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So I'm just imagining Cat's mom does something Bad; maybe pushes Cat to tears. And Kara - maybe RK!Kara, maybe just normal protective!Kara - decides to get /revenge/ as only Cat Grant's super-assistant can. Cue Katherine getting stuck in the CatCo elevator for half an hour on her way up, being unable to book a restaurant table anywhere, mysteriously missing a rescheduling memo, finding construction work outside her hotel at 2am, etc. And she can't /prove/ it's sunny, smiling Kara. But she knows.


“miss grant?” she appears in front of cat instantly—or, annoyingly enough, not instantly like cat is fairly sure that she could. but very quickly. “what do you need?”

“i just heard a very interesting rumour that my mother is stuck in an elevator.”

“oh yes.” kara twists her face into something like upset. “it’s very unfortunate. all our electricians are out of the building at the moment.”

“and witt?”

“also not here.”

“and the entire IT department?”

“working on it, with security. we updated the system after livewire’s last attack and they’re having a little trouble getting around the system to manually override the doors.”

“and supergirl is right out, i’m sure.”

kara nods solemnly. “i’m afraid your mother is stuck, miss grant. i did make sure that food and water were taken to her and someone opened the hatch to make sure she wouldn’t run out of air.”

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i just remembered one of emily carroll’s (beautifully) illustrated short stories has a disabled girl as a main character and the only person who tries to “fix” her is the monster and i’m like,,,thanks brain for giving me a nice thing for once ily2 sometimes yo 

I bet if I posted my parent’s wedding photos on here y’all would give it a million notes and be like “love won!!!!11!!” and call them queens and talk about their outfits but like in fact they’re just 50+ year old lesbians.

oh and someone remind me, i gotta be at the oxford st bus stop on october 1st at 6:15 

bc an elderly woman named bonnie needed bus fare and everyone was telling her to fuck off and she was like “fuck u i just got outta that shelter over there and now i got a place to stay in saco but i gotta get to saco to be there” and i was like “oh hey i got bus fare”

and she insists on paying me back and was very very insistent and october 1st is her pay day, so shes gonna meet me there

and i dont need her to give me my $1.50 back… at all… im not rich but i have a meal plan and a lot of ramen, but it seemed like a personal code thing, and i dont wanna blow her off

she also said sadie is her favorite name in the world and always has been

So I’m wiritng this story about a knight who gets sent to slay an ent that’s been terrorizing a village and when he meets the creature it just tells him to get lost and ignores him, making his way up the forest path. And basically the ent has to travel to the northern mountains to defeat an evil sorceress who’s killing all the flora and fauna and he makes a deal with the knight that he’ll submit to him once he defeats the sorceress. They get close on their travels and really begin to care about each other. When the battle with the sorceress happens, she wounds the knight and the ent summons a great power and destroys her but not before she mortally wounds him first. The ent crawls to the knight on the ground and holds his hand, and a vine wraps around him to protect him.the ent becomes petrified wood. The knight wakes up later and breaks through the weak vines and finds the ent dead, he’s sad and begins to walk away when the ents husk breaks open and the ent is now human. They go back to the forest and live there together.

I really like this idea and I’m sorry if this is long or sporadic but I’m having a blast writing and drawing this!