goodbye ;(

I get it. I completely get that Thiam shippers are kinda disappointed that it wasn’t Liam, hell even I was. But we cannot just ignore that this scene wasn’t absolutely stunning. The music, the cinematography, and Cody and Andrew’s beautiful acting.
It all made perfect since in the end, because Theo did care, he cared about a kid who he saw in himself in a way. A kid who was being manipulated and in a way forced to do some pretty terrible stuff.
A kid who in the end, was still a kid and no matter what did not deserve to hurt. “hurt.”
Theo took his pain as he died, and Gabe saw in the end that the supernatural are human. He saw that Theo was human.
And everyone else including Liam saw it to.

We may not have gotten a million kiss scenes or the steamiest sex scenes but you know what we did get? Development. I will take that over anything, guys we got to see the most beautiful ship come to life. It was never rushed everything that happened happened for a reason. Our story made sense. We spent years waiting to see something happen btw our characters and it finally did. Stydia was the slowest and most beautiful burn that will always be apart of my heart.

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From my last year of high school to my first year of my teaching career, Teen Wolf has been a secure escape for me. These characters have given me everything… from life lessons, to confidence to friends all around the world. This show gave me a special connection to a lot of students in my class this year, that I don’t think I would have been able to form without TW. I’ve never been apart of a fandom so long, nor have I ever invested myself in anything this much. 

So here’s a little of what some (I can’t write all) characters of taught me;

  • Scott has taught me the valuable skills for being a leader, which I now use every day in my life.
  •  Even though I’m not a genius, Lydia taught me to share my thoughts and opinions and to be confident in doing so. To never be afraid of my own smarts. Also her style has completely changed the way I dress myself.
  • Allison taught me to stick up for myself and others. That being brave doesn’t mean you’re not terrified inside, and that it’s okay to cry.
  •  Malia taught me it’s completely okay to be inappropriate at times!
  •  And Stiles… well, what can I say? I feel like this character is a part of me now. I’ve been writing an interpretation of him for he past four years. He’s a vital organ that I don’t think I could ever live without. He’s actually shaped who I am today the most, I cannot tell you how true this is. He’s so utterly human, flaws and all, that he has always the most relatable character {on any show I’ve watched} and I thank Dylan for bringing him to life!

This is might be an end of an era, but I hope it’s a start of an age. I will ALWAYS remember Teen Wolf in all it’s glory… and not so glorious days. I have rewatched the first few seasons so many times with so many friends, hooking them to the series. I know I’ll do the same with my kids {if I ever have kids} in future years. So thank you Jeff, for all the tears, torment and truly inspiring characters of Teen Wolf. We will never forget!


I asked myself how I was going to say goodbye to Teen Wolf. And the answer is, I’m not. It’ll always be there whenever I need to go back and relive the experience. Yes, sadly there will be no new episodes or countdowns for a brand new season, but I’m okay with that. 6 seasons, 100 episodes and countless of hours spent invested in a show that changed my life in many different ways. I’m a huge TV show geek, but no other show that I’ve watched or am currently watching will impact me the way Teen Wolf has.

I was 15 when the show begun and now I’m 21, I grew up with this show. Every character, whether I loved or couldn’t stand them have all taught me important life lessons. The storylines in their own way were thrilling and I loved reading people’s theories regarding the seasons mystery. Each villain brought a new dynamic and watching their stories play out was one of the many highlights. And I’m thankful for all of it. But what this show really gave me was a sense of comfort (even in the times where I was left gobsmacked at my computer screen), a safe haven to escape to when things in life became shit. This small show left a long lasting impact on my life, one that I will never forget.

So thank you to Tyler Posey, Holland Roden, Dylan O’Brien, Crystal Reed, Tyler Hoechlin, Daniel Sharman, Shelley Hennig, Cody Christian, Dylan Sprayberry, Arden Cho, and every other actor/actress that graced our screens to bring their own spin to the characters they played. And thank you to Jeff Davis for creating this crazy world that we, fans, could sit back and enjoy.

Teen Wolf it’s been a pleasure to spend 6 years with you. ❤️‍

leaving, maybe

I just feel so left out, like I never feel like I’m a part of this community. I never get asks, I’m really too awkward,I overall suck a posting, Nobody ever has the time to talk to me when I’m really lonely, ugh. I’m sorry for dropping this on you, but I’m probably going to leave, I don’t belong here, I never did, and that’s how I feel. Please don’t take it personally, it has nothing to do with you, but I’m probably going to leave. I don’t know yet, but the thought has crossed my mind

I feel so numb right now, so empty to think Teen Wolf, a show with great, incredible impact on me is actually ending. I have to be honest here, I didn’t watch this show from the very beginning. I binged it, fell inlove with it and started watching it live from season 5a. That’s when I created this blog (summer 2015) Teen wolf has felt almost like this alternate universe for me, it helps me escape from “all the bullshit in this world” like my I wrote in my description. I’ve never been in a fandom so welcoming and warm like this one. Its like I’ve been searching long and hard all my life and now I’ve finally found where it feels like home. It feels like I’ve been here from the very beginning. Nothing has ever felt so fuzzy and good except for when i watch teen wolf. I know many teen wolf bloggers are in their 20s or older, I’m still young. And I just started high school last year. I go to an arts school, so I literally started fresh, I had non of my old elementary friends. And I’m a pretty shy person if I’m all alone like that, so I didn’t make many friends. I still don’t have many friends at the school. I remember throughout my classes, while people would be chatting it up already having their friend groups formed. I’d be on tumblr looking at cool new teen wolf edits, reading headcanons, making my own theories, talking to mutuals. And it literally saved me from feeling alone. And i am so incredibly greatful for the friends I’ve made. And im greatful for all the amazing mutuals i have because reading their positive tags on my posts and edits makes me feel so happy and really boosts my confidence. Because honestly I always degrade myself, and it’s kind of a habit. But it’s amazing how passionate I and others can feel over a TV show. And Stiles and Lydia. They’re a complete whole other story. They have set my standards way to high for relationships that I actually feel terrible for whoever dates me. I’m so inlove with their love, that every emotion they feel on screen, I feel it for them off. And I still remember watching 5x16 live and how I couldn’t sleep until 3 am, still freaking out that they actually cuddled in the jeep, that stiles actually brought her back to life, that she smiled and held his hand like that, that she finally said “Stiles saved me”… honestly I’ve never felt happier to fail a test the next morning. I’m so thankful for having teen wolf in my life, for being able to talk and fan girl about it with others. And in a way I kind of feel a little prepared for what’s to come in my life. Obviously I’m not gonna get bit and turn into a werewolf, but I’m gonna make my own mark, make a journey, have a story to tell, just like them. Because ironically enough I’m a sophomore in high school right now, and that’s where all of these great characters started. It feels like I will never feel the same way about another TV show again. And I’m still going to continue this blog. I’m still going to create new headcanons, gifs and reblog the same old scenes. Because Teen Wolf holds a special place in my heart, and it will always remain there.

chanyeol looks so boyfriend in those airport photos. you can just imagine him helping you get your stuff through security and letting you lean on him as you stand in line because you’re tired after your long trip and then once you get on the plane he lets you wear his hoodie because he remembers how you always complain about the air conditioning on flights and he just wants you to be warm and safe by his side


Hello my dear tumblr friends and followers.
Even though I haven’t been active on tumblr since last year, I now want to officially confirm that my blog will be inactive.

Why? Because i can hardly find the time for tumblr nowadays. This also applies to my art and fanfictions. I can barely find the time to do things that I enjoy in general. Especially now that i started University
I also just don’t enjoy it as much as I used to. Instead of seeing tumblr as a hobby, I started to see it as something I was forced to keep doing because I wanted to keep my followers entertained. I spent hours on finding old and forgotten, but funny and nice posts to keep my blog relevant.

I absolutely loved the time I spent on here though. Never have I ever been so happy to be part of a fandom. All of you people are so amazing. You and your posts kept me smiling through the darkest of times. I gained confidence in my art and writing, which I never had before. And I want to thank you all so much for that! For helping me and keeping me happy.
I also met so many amazing people on this website. And I gained such strong friendships with some of you! I am grateful for this.

Muse will forever be my favorite band. Thanks to them i made this blog and I had the opportunity to meet all of you lovely people! I will surely visit many of their gigs in the future! (hopefully together with some of you guys)

I will NOT be deleting my blog! I will keep it up in case people still enjoy scrolling through it.

Thank you for your support throughout the year. I had an amazing time. You, my followers and friends, you are amazing people. I wish you all the happiness in life.

Goodbye Teen Wolf

Writing this is so hard because it makes it real and for the longest time I was living in denial. I wanted to completely ignore the fact that the show was ending and live like everything was fine and that it had a few more seasons to go. But that’s not the reality. The reality is that it ends tonight. Not months or years from now. TONIGHT. Everything has an ending and sometimes we just need to accept that, no matter how hard it is to do.

The Teen Wolf finale was actually the first thing I thought of when I woke up this morning. I can’t even begin to explain how much of an impact this show has been on my life. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve thrown shit at the TV, and I loved every second of it. It’s been a while since a show has made me feel this way. I remember bawling my eyes out when Glee ended.

I have learned something from every single character. I admire Scott’s selflessness. How he would risk his life for someone else’s without even having to think about it. I wanted to be like Stiles and find humor in any type of situation because you can die at any moment, so why not die happy? I love the way Lydia is so unapologetically intelligent. She taught me that you can have beauty and brains and that you don’t need to give up one to have the other. It’s amazing to me the way Sheriff Stilinski, Mama McCall, and Argent would do anything for their children, and their friends, and hardly ask for anything in return. Allison taught me that even the toughest warriors cry sometimes and that does not make them any weaker. I love how honest and blunt Malia is, because she realizes that people need to hear the truth even if it hurts. And that’s just a few of them. Like I said, I’ve learned something from every character no matter how small their role/part was in the show. Even the “villians” on the show have taught me things that will stick with me forever.

Despite the terrible lighting and the constant queer baiting, Teen Wolf is one of my favorite shows and I will miss it dearly. It will never forget this show and how much it shaped my life. And you bet your sweet pumpkin pie that I’ll be spending the remaining time before the finale reading Teen Wolf fanfiction.

And so, to close this extremely long post, I would like to say thank you. Thank you to the creators of the show, the actors, crew, and anyone else who contributed. A huge honkin thank you to the Teen Wolf fandom because it’s always great to have someone to cry with. And finally a big, albeit reluctant, thank you to Jeff Davis (ya bastard). Thank you Teen Wolf.

Love, Tianna