Is this bowl big enough for a betta…?

Yeah okay but mine doesn’t like big tanks.

And my room is really warm so I don’t need a heater.

I heard water conditioner doesn’t do anything, it’s just so the company makes even more money.

My betta is lonely!

If I got a big tank, could I put two bettas in there?

Okay but how about a boy and a girl?

What do you mean they’ll fight? Won’t they have babies?

You don’t know anything, I once had a betta in a vase that lived for like a year!

All of you betta blogs think you’re so much better than us!


Hello again Fish Community!

About 6 weeks ago, my 1 year old betta 2.0 (first pictured) suddenly passed away. He was healthy the previous day so I do not know what or how he died. Of course that same day, I got a new betta! because he looked very angry, I named him Grump(third pictured). He was happily living in a 1 gallon heated(heater not shown) tank. My best friend bettababies, did research about bettas and wanted to upgrade her tanks, of course I went with her to help her with the stuff and such. It took a lot of convincing for me to upgrade my tank. I didn’t know better and saw that my fish was already happy and didn’t mind living in a 1 gallon tank(second pictured) so I thought “Hey, I don’t need upgrading!”. In the end, me and my best friend walked out of Pet Smart with two 10 gallon tanks, heaters, gravel, decorations, live plants, snails, and shrimp. Although the cost of how much I spent was the main reason I didn’t want to upgrade, I am extremely glad I did. My betta Grump is much more happier to have a bigger space to explore, he is extremely curious of his tank mates and new live plants! I’d like to thank my best friend Yev for convincing me and to all the betta blogs(carrionaway, bettablogging, goodbetterbetta) that help her give useful information that ended up going to me!

Grump and his tank mates are fully thriving and I cannot wait until the plants grow more(especially the one in the right corner) and fill up the tanks natural beauty.

Betta blogs!

I has a question.

I have a friend with a betta in a five gallon planted tank that has taken to fin nipping. There doesn’t appear to be any other problems other than his constant nipping. I have never really dealt with a fin nipper so…

Is there anything you can recommend or suggest that might stop or at least help with this situation?