You know what I don’t understand? Girls who think they are too big to sit in your lap. 

Look, I know I’m short. I know that for all your experience with cis dudes, I seem kinda small I get that. But like…have you ever had a girl sit in your lap? Because it’s the best thing in the world. and it doesn’t matter how much shorter or smaller than her you are. it’s ALWAYS good. 

@ all girls of all sizes: you are NOT going to crush me. I am not going to be uncomfortable. Please, by all means, sit in my lap. 


so i recently had some POP ROCKS for the first time in like seven years and my reaction was literally the same as hinata’s lol

Another reason why the leaked panel bothers me is that Irene said there would only be two kisses in the book.

I remember it vividly because I was there at the panel when she said it, and I specifically attended that panel so I could be among the first to officially report it to you guys.

So by leaking that spoiler, you’ve officially ruined the surprise for one of the kisses, you’ve now spoiled half the surprise and ruined one of the only two kisses we got.

Good job guys /sarcasm

Am I studyblr enough yet

Three of Cups.

Rejoice within the light of a new day. Get lost within a labyrinth of thought. Do not deny yourself the happiness you deserve. Better to sleep for an eternity than ignore the desires of your heart.