here’s everything we learned about disney’s moana at sdcc
  • The story takes place 2,000 years ago in the South Pacific.
  • To research for the movie, members of the team took a trip to the South Pacific, where Moana takes place.
  • They met villagers, navigators, chiefs, elders, archeologists, and anthropologists to gain background information about island culture.
  • Hamilton creator Lin-Manual Miranda is a member of the the music team. He actually joined the team before Hamilton gained world-wide recognition. 
  • Moana is the 16-year-old daughter of Chief Tui, the well-respected leader of the people of Motunui Island.
  • Although her father wants her to be the next chief, Moana wants to be a voyager — like her ancestors.
  • Maui, a demigod who is played by The Rock, is covered in tattoos that tell the story of all of his exploits. 
  • One of his tattoos, which is named “mini-Maui,” is actually a tattoo of himself that has the ability to move on his body.
  • Maui’s character movement was very difficult for animators because he doesn’t wear a shirt. Usually characters wear clothing, which hides most of their muscles, skin, and anatomy. Without a shirt, they had to figure out how to make Maui move and how his muscles engage.
  • Also, he (aka Dwayne The Rock Johnson) sings a song written by Lin-Manuel Miranda in the film.
  • In the film, the ocean is an actual character.
  • In a sneak-preview clip shown at SDCC, Moana is seen meeting the ocean for the first time. The water truly acts like a human and tilts its head and waves at Moana.
  • Two of the film’s main characters — Pua (Moana’s dog-like pet pig) and HeiHei (a rooster who stows away on Moana’s adventure) — don’t speak.
  • Pua might just be the cutest character in Disney history.
  • HeiHei went through a massive character evolution. At first he started out as a bit of a jerk and a watchdog for the Chief, but he wasn’t resonating with the audience. Instead, they decided to do one thing: drastically lower his I.Q.
  • Moana doesn’t have a romantic interest. The story’s about our heroine finding and listening to her own inner voice.

UNSPKN part 16

Where Sans gives no choice.

Set after the events of “Flowey Is Not A Good Life Coach” fanfiction, comic will focus on beloved skelebros and their great need of psychotherapy after all that happened.

Also it’s not a spoiler, it’s just my version of (another) epilogue. Heh.

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How I Wrote The Song: Bastille “Good Grief”

Meagan Good and Tamara Bass Launch Indiegogo Campaign for Feature Film

Meagan Good (Minority Report, Think Like a Man) and writer-actress Tamara Bass (Baby Boy, All That Matters) are currently raising funds for their upcoming film, If Not Now, When?

The film tells the story of friendship, love and new beginnings, and revolves around four friends, Suzanne (Good), Patrice (Bass), Tyra (TBD) and Deidre (TBD), who have been friends since meeting at 14. Over the course of their lives, fights, disagreements and love have caused friction and distance to manifest between some of them, particularly Suzanne and Patrice, who haven’t spoken in almost 15 years. When Tyra, who is mother to 14 year old Jillian (TBA), suffers a crisis, all four women are drawn back together to make it through, and soon discover that they also need each other, and that sisterhood, to make it through what is currently happening in their individual lives.

If Not Now, When? will be produced through Bass and Good’s production company, Krazy Actress Productions. In addition to Good and Bass, Sway Calloway (MTV News) will serve as executive producer, and James Perry, an up and coming music composer out of London, will compose the film.

“As we began to formulate the types of projects we wanted to put into the world, we kept coming back to the fact that we haven’t seen enough movies with women of color that promoted sisterhood, explored everyday struggles and displayed our hearts. While there have been a few, in recent years, the number is so far and few in between, we felt we could do something about it. And in order for our stories to be told…someone has to tell them.”

For more information on this project, and for information on how you can contribute and be apart of this film, please click HERE.

Source: Hollywood’s Black Renaissance