” Kriff. “I believe it was called truth or dare.” Kriff.

If the panic wasn’t there now it came smacking you in the face now. General Hux noticed your pale face but made no move to reassure you. Instead he just smacked the rest on you with no remorse. Just like him… “You both decided it was a good idea to cuddle with me. So you did.”

Goodbye First Order. Goodbye Phasma. Goodbye annoying stormtroopers. Goodbye funny technicians. Goodbye Mitaka the sweet bastard. You wondered if you could give him a parting card. Goodbye planets you have and haven’t seen. Goodbye annoying and terrifying baby-man called Kylo Ren. Goodbye Life.

“So, in turn for your inappropriate actions you will be punished accordingly.” You really wished he would just get to the point and throw you out of the airlock already. “Your punishment will be to work with the reconditioning department. You will not be going into recreational, just working. I wouldn’t give you that much of a luxury, and I don’t want this ships reputation ruined because of your idiotic actions.”

Wow. Thanks for the boost of confidence there General.

“Yes, sir.” You catch yourself just enough to not huff at the end of your words, but he still glares, as if knowing what would have happened if you hadn’t stopped yourself.

“Your new schedule will be sent to you later today. I expect to see you out of my chambers in five minutes and no more.” With that he turns to leave but your mind reels and halts to a stop. Wait, wait, wait. These were his bed chambers? What happened? Why would he even carry you here? Why didn’t he get Phasma to just take you back? Wouldn’t that be less of a hassle for the both of you? While all these thoughts ran through your head you decided it was best to get out like the General had commanded you to. But when you attempted to pick yourself off the ground the blanket reminded you of where you were.

I’m stuck.

After struggling a lot more than before you panicked. Kriff. What were you supposed to do if you couldn’t get out of the blankets? At first this trap wasn’t too bad but now it’s deadly.

Sucking up your pride - what little was left anyway - you called out for the General. In a matter of seconds he was at the doorway, a scowl present on his face. It almost made you want to take back calling out his name. Almost. You would rather live than die because you were stuck in some kriffin blankets.

“What is it Lieutenant?” His lips were hissing out the words and you shrank a bit before gathering your courage.

“I’m stuck, sir.” He paused, the glare melting away on his face to a look of pure confusion and slight annoyance. A few moments of silence passed when before the information sinked fully into his brain.

“Lieutenant, I hope you know that if you’re joking your punishment will become even more severe.” His lips were slowly molding into that scowl again. But you couldn’t let that wash away your attempts to let him know that this was an actual problem.

“Sir, I am not joking. The blankets are wound too tightly around me to move or wiggle free.” You say this with as much confidence as you can but it honestly sounds so silly that you almost don’t believe it.

With a sigh, and relaxing face he walks over to you, kneeling down to help you. His leather-clad gloved fingers are working with the sheets and pulling them just enough to start getting them loose. But for some reason you don’t move right away. His eyes are staring intently at the sheets, lips pursed in concentration and yet he looks so relaxed at the same time. After a few moments he stills and pulls back. You think nothing of it, just watch his face.

“Lieutenant (Y/n)?” You snap back to reality and watch as the General raises one of his eyebrows. It looks like he’s waiting for an explanation but you get up hastily instead of complying to his wordless command. You’re not sure either of you would want to hear the truth to such a question.

“Sorry General, sir. I got lost in thought.” He looks like he wants to say something, wants to speak up and ask about it but decides against it. You almost sigh in relief. You don’t think you could handle telling him the truth about you staring at his face just thinking about him. It would be… inappropriate.

“Well then Lieutenant, I suggest you get out of here. Your five minute time limit is almost up.” You nod, and salute to him as best you can with your headache acting up again.

You start to leave, but before you can leave fully your name and title stops you. You turn, giving the General a questioning look. His face is more relaxed and eyes softer than when he had been reprimanding you. But as he walks closer to you his relaxed face does nothing but have you tense up and stand at attention. He leans forward, breath brushing against your collarbone as one of his hands glides across your uniformed shoulder. You barely manage to surpress a shiver.

He pulls back just slightly and reveals a strand of orange hair to you. Too short to be the General’s. Most definitely his cats. But he’s still too close, pulled back just enough so you can see his face but still leaning forward as his eyes are covered behind his eyelashes. As much as you hate to admit it the General is attractive.

“I would recommend having your uniform cleaned as soon as possible. Maybe even buy something for the next time you’re here.” His breath is brushing against your neck and collarbone, and he seems completely unphased. But your eyes flicker up to his ears out of pure curiosity and you see the slight tinge of pink there. It doesn’t help you.

“Y-yes, sir.” You almost scream at yourself for the stutter but instead opt to run away out of his room and corridor as fast as you can. Only when you’re far enough away to be panting do you fully register his words.

Next time?!

I’m done with this job I’ve been working at for almost a year and I barely even left the place without crying, I am a mess


[fame flash light – give it to me.

so like. model yoongi au tho (or wave making rapper CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE OK) and jungkook photographer tho…you know the one! wherein jungkook and yoongi knew each other in childhood but circumstances separated them young and they said they’d meet again but they have no idea it will be THIS time. they probably had the biggest mutual crush on each other back in the day…actually they probably still…do. 

yoongi: what? 
jungkook: nothing uhm… 
yoongi: /glances away
jungkook: /takes like 9 photos
yoongi: …
jungkook: /coughs awkwardly/ sO um how..are…have you…been?