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kookie! this valentines day, will u be sweet? or spicy? ;)

// Sorry nonny, the answer seems to be savage & sinful this time around lol

credit to @ask-bts-rapline & @copybookink for coming up with the lines for the cards <333 LOL imdedlaughing


Therapeutic Goodbye Cards

This is such a simple, yet powerful termination activity.  I got this idea from a client who gave me a very touching thank you note during our last session.  It is something I have kept and reflect back on, and i realized that it could potentially play a similar role for a client.

The focus of the content is on the journey through therapy and what has been accomplished.  I highlight strengths, review coping tools and lessons learned, and express my thoughts about termination. At the end I usually include instructions of what to do if they decide to enter therapy again.  My hopes that it will serve as a transitional object and be something they can reflect back on.  If you decide to do an activity where you exchange cards then make a copy of what the client gives you because their own words of encouragement will mean the most.

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please give us tips on how to get the SSR card in eventsss!!! I CRIED WHEN I DIDN'T GET USUI!!!

I didn’t get the card myself, anon friend huhu. The point requirement is hella steep and if you’re not prepared to blow your dias, you can kiss that SSR card goodbye. (sobs) :((

For those who got the Usui card via ranking or points, any tips?


スイートルームで悪戯なキス Love Trap (Kissed by the Baddest Bidder JP GREE)

Eisuke Ichinomiya Birthday Event: 悪戯な王様にKissを

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The Line (Part 3)

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Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam

Word Count: 1.6K+

Warnings: Violence, Swearing, Unhealthy relationship dynamics

Summary: The reader helps Sam and Dean solve a case.

A/N: Hello, my loves!  I just wanted to say again that I know my depiction of magic is really different than it is on the show.  But, to be honest, the show never goes into a lot of detail, so I’m kind of going off-canon here and writing how I envision it.

The Line: (Part 1), (Part 2)

“Please, just-,” you asked urgently.  You were interrupted as Dean squeezed the trigger.  

It happened automatically and immediately.  It happened before you heard the gun fire.  

By the time the sound hit your ears it would have been too late, the bullet would already be lodged in your chest.  And knowing Dean’s deadly precision, it would have been embedded in your heart.  

Instead, the slug was frozen in midair inches away from your jacket, the nose blunted as if it had struck a solid object.  The air shimmered for a moment before the bullet fell, landing on the wet asphalt with a lilting chime.  

“Please, don’t do that again,” you said through clenched teeth, your head reeling from the sudden loss of energy.  The spell’s origin on your hip burned, the place where you’d tethered your magic.  

“What did you do,” Dean demanded.  Their eyes were wide, taking in the vision of you before them.

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aren't you at all upset that Pacific is still mean???? or that she didn't end up with either twin?? she barely talked to them


Um, you must be the person (or at least a friend of the person, because I blocked them) that I made that post about. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings, but your post was a little uncalled for. I mean, you called her a bitch.

But to answer your question: NO

I’m not upset at all! Pacifica has always(as long as we known her) been bratty. And you can’t just snapped your fingers and expect her to change. She acted how I knew she would act in the finale. Still bratty, but with good intentions.

And there was really hardly any scenes where she was outright mean, but one, and that was the first line that she had in the episode. 

Even though Mabel definitely didn’t mean anything by what she said, I feel like Pacifica had to defend herself in that situation. And then the rest of her lines she she was being snarky, but not being out right cruel or malicious.

And then when her family had to sell their home to keep their fortune, she didn’t really seem that upset, until the matter of ponies were brought up.

AND she also got the twins very thoughtful and meaningful gifts for their birthday. 

AND signed Dipper’s goodbye card!

If you ask me, the Pacifica from the beginning of the show would not have done any of these things. She has grown in her own way.

And to answer your second question: AGAIN NO

This show is not about romance! As much as I love Dipifica and Mabifica, I’m happy that they are friends at the moment.

But I will say that I am just a bit upset that she had hardly any lines with either twin!

For Sixpenceee's Forgotten Dare Day: Reflection Hunt

This game is called Reflection Hunt, and is relatively safe. During the game you will be able to ask questions of a (presumably) reliable source; namely the Reflection. You will need:
•Two candles
•A coin
•Pen and paper
•A handheld mirror
•A variety of mirrors or reflective surfaces spread throughout your house (note: most households already have this)

This game must be played at night, and all lights must be turned off. Start by writing ‘Would you like to play with me?’ and ‘The game is over, goodbye’, as well as any yes or no questions you want to ask in mirror script on separate pieces of paper. After this, take your candles to a mirror. The will be known as the Prime Mirror, and is where you will start the game, as well as end it if all goes well. The Prime Mirror should be large, and there shouldn’t be any other mirrors or reflective surfaces in the room with it. Start by lighting both candles and taking out your 'Would you like to play a game with me?’ card. Hold the card up to the mirror, and then spin the coin. The coin should be visible in the mirror. If the coin finishes on Heads, it’s yes, and Tails, it’s no. (If Tails feel free to try again later with all the same materials). If Heads, the Hunt begins. You must travel through your house, carrying one of the candles and leaving the other in front of the Prime Mirror. The goal is to find the Reflection. You will be able to see it in any reflective surface, and can appear in a variety of form, from a waving shadow to an imprint of a face to a claw shape, but should be only visible in the mirror. When you see the Reflection, call out 'I’ve caught you!’ and tap on the mirror you see it in. After finding the Reflection, you can ask one question by way of the prewritten mirror script cards. You can get your answer by spinning the coin in front of the and wait for it to stop, Heads for yes, Tails for no. Continue the game by taping on the mirror and saying 'Continue’ You may play for as long as you want, however if the any mirrors break or your candle goes out, end immediately. You end by holding up the 'The game is over, goodbye’ card to the Prime Mirror and extinguishing both candles. In a worst case scenario, you may end through any mirror, but that is not recommended, and you will still need to get to Mirror Prime to extinguish the other candle to properly end the game. Play at your own risk, and be careful when lighting candles.