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About 6 weeks ago, my 1 year old betta 2.0 (first pictured) suddenly passed away. He was healthy the previous day so I do not know what or how he died. Of course that same day, I got a new betta! because he looked very angry, I named him Grump(third pictured). He was happily living in a 1 gallon heated(heater not shown) tank. My best friend bettababies, did research about bettas and wanted to upgrade her tanks, of course I went with her to help her with the stuff and such. It took a lot of convincing for me to upgrade my tank. I didn’t know better and saw that my fish was already happy and didn’t mind living in a 1 gallon tank(second pictured) so I thought “Hey, I don’t need upgrading!”. In the end, me and my best friend walked out of Pet Smart with two 10 gallon tanks, heaters, gravel, decorations, live plants, snails, and shrimp. Although the cost of how much I spent was the main reason I didn’t want to upgrade, I am extremely glad I did. My betta Grump is much more happier to have a bigger space to explore, he is extremely curious of his tank mates and new live plants! I’d like to thank my best friend Yev for convincing me and to all the betta blogs(carrionaway, bettablogging, goodbetterbetta) that help her give useful information that ended up going to me!

Grump and his tank mates are fully thriving and I cannot wait until the plants grow more(especially the one in the right corner) and fill up the tanks natural beauty.

Betta blogs!

I has a question.

I have a friend with a betta in a five gallon planted tank that has taken to fin nipping. There doesn’t appear to be any other problems other than his constant nipping. I have never really dealt with a fin nipper so…

Is there anything you can recommend or suggest that might stop or at least help with this situation?

Betta help? (Again!)

My newest betta, Thranduil, is pretty poorly, and I have no idea why. 

He’s a tail biter, but it’s never gotten this bad. He’s not swimming, won’t come up to eat, and when he does move, it’s all uncoordinated. (he’s flipping to his side.)

Thought it was just a swim bladder issue, like I fed him too much, so I quarantined him in around 4 gallons, with nothing for him to hurt his fins more, just a little cave rock to hide in. And fasted him for a day. Next day, tried again, but now he won’t eat.

Here’s what he looked like, around early June. 

Here’s what he looks like right now:

And he’s got like a blue section near his head?

any ideas on what this is??

The quarantine tank I’ve dosed for 3 days with aquarium salt, and stress coat, like you use for fin rot, etc. 

Funny enough, his tank mate, Leon, has the most perfect fins ever. Like, no stress lines, no nothing. So, if they’re sharing the same tank water and all, if it was bacterial, Leon would have it, yeah?







Like this is a goddamn miracle. I’ve been so worried about having to give up some of my fish when they grow bigger and now I don’t have to fret. I’m still planning on giving up Mowgli, but now my goldies can grow as big as they want and I can still keep them. Four goldfish in a 90 gallon tank should be perfectly fine- in fact I think I could even keep more but I don’t plan on it.

Because the general rule is 20 for one goldie, and then 10 more for each after that. I have three fancies and one comet, so…

20 + 10 +10 = 40 and that leaves an extra 50 for the addition of the comet.




…now to convince my mom. But seriously, I have my own apartment. I don’t know why it should be such a big deal.

anonymous asked:

2/28 post - you can fix your windows yourself. its relatively easy and not to costly. you need to get some paint thinner, a paint scraper tool, some sand paper and new paint (best would be for outdoors that is moisture proof). You can get all this under $20 and with elbow grease, you can fix your window problem and not have to stress saving your babies. start by scraping the old paint off, then use the paint thinner if needed, next sand everything off, and repaint (not when freezing outside).

Hi, there!

I do believe you may be meaning to send this to goodbetterbetta (linked to the post about the window and 24 hours of hell). I’ll tag them, though, so that perhaps they can see the helpful advice. :)

myfirsttank asked:

Woah thanks for the ghost shrimp heads up! I was worried they might get eaten, I never thought they might be the ones doing the damage! I'm a little worried my filter might be too strong for a betta, so I might have to just get shrimp.

Anytime! They can be pretty nasty, from what I understand, and I don’t want anyone else to have to experience what happened to me! Now my poor veiltail is suffering from pretty bad fin rot he can’t shake. He’s a bit of a wimp, so it appears that the ghost shrimp got the best of him. Needless to say, the shrimp went immediately back to the store.

If you think your filter is too strong (which is definitely a possibility… bettas with long tails often have trouble with filters), I’m pretty sure there are ways to reduce the flow. If you do a little research, you can find people that have had decent success in slowing the filter by putting sponges around it or other ways of partially blocking it.
Adding other animals (such as shrimp) are helpful in picking up extra scraps of food, but keep in mind they add to the ammonia build and don’t necessarily keep the tank any cleaner. Bettas can do just fine without a filter (none of mine have them) as long as you do religious water changes appropriate to the tank size. If you’re worried about extra food in the bottom, try feeding a little less! I’ve heard it said that bettas are better off being kept slightly hungry, anyway.

Best of luck! Whatever you decide, feel free to stop by the goodbetterbetta blog and keep me updated!


Meet my newest fishy babies, Denver, Moose, and Jane Doe (I haven’t named her yet)!

These are the kids I saved from Walmart the night my Little Rock passed away. I took it pretty hard, but I hated seeing her tank without her was too much to deal with so I took a drive and wound up at Walmart.

Naturally, I wandered over to the fish section. They had a full stock of bettas as usual, since I go to school in a college town where students buy and murder bettas on a daily basis. I skipped past them and looked at all the other fish in the display tanks to see a half-eaten dead molly and about a dozen dead guppies floating around.

Discouraged, I went back to the bettas and was not at all surprised to see most of them sick and lifeless. I shuffled the cups around a little to see what was in the back, because most of the fish I like are put behind the prettier crown tails and never get chosen. Even though I hadn’t intended on getting any fish that day, I at least like to give the other bettas a fighting chance at getting picked.  And then I saw this little orange face flaring at me.

I squealed and took down the cup from the very top back row shelf. He was a dull burnt orange veiltail and he reminded me so much of Tallahassee with his big obnoxious personality that I immediately decided I needed him.

Because I was having a hard day and was feeling sentimental, I told him “You’re supposed to be mine, aren’t you?” He wiggled around in response, all the while flaring at me.

To kill a little more time because I didn’t want to go home quite yet, I looked into the display tanks again. And there were two more faces peering out at me from the goldfish section.

One was a baby oranda and the other was a tiny little fantail just like my Belle. They had a dead tankmate floating around in there with them in addition to about 20 other goldies packed into the tank much too small to house them all, and I got all mushy again.

But I reeeeeally didn’t want to give money to Walmart for abusing their fish, so I decided to serve justice on my own. I slipped the betta into my bag (it was easy, since no one was around so late at night), and grabbed an empty betta cup from the sink along with a fish net.

Making sure no one was looking, I opened up the tank, filled the empty betta cup with water, set it on the ground, and scooped up the two goldies as quickly as I could. I’ll admit it was probably the smoothest thing I’d ever done. With so much practice scooping my own fish, I picked them up easily and painlessly. I put the top on the cup, slipped that into my bag too, and took off like nothing had happened.

It was a little hard walking out of the store because when I walked the water sloshed around and I was afraid they’d get dumped, so I had to do this weird shuffle/limp out of the store. I’m sure I looked like a total idiot, but I didn’t much care at that point.

Now, I do not condone stealing, although I’ll admit that I don’t feel bad for stealing fish from Walmart. They treat them with cruelty and I’m not going to reward them with my hard-earned cash for carelessness. *gets down off soapbox*


Denver is now in Little Rock’s old tank with the frogs, cory cats, and the last zebra danio. He is constantly active and his color has gone from this burnt orange to a bright orange with purple undertones. He likes to flare at everything and chase the danio around, but other than that he is peaceful and doesn’t pick on the cats like Amon did when I tried to put them together. He’s clearly crazy happy out of his mind for not being in that cold miserable little cup anymore and I’m so glad to have him.

The goldies, on the other hand, are doing just fine as well! They have the thirty gallon all to themselves, which looks like an insane amount of space for two baby goldfish. I’m thinking of putting Belle in there with them at least for the time being until one of them outgrows the 30 and gets moved to the 55 “big boy tank.” Belle has such a hard time competing for food with all the other bigger fish like Peter and Sydney and she can’t swallow the big pellets I give them so I have to hand-feed her on the other side of the tank while the others are distracted. Kind of a pain.

Anyways, that’s it for now I think! Welcome to the family, Denver, Moose, and “??” !



I have decided to expand my fish horizons and adopt a goldfish! I went to the pet store today (just to look, I promise!) and I stumbled across this most wonderful goldfish.

I didn’t even think I was very fond of goldfish- I’d always thought they were kind of generic and boring. That they didn’t have any personality.

But then I saw this guy…. well I don’t have a picture of him yet but he’s a calico ryukin goldfish and he only has one eye. It was just something about his funny looking face with only one eye and his personality that made me laugh. I just kind of knew he was special.

I’d already given him a name before I had realized I was attached to him (Peter). I knew I didn’t have room for him while I’m still at school. It would be a different story if I wasn’t still at school, as I have that 20 gallon back at home that would be just fine for him at least for now until he gets bigger (if he does). But there are two weeks left of school and it wouldn’t be fair of me to take him from the store just to put him in some cramped situation until I get him back home.

So, I did the responsible thing and left empty-handed. However, when my suitemate and I came back so she could pick out a second betta for herself, Peter was still there and I couldn’t just forget about him.

I talked to the employee working and asked if I could put a fish on hold. He was very nice about it, and grabbed a piece of paper with some tape and asked me which one I wanted. I showed him Peter and the guy made a little sign he stuck on the tank that said “ON HOLD ONE EYED GOLDFISH.” I offered to pay right then for him, telling the guy it’d be at least a week for more until I could get the fish, but he said it was fine and that I could pay later.

Guys, I’m so happy! In two weeks or less Peter will be mine. I just want to run home now and get the tank ready for him.

I’m a little nervous about owning a goldfish, as I know they get quite large and live a long time with good care. Plus, Peter has his handicap and is half blind.

I know some of you out there are goldfish experts, so any advice?

Kenny the Martyr

Do you ever just get sad sometimes because you see all these suffering fish on tumblr and craigslist and you want to save them all but you finally understand that you really can’t take them in?

Cause I do.

That guy on craigslist refused to sell me just the fish and I was contemplating paying the $50 to buy the tank as well as the suffering fish but I really can’t. I don’t have the money, I’m moving into a new apartment soon, and I already have 3 tanks full.

I mean I already have too many fish. And nearly all of them are rescues. Amon (male betta) was rescued from being a table decoration, Peter (ryukin goldfish) was underfed and unhappy living in the store because he couldn’t compete with the other fish since he’s half blind, the cory catfish were saved from death by Walmart, Belle (fantail goldfish) was the weakest swimmer in an overstocked pet store tank because of her delicate and thin fins/tail, and Sydney (comet goldfish) was going to be a feeder fish or worse. The only ones I actually purchased based purely on want and not pity were Little Rock and Ron (although I chose Ron because of the kink in his tail and I thought it made him special).

I can’t take on an Oscar, a koi, and four goldfish. It’s just impossible. I’m going to have to let this one go. I would find new homes for the goldfish and koi, but I wouldn’t trust any of my friends with an Oscar since they don’t have any experience with fish so I know he’d wind up being mine. And I can’t afford a proper 90 gallon tank for one fish. Particularly one fish that needs to live alone and can’t be housed with my smaller tropical fish.

Plus, I might be adopting a pair of axolotls. The girl from craigslist got back to me and said they were still available. I would have to wait a week since I’m away, but if they’re there when I get back they are mine. I told her it’s okay if she finds another suitable home while I’m gone and not to reserve them for me. All that really matters is that they are taken care of.

I dunno. Part of me wants to just forget the Oscar but another part of me wants to save him. Big fish deserve to be happy too. I would even be willing to part with my cories/danios and maybe even Amon in order to save him in if that’s what it took. I would keep my 20 and 30 gallon for my goldfish, sell the 15 gallon, and buy a big tank for the Oscar. Even if that meant not getting the axolotls.

I don’t know, I’ve got a lot of thinking to do while I’m away on vacation. Boyfriend offered to pick up the Oscar for me if I can get the guy to sell him.

I need help. What do you guys think?


Meet my new oscar baby- Mowgli!

The teeny-tiny little corn snake

Today I stopped by a new pet store and got bit by at teeny-tiny little red baby corn snake and it was adorable.

It was all like ‘IMMA FUCK YOU UP BITCH I WILL PIERCE YOUR SOUL WITH MY FANGS" and it struck at me but it was so harmless I’m not even sure which hand it got me on anymore. Quite honestly it tickled a little its mouth was so small.

The owner of the store apologized over and over again thinking I would be angry or scared but I just stood there like

So I insisted I was completely fine and she let me hold a different one because that one was all agitated and much grump.

I picked up an even tinier little brown and black one that was sitting peacefully in its enclosure and it was like “OOOH ADVENTURE OKAY” and it slithered through my fingers until I could tell the lady was getting bored of me just sitting there playing with it so I put it back.

AND NOW I WANT ONE SO BAD HELP ME. I would have snatched that cute little brown and black one but I’m not ready to take one home. I don’t have an enclosure set up and I need more serious researching to do if I’m even going to consider getting one.



So this is what I wrote to the guy selling a koi, four goldfish, and A FREAKING TIGER OSCAR all in a 10 gallon tank on Craigslist… If you missed my earlier post click here to see the monstrosity.

Hello, I saw your ad on craigslist and I just have to say that the setup you have your fish in is far from ideal. The tiger fish you have is an Oscar, which means it will get absurdly large and need a tank over 50 gallons when it is an adult. It is also a tropical fish, meaning that it requires a heater or else it will get sick and/or die prematurely. Oscars are also aggressive fish and will kill the goldfish as soon as it gets big enough. The koi will grow to nearly a foot long and needs to be moved into a pond. The goldfish are okay in there, but will need a larger tank ASAP since they can grow large too and require very heavy filtration. I have no interest in the tank, but I will take any fish that you want to get rid of. I suggest selling the tank with only the goldfish and find new homes for the koi and the tiger— especially the tiger. You will get much more interest in potential buyers if the tank has a manageable number of fish in the tank. I am an experienced fish keeper and I’m just looking out for you and the fish! I hope to hear from you soon! Kenny i STILL cAN’T bELievE iT. So many kinds of wrong. Let’s see if we can count them.
  1. Oscars need a heater
  2. Oscars can’t live with community fish
  3. Too many goldfish
  4. Koi are not suitable for tank life permanently
  5. Tank is rediculously overstocked

*runs around the room in complete rage* *breaks through walls* *smashes things* *causes total chaos*

Please help

Okay friends, I need your help. My newest goldfish (previously named Jane Doe), Portia, is in serious trouble.

I came in this morning to find her floating on her side, struggling to swim. The filter and air stone were blowing her around, so I immediately removed her and put her into a hospital tank with fresh water. I also added some AQ salt.

She might be the tiniest bit bloated, but I can’t really tell. She’s so small. She is barely moving now and seems to float only on one side. She barely reacts to me touching her (when necessary). She looks like she’s having a hard time breathing.

I don’t really know what to do. It’s gotten so bad in the course of less than 24 hours I’m not sure what’s going on. She was just fine when I left her last night.

I honestly don’t know if any treatments are going to work…. I might just have to put her down with clove oil. But she’s so little and fragile, I don’t want to.


Dude I’m so grateful and I appreciate every one of you guys. Like I don’t know why you actually read my ramblings but I love you for it.

Pffft I remember being impressed with myself when I hit 3 followers, and now I have 300 for my tiny little nobody betta blog? Mind. Blown.