Favourite faces for favourite mythic ladies: Epipole of Carystos with Gwendoline Christie  

Forty ships left Euboea to aid the return of Helen of Sparta, and upon one of those ships rode a young woman hiding in plain sight, with hair cropped short and clad in garments she’d taken from her brother.

(It was her brother’s knife, also, that she’d taken to her hair when King Elephenor had made his call for men to join him, pulling on the braids until her scalp bled, making herself the image of a man to go where she never should.)

Living secretly among soldiers was hard, and Epipole had to keep her distance. Had to hide her womanly ways, the very nature of her gender that the warriors spoke so crudely of around the fire. She spoke very little with them, there instead for the glory of battle, there for the pride of Athena and to see greatness just once. She fought like a bear and slashed like a lion, striding like a stallion so that none would suspect she was a mare.

The battlefields outside Troy turned to sticky mud where soldiers fell, but Epipole did not fall: Epipole, taller than most, a golden head above her fellows, a girl among men, a wolf among wolves.


When Bucky Barnes first met Steve Rogers on the playgrounds of Brooklyn,
little did he know that he was forging a bond that would take him to the battlefields
of Europe and b e y o n d

  • What people think military members think about sexual abuse:If they're a good soldier, they'll need vices, let them at it.
  • What every soldier I've met has said:Holy fuck get these shitheads out of my Army what the everliving fuck

*steve and bucky after credits scene*

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Big news!!! 💟 💝 💚 💜 💙 💘 💙

Hey everyone!!! I know everything is messed up because of the notes mistake, so I have something to cheer everyone up!

I’m getting tumblr married!!! (Tumblr married is when you make a friend and have a huge tumblr party, signifying you are married!) The lucky groom/bride (I have no clue but honestly don’t care) is supernatural-is-bae47 (love you bae 💗 )

I would love it if the–good–soldier(Michael the archangel) would get us married!!! 💟 🌟 💖 💗
The guest list is (you can bring anyone, it’s a free for all. NO DRUNK UNCLES)
becca-is-not-on-fire, fakeheartlessbitch, onewalkertothenext, questionablymoral, luisa2018156, why-cant-cordy-stay, idril-fay, phangirlpotterhead, debora-chan-love, renegademisha, iamnotawinchester, ask-impala67, super-locked-in-the-tardis, lucifers-ex-wife, phanstarlight, lollipops-and-golden-feathers, raxacoric0fallapatorious, my-harry-potter-generation, mymustachedheart, plaidwearingangel, yapilandirilmamis-uzayli-beyni, bands-laywith-mymind (I hope you will to be my best man/ maid of honor), accio-captain-swan, askbabynatural, ask-adam-milligan .
It will be Tuesday, and we will celebrate by eating ice cream in our houses staring at the screen, cuddled in our blankets.

We would both love it if you’d be there 💝

I decided that I needed a turian artist character, so I quickly sketched this out. Her name’s Verina and she’s originally from Palaven – where most turian art is – but somehow I don’t imagine there being an abundance or variety of it, so she plans to go elsewhere in the future. After serving the minimum time as a soldier/at C-Sec, she quits and goes to Citadel University to study art. I imagine people thinking it very strange that a turian at the Citadel is painting instead of working for C-Sec.

She’s probably a disappointment to her parents, but she certainly hasn’t forgotten to fight and can be called to do military work if really needed. I haven’t thought about her that much, but I like her.

In the au where the asset, the kid, and Bucky are all three separate bodies, I am just imagining the asset having a meltdown and going to hide in one of the closets so he can be in a small, confined area. He still likes small areas, gets wary when there’s so much wide open space (too many variables, too much potential for missions)

Shaking and trying to calm his mind which is so loud, so active and too much, he’s still not used to it, and he got used to being able to be a non-entity. Before the three of them split apart, it was Bucky or it was the kid doing all the interactions. The asset got to be a toy, in charge of absolutely nothing beyond the paranoid thoughts of a bear. And now? Now he’s in charge of his own body, in charge of what he says and what he does, and what his thoughts do. His thoughts have consequences now. Again. 

So when he’s overwhelmed, he goes to the closet. So he doesn’t have to do or think beyond working out one problem at a time. He just shakes in the dark and waits out when his brain won’t be so overloaded. 

And in my mind, one of these times, the kid is looking for the Asset when he’s hiding, because he wants a story (And I think now that they’re in separate bodies, they’re in the bodies they should be, so the kid is actually five years old) and eventually sees the closet door closed, and comes up to it and just slides the book under the door and goes “You don’ have to if you don’ wanna. But stories can help.” All tiny and cute.

There’s nothing, no sound for a good long three minutes, and Bucky’s tiny kid attention span is about to crack when the closet door opens and the Asset’s metal hand is reaching out to take the tiny pudgy five year old one. And then he pulls the kid to his lap and hugs him for a good minute. 

He looks like shit- scraggly hair and nearly a beard, clothes from two days prior and haunted, sleepless eyes, but he’s going to read a fucking story to the kid, and it does make him feel better. 

At least, it gets him to stop thinking, and start prioritizing the child over his own issues. And he’s certain that’s much more important.