Two of my favourite girls. I’ll always remember the day that I decided to befriend the both of you simultaneously on two different social media platforms. And got the shock of my life to know that the both of you knew each other. People always say that friendships made online aren’t real friendships and it won’t last because you don’t know them blablabla. The truth is that with every other relationship, you need to put in the effort and the time to cultivate a proper relationship. I’m glad I did because my life would have been very different without the two of you. When we became integral in.each other’s life, I rather not dwell and ponder. But all I know is that you are the best thing to have ever happened to me the past 2 years. So my sisters from different mothers, this is a tribute to you. I’m starting a countdown of the best things to have ever happened in 2013, and you start off the count. I love you. And will always do.
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You who walked into my life and taught me a valuable lesson.
You who walked into my life and brightened the momentary darkness.
You who walked into my life smiling.
You who walked into my life and made me smile.

And of course you who is making my heart smile now.

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2013 was meaningful because you people walked into my life. Thank you for accepting me as one of your own and making my journey a fruitful and easy one in school. I love my DB girls. We will weather the storm together. Stay raw, classy and edgy girls. xoxo.
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