Good bye Scandal, last night was AMAZING!!! #scandal #scandalband #desu #london #goodbye #mami #haruna #rina #tomomi #japan #japanese #jrock

I’m tired. I can’t stand all this bullshit anymore. I can’t keep up with it. I never would’ve thought I would say this ever, but I’m taking a break. A long one. I won’t be writing or updating until idek. This is insane, but it was bound to happen. And I hope my other fellow authors would do so too.

It's really hard when someone you loved most leaves you

but its even harder when your leaving someone because you feel like they love someone else

If you are going to leave me I won’t stop you. When you reach the decision that this is no longer what you want, I will nod my head and agree with you that perhaps this is for the best. You’ll tell me that you’re sorry and that you never meant to hurt me and I’ll tell you that it’s okay. I’ll tell you that I’ll be fine, and I’ll wish you happiness . When you decide that you want to move forward without me I will not beg you to stay, I won’t ask you not to go, and I won’t plead to take me with you. I will gently hold your face with my hands, and kiss you on the forehead just one last time. I’ll look you in the eye, in those mesmerising blue eyes that I know all too well and tell you that I knew deep down this was coming. I knew that you would leave me, but I love you enough to let you go, I love you enough to set you free.
—  Be honest