goodbye asylum


Goodbye Clara Oswin Oswald - Favorite Quotes [part 1 of 2]

  • Clara Oswald for the win. Oswin!
  • “It’s smaller on the outside.”
  • “Still hungry? Well I brought something for you. This - the most important leaf in human history. The most important leaf in human history! It’s full of stories. Full of history. And full of a future that never got lived. Days that should’ve been that never were… Passed on to me. This leaf isn’t just the past, it’s a whole future that never happened. There are billions and millions of unlived days for every day that we live; an infinity! All the days that never came! And these are all my mum’s.”
  • Oh come on, don’t leave me hanging.”
  • Run you clever boy, and remember.”
  • Let me be brave.”