Evolution of MMFD Promo Stills

Series 1: When I was innocent and thought “Oh, this show looks interesting. Maybe I should just watch one episode”. 

Series 2: When I was on the edge of my seat eagerly waiting for the premiere and thinking, “Things were just getting good, now they’re finally going to get AMAZING.”  (oh sweet summer child, if only I could go back and warn you about where those 6 hours would lead)

Series 3 (final): When I am battening down the hatches and preparing for anything and everything (check out stoic Izzy!)

Bring it on. I survived S2E5 Inappropriate Adult, I’m ready for whatever may come. I will analyze, interpret, and fanfic the daylights out of your best shot, George. Let’s do this. 


Guys, I know we are all happy Olicity is now canon and official but please don’t let your foot off the gas now! The Arrow writers and Marc are writing Season 4 RIGHT NOW! Right now is when you want to bombard him and the writers with good Olicity/Felicity/Original Team Arrow feedback and questions! We want more and better story-lines for these characters! Make sure to let them know! Hop on over to Marc’s inbox and leave a comment! Show him what we love and want to see in Season 4!

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therandommeerkat asked:

Is it me or does Pegasus really drag his vowels in the Japanese sub?

It’s NOT just you! He totally does. Especially “desu” or “da” at the end of a sentence. I don’t claim to speak Japanese but I know this is definitely… different.

His voice also fluctuates in pitch a lot, especially if he’s excited or upset, and he throws random English words in whenever he feels like it. My favorite thing ever is when he swears in English (despite what fanfic would have you believe, he’s not too prissy for foul language. XD)

I’ve heard people say his Japanese voice is annoying before but I actually really like it! I think it’s cute. It just takes getting used to if you’ve only seen the dub. ^^


My tutor said i’m a good writer cos i’m clear and straight to the point. nothing fluffy. like my personality :) It’s nice..we talked about caring about life more than theory and it was lovely becos i used to doubt my perspective cos i didn’t have fancy things to say. But i know now, all that is distant and got nothing to do with wellbeing. Glad my tutor agrees. talking honestly about myself has been the best thing for my relationship with myself, and others, if they’re there (they don’t have to be)

5 Things I Like About Myself Tag

I was tagged my the fantastic judging-books-by-their-cover. Thanks! I’m pretty sure I’ve done this tag before, but I will do it again because it’s always good to praise yourself up now and then :)

1. I’m a really good writer. 

2. I’m hilarious (once you start to understand my sense of humor :P). 

3. I have some pretty awesome tattoos and love them all. 

4. I’m a good listener. 

5. I’m really good at not sweating the small stuff. I’m exceptionally capable of, as Taylor Swift would say, shaking it off. 

Now I tag the following lovely people with lovely blogs: weartheoldcoat madebybooks booklovingirl wordsreadandwritten cinephilesinc (welcome back and congrats on the new job!) benedictcumberbooty728 xxmementomorix 

As always, don’t feel obligated to do this :) and I also tag anyone else who wants to do this. Feel free to say I tagged you and make sure you tag me so that I can read what you love about yourself! 

Here's something

For writers such as Cunningham, Ravenwolf, Buckland, etc, I know there are bittersweet things about them and the things they write.

What I’m suggesting is not to completely disregard them, but look upon them with caution. I believe you all know what’s right from wrong. Some of these writers make good points and also make bad points.

You are still allowed to take the good points.

But remember that not everything they say may be accurate or good for you and your practice. Just know what you’re getting yourself into when you decide to research. Be open minded but be aware.

pennevin asked:

You could seriously write a book. You're that good of a writer.

Wow thank you so much sweetheart!

I’m actually planning out my (hopefully first of many) original novel. I have my main character all planned out, along with a basic storyline and several secondary characters. I hope that one day I’ll actual complete it and have a chance to publish it. We’ll see. :)

rexsilentium asked:

Pt1: I haven't read much or you ic but your style is something that truly reminds me of my old days. Also it reminds me that people don't have to be all fancy to be truly quality in their writing and RPing. When I think of style, you are what I think of. Lately it's been all about the formatting and all about how aesthetically pleasing something is. Trust me-- I am nitpicky about how I write AND format but its because people lately have stopped looking at how you write and rather HOW you format

Describe my writing style to me

It’s sad, really, when meaningless symbols and other fancy shit has taken precedence over fleshing out your characters. You could be the best writer in the universe, but if you don’t have pretty symbols in your writing, you’re going to be tossed aside for someone who heavily formats and can’t write for shit.

I’m not bashing anyone who does format, because trust me, I’ve seen good writers who do and don’t format. Can’t we just stop obsessing over the meaningless stuff?

I’m surprised I’ve never had that happen to me. I’m too lazy to format, really. All I care about is the writing and nothing more. Thanks for your honesty! You have some nice writing yourself. :)

einsteinstwinparadox asked:

You're really great and I always appreciate your posts on my dash. I follow a lot of feminist blogs, and yours is definitely one of the best. Have you ever thought about writing professionally? I would subscribe to your column so fast if you did!

I’ve thought about it.. But I honestly wouldn’t even know how to go about it. I think it would be nice to be able to publish some small pieces about feminist issues but like I said I really wouldn’t even know how to go about it lol. I have some stuff I’ve written in a folder on my computer but that’s about it. Thanks for telling me this, it’s is super sweet and makes me feel like a good writer!! 

anonymous asked:

your writing is so perfect, seriously. how do you even????

aw thanks

i wish i could tell you how but tbh there are still some things about my writing that i dont like so im not sure im that good of a writer. comes with the territory, i guess.


Apparently E.L. James is releasing a version of 50 Shades written from Christian Grey’s perspective.


Second of all: This is the exact same thing Stephanie Meyer tried to do with Twilight. Is anything this woman does original?

Finally: I wonder how many mom’s are going to want to read this one.


All of these FREAKING imagines are about some weak-minded girl that doesn’t stick up for herself and doesn’t fight back and they automatically fall in love and sh*t like that!
I suck at writing, that’s why I haven’t done anything but all you good writers, jump on this please.

Okay. I really wish Cosima would let up on Delphine already. It was one thing for Cosima to be pissed about the breakup and to not want to trust Nealon because Delphine put him in charge. But for Cosima, who is still dying, to deliberately go out of her way to get a urine sample from Alison just because she thinks Delphine’s on some “power trip?” That just… boggles my mind.

Granted, Delphine could have obtained the sample in much better ways than barging into Shay’s love nest (good lord writers). But, I think at the very least Cosima should know by now that Delphine has always put Cosima’s welfare first. Delphine has done everything in her power to keep Cosima alive, often to the detriment of their relationship. Heck, if Delphine hadn’t insisted on the stem cell treatment from Kira’s tooth, Cosima probably wouldn’t even be alive to have all these sexy times with Shay. So for Cosima to assume that Delphine is just using her illness out of jealousy (?) or for some other nefarious purpose… I just don’t get it.