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Obviously bello/a/e/i can mean beautiful, pretty, or handsome, but I'm confused by its common use. I see it used a lot to just mean nice or good, I get it sometimes, like how "cantante bella" means "good singer," but what's stopping that from meaning "beautiful singer" as in looks rather than talent? What are all the meanings of bello/bella and how do you tell when it means what?

This is funny because I was literally thinking about that earlier.

In italian, the two meanings sort of overlap, but as you said “bello” primarily refers to someone’s or something’s beauty, although it can sometimes translate to “nice”, “pleasing” in English. So how can you tell the difference? Context.

First of all, I personally wouldn’t use “bello” to describe a singer. Instead I’d use “bravo”, meaning “nice” as in “talented”, e.g.

- è un bravo attore (he’s a good actor)
- è una brava cantante (she’s a good singer)
- sono veramente brave (they’re really good = talented)

So if you said “è un bel cantante” I’d think you’re commenting on his appearance.

Usually, we use “bello/brutto” when talking about the weather, e.g.

- il tempo è bello oggi (the weather is nice today)

or when expressing wishes, desires, etc, e.g.

- sarebbe bello se… (it’d be nice if…)

We also use “bello” when talking about inanimate things or thoughts like poems, songs, ideas, analyses, clothes, books, films, personalities, sunglasses, anything, e.g.

- è una bella canzone (it’s a nice/good song)
- è una bella idea (it’s a nice idea)
- ha dei begli occhi (s/he has nice/very nice eyes)
- non è bello (it’s not nice)

Attention: “bello” can never mean “nice” as in “kind”; “un bel ragazzo” does not mean “a kind boy”; it means “a good-looking boy”. On the other hand though, “una bella persona” means “a very good person”.

Tip: you can intesify any adjective (only a few are irregular) by adding the suffix -issimo/i/a/e to the stem. So you’d have bellissimo/i/a/e, which would translate as “very beautiful/nice/good”.

Hope this was helpful! Feel free to send me more grammar-related questions.

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29, 37, 62, 71, 41

29. Already Answered. 

37. Favorite swear word? Shit. Simple, gets right to the point. 

62. Are you a good singer? No, I’m a TERRIBLE singer, lol. My normal voice isn’t even all that pleasant XD

71. What makes you nervous? I’m not really a nervous person about anything. Except elevators. I hate elevators. 

41. Are you a good liar? Yes, I’m a very good liar, haha. But I only use my powers for good ;D

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Could you do GoChi with 37 or 18, please? (I headcanon Chi-Chi as a good singer - maybe while she does the housework?) โ‰งโ—กโ‰ฆ

A/N: Thank you for sending one in – I love this idea of Chi-Chi singing around the house! I hope this point of view and setting is GoChi enough >.>

Prompt 18: “I want to hear you sing”

Words: 618

Time Setting: Pre-Cell Games


“Dad, I thought we were going to go fishing?”

“Shh,” Goku hushed. “We will. Just wait a sec.”

With a sigh, Gohan hung his head and sat back against the house wall next to his father. Why they were huddled like this outside the house, under a window even, he didn’t know, but he assumed he would find out soon. They were both dressed for a casual outing, Gohan in the long white shirt, his father in his favorite black and orange jacket. Even with the Cell Games approaching, they were taking so much time to relax instead of train. It was a little disconcerting, though he wanted to trust his father and maybe being so casual in their Super Saiyan states was part of the training.


“Ah, there she goes,” Goku whispered, teal eyes closing as he pointed above his shock of blond hair toward the window. “You hear that, Gohan?”

Blinking, Gohan tilted his head. “Uhm. Hear what?”

His father smiled, bringing a finger to his lips. “Listen.”

Again, Gohan had to give his father a strange look, raising his eyebrow. And then he sighed. Maybe if he played the game, too, he’d understand. A part of him wanted to remind his dad that he wasn’t some little kid anymore. Playing pretend wasn’t exactly something he did for fun, though it was a little nostalgia for his earliest memories of playing with his dad and all. But still…

Thoughts came to an abrupt standstill as his ears picked up something very real. Something he had heard and enjoyed before, most especially when he was in his room studying and he could hear the soft sounds filtering down from the rest of the house.

“Mom’s singing,” he said, turning to his father. “Is that all?”

Goku blinked at him and then smiled. “Yeah. Pretty neat, huh?”

“She sings all the time, Dad.”

Wide eyes stared back at him as if he had just announced some crazy news. “What? She does?”

“Yeah,” Gohan nodded. “All the time. I can hear her when I’m studying. Didn’t you know?”

Goku shook his head. “No, I…I have to catch her at it.”

Well, he supposed that made sense. Come to think of it, even though Gohan had heard his mom sing a lot around the house, she rarely – if ever – did around his father. And she rarely kept at it once she realized Gohan was listening in, too. Must not have liked having an audience, even if it was family.

“You should tell her,” Gohan said. “You know, tell her that you like it.”

Teal eyes blinked, then a hand waved in the air as his father got to his feet, brushing at the grass stains on his pants. “Nah, I don’t think it’ll make much difference. Besides, it’s fun catching her when she thinks I’m not listening. It’s almost…purer that way.”

Whatever you say, Dad.

Following his father to his feet, Gohan smiled. At least he knew some other little thing that his dad admired about his mom. It was always nice finding those. He could remember arguing with Krillin and Bulma on the way to Namek when it came to his parents, their belief that Goku couldn’t possibly be in love, as if they didn’t expect him to understand everything. Well, they were wrong. He was sure of it. And it was moments like this – hanging out under a window to spy on Chi-Chi’s singing of all things – that really made Gohan believe his dad had those feelings. Even if he didn’t always show it in the conventional ways.

At least Gohan knew.

And he was pretty sure his mom did, too.

And that was all that mattered.



dance piece, floatinโ€™ - sh*t kingz original choreography x ( 0.30-1.50 )
moves are mostly like noppoโ€™s ( front, right )

he walks in without hesitation, a calm look pulled over his face. auditions are not something heโ€™s used to, but all his life heโ€™s always wanted to become an idol. so far, he has not given two cents into actually auditioning. maybe, all this time he has actually been waiting for someone to scout him. after all, jeon wonwoo has always regarded himself as someone that people want to approach, instead of being the actual instigator of a conversation (unless itโ€™s a cute girl whoโ€™s caught his attention).

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