goodbye amy


Thank You POI for making us believe in second chances. 

For believing that good does exist in man kind. 

That strength can come in small numbers if the few are couragous, strong and brave. 

Thank you for proving enemies can become allies. 

That hope is painful, but it is what makes us determined to fight for what we believe in.

Goodbye POI.


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“Laying in bed, Taehyung’s mind skimmed over the events from today, always pausing to think about the extremely pretty girl who was staring at him earlier. He was determined to find out who she was, she wasn’t getting away so easily.”

Genre: Fluff | Angst
Members: Taehyung x Reader
Word count: 1528

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Birthday Surprises- Ethan Dolan

Author: grethansdolans

Pairing: Ethan x reader

Requested: Yes

Request: Can you do an Ethan imagine where it’s your birthday and he does all these really cute surprises for you and maybe some gifts or something as well. Basically just him being the cutest and best boyfriend ever 

Warnings: Fluff c;

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You woke up to the sound of birds chirping near the bedroom window. The sun shinning through the blinds casting a warm glow into the room. You rub the sleep out of your eyes, stretching your arms as you sit up.

You look to the side of the bed where Ethan would be only to see a tray with breakfast on it with a cute little note besides the juice. You take the note delicately in your hand reading the hand writing you recognized as Ethan’s. You open and read the note.

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B99 + Single Parent AU: in which Jake becomes a father, Bernice leaves, and Amy does what she can to help.   

Jake is smitten from the get go. He’s ecstatic about meeting a girl who loves the Brooklyn Nets and Die Hard as much as he does. He relishes in every afternoon they spend lounging on his couch, watching basketball games, and yelling at the TV after terrible plays or bad referee calls. He cherishes every morning he wakes up snuggled close to his jaktractive girlfriend in her Nakatomi Plaza security t-shirt. He’s all sorts of shocked and scared when she tells him she’s pregnant, but mostly he’s just excited – excited for what’s to come, excited to live the rest of their lives together.

Everything starts to go downhill when they move in together. Their relationship gets increasingly strained as they realize just how serious this all is. Their mutual love of basketball and cop movies seems laughably insignificant compared to their contrasting life goals.

Despite their issues, Jake tries to make things work. He tries even harder after their baby is born – even if he’s down to getting 2 hours of sleep each night, and even if every other conversation he has with Bernice is some form of an argument. He doesn’t stop trying because there’s no way in hell he would even consider turning his back on his family. Not after everything Roger’s done, not after everything Roger’s failed to do.

Bernice walks out when their daughter is five months old, and Jake’s entire world turns upside down. They had just figured out somewhat of a routine, things were finally starting to get better, and he was so sure everything was going to be okay. Reading her goodbye letter the umpteenth time over, he is stunned. For all the time he spent worrying he would turn into his father, he had no clue he would become his mother.

With Bernice gone, everything is back to square one with the baby. The almost established routine is ruined. Suddenly, he’s having to look into babysitters, nannies, and infant day care – none of which he can afford, really. He somehow manages to get by with a ton of help from Karen.

He buries himself in his work and pretty much shuts everyone out. He doesn’t talk when Terry or Charles asks about how he’s doing. He doesn’t join Rosa or Gina for drinks at Shaw’s. He doesn’t crack any jokes with Amy or Holt. For weeks, he just doesn’t allow himself to feel. With everything going on, he doesn’t exactly have time to feel anything other than ridiculously exhausted.

It’s Amy who eventually gets him to open up again, although truthfully she doesn’t do much to prompt this. They’re hours into an overnight stakeout (his first since Bernice left) and are taking turns telling stories to pass the time. He’s in the middle of recounting last week’s baby bath time fiasco when he mentions Bernice without realizing it (another first since his regretful announcement). Amy tries to change the subject, to give him an out, but he keeps talking – about his frustrations, fears, everything. Their perp doesn’t turn up at all that night, but neither of them think the stakeout’s a bust. 

Amy’s over at his place the weekend after, and she’s so awkwardly stiff in handling his baby. She offers to help with cleaning and restocking supplies instead, but with loads of guidance and encouragement from Jake, she very quickly grows into it and becomes a baby whisperer of sorts. She’s back at his place the next weekend and every weekend after that. 

While everything with Bernice had happened so quickly, it takes a few years or so for Jake to realize he’s in love with Amy. He’s watching her tie his daughter’s hair into a neat bun (for a private baby ballet and modern dance class with Auntie Rosa and Auntie Gina) when the realization hits him all at once and at full force. He loves her. He really, really loves her. 

→ inspired by @emilybrontay‘s but the absolute luck is, love is in our hearts

{Here’s Bonus: Pining!Amy… because I got hella carried away with this AU.}

If Amy were to be completely honest, she’d admit she’s found Jake attractive since they were first introduced. She might have once or twice considered what it would be like to go out with him, but she doesn’t really start thinking about the two of them romantic stylez until he starts dating Bernice. Amy’s seen Jake with other girls in the past, but this is different; Jake’s never been so happy. 

For the most part, Amy’s happy that Jake’s happy. Bernice is great, and she and Jake are so similar that it makes perfect sense their relationship is progressing so quickly. What does not make sense to Amy is how often she imagines Jake being her cute, adoring boyfriend rather than Bernice’s. 

When Jake announces that Bernice is pregnant (by bringing out a tiny Brooklyn Nets baby onesie at their morning briefing), Amy’s stomach drops. She had sort of been waiting for the other shoe to drop (because in her head, a healthy relationship could not be founded on basketball and cop movies), but the pregnancy meant they were in it for the long haul.

Amy works on moving on in the following months. She starts to put herself out there again and tries to get back in the dating game. Despite this, she can’t help but notice that Jake’s been a little less cheery and that Bernice has gotten a lot more cold. She isn’t sure whether something’s actually up or if this is just pregnancy-related stress or if this is all just jealousy talking.

When Jake shows her the tear-stained, wrinkled goodbye letter, Amy is  angry (at Bernice), devastated (for the baby), and worried (about Jake). But a small part of her is also overjoyed, and she absolutely hates herself for it.

It takes awhile for Jake to let her (and everyone else) back into his life, but when this happens, she resolves to put her feelings aside. She knows that what Jake needs is a helping hand with his daughter, not a new girl to date. 

She sticks around because he’s her partner and best friend (and because his kid has her wrapped around her chubby little finger). With seeing him become the amazing father she always knew he would be, she falls for him a little bit more each day. 

For a second, she lets herself believe that his soft looks mean something other than gratitude. 

Shout out to @peraltiagoisland & @elsaclack for the help and headcanons!!! ♥

You have to remember that goodbyes are temporary because no one ever really leaves and nothing lasts forever. People are always with us, because they are in our hearts and in our memory. The only thing we can depend on is change… Life is just a series of moments – a string of pearls that make up the necklace of your life and so every once in a while, to complete the circle, you need to end a chapter.
—  Amy Poehler
and you drive me wild

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PART FIVE: The Revolutionary Set

Later that Saturday afternoon Alexander was hunched over his laptop, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a google search open, each of them tried and tried again in their search for John Laurens.

Lafayette stood behind Alex, face scrunched in thought. “Mon ami,” he said after Alex let out his third groan of frustration in the span on a minute. “Why not try looking for ‘Martha Laurens,’ hmm?”

“I’ll give it a shot,” Alexander said, feverishly typing her name into the search bar on Facebook. He nearly shrieked in excitement when a profile with her smiling face as the profile picture came up. “It’s her! It’s her!” he exclaimed as if Laf wasn’t right there with him, looking at the same exact thing.

Lafayette only chuckled as Alex clicked on her page. They couldn’t see much, but they could flip through her profile pictures. The first one was of Martha by herself, then one of her and her younger sister when they were about elementary school and preschool aged. The third one was Martha and another girl who appeared to be her age in school uniforms.

“Wait,” Laf said, laying his hand on top of Alex’s to stop him from clicking to the next picture. “That is our Eliza!”

Alex, who hadn’t paid the other girl much attention seeing as he was hoping John would appear in one of these profile pictures, did a doubletake. “Holy shit,” he said.

“Merde, it was in front of us all along,” Lafayette mumbled. “Of course they go to the same school!”

“That fancy private one across the river?” Alex asked, staring at the photo of the two smiling girls.

Eliza and her siblings had long been friends of the Washingtons, as Philip Schuyler had served a term in the senate alongside him. Washington had considered sending his sons to that school–– they certainly had the money–– but had decided to send them to the public school, feeling that it was more in line with his constituents.

Lafayette pulled out his phone and sent a message to the group chat.

Large Baguette: OKAY MES AMIS

Pegboard: why u askin

Hunkules Mulletman: babe wtf r u doing

Sweet Lizard: oh john is a cutie!!

Adriatic Sea: ooohhh is this the boy you and Alex were stalking??

Alabama Hammerman: IT’S NOT STALKING

Angel Face: wtf u doing stalking my boy??????

Large Baguette: YOUR BOY???

Pegboard: lmao they’re so not dating calm the hell down Laffy Taffy
Pegboard: Laurens is as gay as a pride flag

Angel Face: he’s still my boy and I am in charge of protecting him from weirdos like u

Large Baguette: i am fatally wounded goodbye mes amis

Sweet Lizard: Angie stop! :(((

Large Baguette: at least Eliza will attend my funeral <333

Pegboard: can we get back to the fact that u and ham have been stalking a man???
Pegboard: bc that is weird af
Pegboard: and i’m offended u didn’t ask for my help

Alabama Hammerman: he’s in those car commercials
Alabama Hammerman: on fox news
Alabama Hammerman: he’s really cute and I wanted to meet him???
Alabama Hammerman: also he wasn’t in this week’s commercial
Alabama Hammerman: and i got kinda worried

Large Baguette: he means he got, how u say, hella gay

Alabama Hammerman: I AM BI THANK U V MUCH

Hunkules Mulletman: hi bi i’m dad

Large Baguette: BABE
Large Baguette: I LOVE U SO MUCH

Adriatic Sea: why am i dating you two

Alabama Hammerman: so can i meet him or??????

Angel Face: hmmmmmm

Sweet Lizard: of course you can!

Angel Face: Liza stop ruining my evil plans come on grl

Sweet Lizard: ;)))


Large Baguette: HOW YOU SAY, YES

Angel Face: but fine
Angel Face: but u know who u gotta invite for me, right?

Alabama Hammerman: ANGIE
Alabama Hammerman: WHY

Angel Face: he’s hot af okay just come on
Angel Face: i’m helping u out, aren’t i?

Alabama Hammerman: fine
Alabama Hammerman: but i’m not pleased

Angel Face: never said u had to be ;)))

Sweet Lizard: So it’s settled! Game night, our place, next Friday at 7:00 :)

Large Baguette: i am, how u say, HYPED