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like your blog but no offense how are you on Tumblr in ur late 20s?

Good question anon! Here’s my secret: the old folks home lets us out for an hour of water aerobics every day and while the other residents are huffing and puffing like a bunch of suckers I’m off to the side of the pool with everything I need for posting quality content to Tumblr Dot Com.

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Does it ever upset you that while Anakin himself was a slave, he brushed past the fact that the clones were slaves? And even in the instance with Slick, who basically spoke the truth, Anakin didn't seem bothered. Sorry if this is like an unwanted ask, but it's something that's always irked me.

A part of me feels that Anakin was actually very bothered by this fact – the comment perhaps haunted him long after Slick was taken away. I never saw him as brushing off Slick’s comment in that exchange, as him being taken aback and not knowing what to say in response.

I feel that Anakin is constantly going through an internal struggle of morality and obligation to the Jedi Order. Also, his time as a slave is probably one of the few things he does not like opening up about. I imagine that up there with the subject of his mother, in that Anakin avoids it because he fears that if he does talk about it, he’ll lose himself to his emotions.

It’s always been about him being a “Good Jedi” and putting on a front of being a strong leader. 

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What's your favorite thing about Dan and Phil's videos?

Dan and Phil and how I’m love they act all the time. Also how their videos always manage to make me smile no matter how bad I’m feeling. Their always so funny and creative and never feel too scripted. You can see that they genuinely love what they do and I could never ask for anything better.

Which skeles are best with an s/o that gives a lot of physical affection? @timel0rd-of-the-rings

ut Papyrus-
He is very insecure and would adore the physical attention! It reminds him how much you like him! He is also very touchy himself and thus better suited for a partner who is comfortable receiving and giving physical contact.

uf Sans-
It is nice for him to be reminded that you aren’t afraid of him. Touching him is a normal and nonverbal way to show that you are comfortable and safe around him, which makes him more relaxed and happy.

uf Papyrus-
Also very insecure but also enjoys being touched. He likes how soft and squishy humans are and likes when you touch him in public because it shows everyone that you!!! have chosen him!!!

us Papyrus-
He is used to his brother being very touchy and if his s/o is on the reserved side he may assume it’s because they aren’t comfortable around him or disgusted. SO either a. be touchy or b. be very verbal about how much you love him.

sf Sans-
Touching him is a good way to get him to feel more comfortable around you and open up. Having an s/o who is very physically affectionate will make him feel wanted and accepted. It’s also something he will need to get used to at first but will eventually recuperate with enthusiasm.

ht Sans-
Touching him means you don’t find him disgusting. You accept him, you aren’t afraid of him. Touching his face or mouth is especially risky and he will respect you for that. Just know when not to do it…

ht Papyrus-
He Loves affection! He loves touching and cuddling you and being touched and cuddled! Please pet the skelly! Affection was rare for him outside of his brother, who can be very reserved and anxious, so being allowed to touch you and being touched back is a thrill! Also, it’s one of the most important things to him.

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Who tops........................................................................................................... ............................... the other's coffee when it's almost out??

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What are your favorite Auston and Mitch moments?

good question, anon. let’s begin:

I’ll add more as we go along with their adventures

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would you rather onew did a stream 10 minutes long or ontae do a 5 minute stream with taemin just telling onew to turn it off?

Why would you do this to me anon…I mean 10 minutes of just Jinki would be great but 5 minutes of Ontae…because even if Taemin was just telling him to turn it off, there would still be glances, and smiles, and little touches and I live for these moments so yeah…5 minutes of Ontae.  

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If you don't mind me asking, can I ask why you like Rokunor so much? I haven't gotten very far in the game myself, been way too busy to play it, but I'm curious about those two since a lot of people seem to like them. And I don't mind being spoiled, I may not be very far myself but I know some of the plot points (a friend keeps spoiling the main plot for me).

I don’t mind at all, anon. I know you don’t mind spoils, but I’ll put it under a cut just in case. They’re minor tho, nothing hugely plot related.

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Liz what is your favorite phase of dixon hair. I personally love his hair in the end of s4 early s5

this is such a hard question holy shit? I mean I like all phases of daryl hair except maybe s1 lmfao TOO BLONDE? I’m never going to complain about it too much? 

but I think my favorite is late s3 or early s4. late s3 had the beautiful side floofs: 

and early s4 was like…long enough to be hot and rebellious but not long enough to make me wonder how he’s seeing past his bangs like now: 


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For your camper Daniel AU. Did David or any of the other kids have a crush on someone. It could be someone from camp or at school. Even if they wouldn't admit that they like that person because of cooties or something like that.

oh, this is a good one!
well, it’s not impossible david had a bit of a crush on jasper the previous summer - when you’re a kid you can’t always tell that apart from the rush of having a new friend you love to spend time with. i mean, i sure couldn’t when i was a kid.
the thing between david and daniel is. complicated though. we’ll get to that soon enough.
also, i know the counselor duo doesn’t count as kids exactly, but they sure have a history together.

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Rev!Donnie doesn't bathe at all or brush his teeth right? Can you describe how bad the smell would be? Would it be bad enough to give his brothers warning he was coming?

It’s pretty terrible. Enough to make you wrinkle your nose and jerk away if he leans too close to you, and if he breathes in your face it smells like whatever he ate/drank last along with morning breath mixed in.

I actually think that theory is pretty solid! Like if he gets near enough the other three may faintly be able to smell B.O. and blood and it’d be absolutely disgusting.

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Out of all the One Piece films, what is your fav?

honestly it was movie 6, the angst fest. otherwise known as baron omatsuri. ah, good times. i actually really liked the animation bc it seemed to somehow compliment the movie really well. i just also really liked the concept of everyone on the crew being captured except for luffy. i love seein how much luffy would fight for his buds :’) this movie also holds one of the most iconic movie scenes i have ever seen, which is the zoro and sanji boating experience (also sanji’s commentary for the fish catch thing with muchigoro “yep, an idiot”). AH im just a slut for luffy fighting for his pals

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I don't know if it was already discussed but sometimes I wonder why Goku doesn't colect anymore the 4 star dragon ball, his grandpa memento. He was so attached to it when he was a child and young adult, he even put it on Gohan's hat, but after the saiyan saga he stopped looking for it. He knowing the truth of his grandpa's death could be the reason, or he maybe understood that a db in his home could put his family in danger. IDK but it got me thinking..

That’s actually a good point you brought up anon! Don’t think this has been discussed yet either…. but you could be right that maybe Goku stopped looking for it because he learned the truth about the his grandpa’s death and where he came from? Or like you said it could be because it kept putting his family in danger….

But I was also thinking that maybe Goku stopped collecting it or keeping it in his house because they ALWAYS need to summon Shenron for something. And he also doesn’t keep the 4 star ball at his house because Bulma is the one that has it….because we know that she keeps all the dragonballs securely at capsul corp 

((Actually the last time we see Goku with his grandpa’s ball is with the Goku JR story…. ))