Liquid Courage
  • Liquid Courage
  • Pianos Become The Teeth
  • The Lack Long After

On the day you died I cut my hair for the funeral
And on memorial day, I started drinking
Because it got kind of hard just sitting there thinking,
About mom all alone in that house 
And I’m too far away to do our lunch dates
She misses the regimen,
She misses the annoyances
The free time is bittersweet

femme fatale. a girl power kpop mix [here]

female president - girl’s day Ϟ girls on top - sistar Ϟ figaro - nine muses Ϟ supa dupa diva - dalshabet Ϟ nu abo - f(x) Ϟ miss korea - lee hyori Ϟ i am the best - 2ne1 Ϟ femme fatale - 4minute Ϟ id; peace b - boa Ϟ bang! - after school Ϟ top girl - Ϟ run devil run - snsd Ϟ i don’t need a man - miss a Ϟ huh - 4minute Ϟ get up - evol Ϟ can’t nobody - 2ne1 Ϟ u go girl - lee hyori Ϟ i will show you - ailee Ϟ bad girl - ladie’s code Ϟ don’t touch - rainbow Ϟ madonna - secret Ϟ 2hot - Ϟ style - rania Ϟ bad girl good girl - miss a Ϟ so cool - sistar Ϟ the boys - snsd

Every Man Has A Molly
  • Every Man Has A Molly
  • Say Anything
  • ...Is a Real Boy

Say Anything - Every Man Has a Molly

Here I am, laid bare, at the end of my rope. I’ve lost all hope. So Long! 
Molly Connolly just broke up with me over the revealing nature of the songs.
You goddamn kids had best be gracious with the merch money you spend,
because for you I won’t ever have rough sex with Molly Connolly again.