oh my god

this is

good lord

Tagged by @vince-noir and now I’m delighted to have this opportunity to admit how much of an 80s synth ho I am and have been since forever,

10 songs I’ve been listening to recently, in no particular order, without overlapping bands, which I would do but basically just GOOD STUFF GOOD STUFF-

tagging @honey-in-the-sunshine because I’m uninventive and anybody who wants to do it lmao because I’m always 100% nosey when it comes to music tastes

can anyone recommend me some good tunes??

the only restriction is no country music.
(it’s not my jam, sorry)

also i like a ton of different music genres so hit me up with the good shit.

k thanks!

“Baby, let’s stay home tonight
We can put a couple records on
We can build a fire alright
Maybe we can dance till dawn
Everything will be just fine
Don’t even have to put clothes on
I can keep you warm inside
Baby, let’s stay home tonight”