isak and even live together so they see each other all the time, like almost 24/7, they are inseparable, but yet it’s not enough for them?? even when they hang out with friends they can’t be apart for a long time? like at sana’s party when they were together almost all the time. and that time on isak’s birthday. can you imagine how isak was overwhelmed when he found and watched even’s movie? probably they were sitting together like 20 minutes before this, but it doesn’t matter he felt that need to text even immediately and say that he loves him and ask to sit down with him

What the hell did I just read? Apparently, if you don’t like every single thing about Louis’ promo you are a terrible person. Well, I guess that makes me a terrible person, because I don’t like it. Guess what though…I absolutely adore Louis and right now I am listening to his song. You see how that works? You don’t have to like the promo in order to support Louis’ song. 

It’s posts like that one that actually make me not want to be here anymore. If you don’t have the same exact opinion as everyone else, you are made to feel horrible about it. You are made to feel like you aren’t a true fan. Or better yet, you are told things like, “This is his life, not yours”. No shit, Sherlock. How about we all just blog about what we want to blog about, and stop yelling at each other for having different opinions? Actually, you know what, you guys should do that. I, myself, am going to take a much needed break. I have been here for five years supporting these boys and I think I am entitled to one. Or does that make me a bad fan too? *Shakes head*

I am just going to call this my “hiatus”. I just don’t feel like watching people argue over haircuts, or fake girlfriends, or fake babies. Nor do I feel like watching people argue over how bad/good Louis’ promo is at the moment. Everyone is entitled to their opinion on ANY of those things. ANY ONE OF THEM. I also don’t feel like watching people pit Louis and Harry against each other. They would absolutely hate that and you know it. It feels like all we do is argue nowadays, and that just isn’t fun. I am tired and I need a break, but just know that I will be listening to Louis’ song and buying his entire album the moment that it is out. Also, there will never be a day that I do not support those boys. It just might not be on here. 

I came here for two boys who I just knew were in love and I found a whole lot more along the way. Now I leave believing with all of my heart that those two boys are still in love. And that is enough for me.

i went back to my suburban american town this weekend and came to the realization that in another universe viktor fulfills his destiny by wearing a blue tux and slowdancing with katsuki yuuri to “i don’t want to miss a thing” (aerosmith 1998)

is this a high school au? 80s prom au? footloose au? canon compliant but blue tuxes are back in style?……..yes.

She was scared to let him go because once she did, she’d be gone forever. She doesn’t temporarily close doors-she burns them down and replaces them with tombstones. It becomes a place to mourn a relationship that once was but isn’t anymore; a place where dreams, hope, love, the life they shared and the people they were together are buried and only memories remain.
—  How she grieves and lets go - Jess Amelia