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Not totally fairy kei related, but where do you recommend best for secondhand fairy kei shopping in japan? Like Closet Child for lolita, is there a big secondhand fairy kei market in jp?

Oooooh man, there’s quite a few good shops! I’ve selected a bunch in Tokyo, since it’s where most people will go.

  • Kinji Resale is Harajuku the number one - Most of it is offbrand, but it sells amazing CHEAP items and has a section dedicated to pastels. It’s where you can find tutus and peignoirs! 
  • Closet Child - It’s not just for lolitas! Seriously, it also carries Nile Perch, 6%, Chocomint, and other brands depending on which branch you go to. My friend who went to Japan recently recommended the Ikebukuro shop for fairy items! Some lolita brands like Angelic Pretty also do fairy kei items.
  • Romantic Standard - Vintage and resale shop which is loved even by models like Mimmam/Kyary!
  • G2? - Vintage shop specialising in girly items.
  • Santonibunnoichi - Recently boomed in popularity, sells oversized items that look adorable paired with tutus or cute printed items.

Nadia Florez En El Corazon - Sells original and vintage items, some of which are perfect for fairy coords!

Image sources: KinjiCloset child, Romantic Standard, G2?, Santo, Nadia

You should also check out shops like Book Off! for secondhand issues of KERA and FRUiTS ☆

There are also quite a lot of fairy kei items being sold on secondhand sites like Yahoo! Auctions, Mbok, Fril, etc

So basically the market is quite big!

I hope that helps, and hopefully it’ll help other people who are planning trips to Japan!


Tonights menu: Taroluca, with a handful of Cal and a sprinkling of Farah

For those who don’t know, Farah is @armintie​‘s and @chainedintimacy​‘s leopika baby and Lu’s a leopika baby designed by yours truly.Cal is Mizaistoms kid and a good friend of Lu’s (possibly bf if lu can get his shit together).

The final pic is a rough lil initial design of Luca’s Nen ability, which allows him to control this smoke like substance that is made from his nen. (details under the cut)

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Movie Night Tonight

Hello friends!

Tonight is Movie Night!  We will be starting off with Zootopia, and moving on to a second movie (maybe) afterwards!  

If you have joined us for a movie before, you can join back in here!  If not you can follow the instructions here and then follow the first link to join!  As always you need to have netflix and chrome to join in.  

If you can’t make it to Zootopia but want to join for movie #2, you can keep voting here.  

Movie #1 is starting at 9PM Eastern Time (8 central, 7 mountain, 6 pacific, you get the idea, time zones!) and movie #2 will start half an hour after the first one ends!  

Feel free to bring your friends!  The more the merrier! You don’t have to be following us to watch movies!

See you Soon! ~Lucy

September 25, 2016
  1. Pisces

  2. Cancer
     Fragrant olive

  3. Scorpio
     Lunch mat

  4. Taurus

  5. Capricorn
     System planner

  6. Virgo

  7. Gemini
     Sesame cookies

  8. Libra
     Japanese confectionery made from vegetables

  9. Aquarius
     Photo exhibition

  10. Leo
     A person with A-type blood

  11. Sagittarius
     Electronics retail store

  12. Aries
     Audio goods

Episode  — Twilight of the Apprentice

I won’t leave you. Not this time.