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Selena Gomez Versace dresses pt I
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Hi I’m Abby, I’m 15 and obsessed with My Chemical Romance. (Also FOB, Panic, 21P, and many many other bands) I love playing guitar and uke and I also like to sing. I’m a girl, she/her, straight. I like making tee shirts, and recently extended to shoes (yes, I know, weird. But painting shoes is really fun, OK?) I love many different YouTubers, from Vlogbrothers to Tyler Oakley to AmazingPhil to Onision and everything in between. I’m open to giving people advice when they need it and will always listen/talk to you if you need it :) Honestly, I am constantly listening to music, so if you know of any good bands/singers please let me know! I believe the kind of music someone listens to says a lot about them. I listen to everything so what does that say about me? You decide. Either way, very nice to meet you all, and I can’t wait to get to know you all better :) BTW if I didn’t follow you please let me know! I think I followed everyone but I may have missed someone!


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clarinetgirl99 asked:

Hi! I have been playing clarinet for 5 years, and I am using a Vandoren size 3.5 reed. The problem is I still play way too loud for concert band. When I play quietly, I just sound way too reedy. What can I do to help that?

Long tone practice is always a way to go in terms of reed control. Starting as quietly to as loud as you can and back down to that quiet volume in one breath is one way to help your embouchure, support, control and stabilizing that intensity build up and release.
I do that for every note and it not only helps with the quiet intensity when you start but also when you return to it. Going both ways is essential to your tone development. It also pushes your envelope in your loud dynamics and maintaining and good tone. Opera singers for instance need to fill halls with their voice and they had to start and get somewhere.
Hope this helps and happy practicing!


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I can't take Selena seriously bc of her perpetual infant face. She also always looks like she's carrying a soccer ball in each of her cheeks.

She’s a cute girl, but I just don’t think she’s a good singer or actress.