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What are your favorite Batman/Dick Grayson/Batfamily comics that you would recommend to an inexperienced comic reader? The titles don't have to be about all of them, just one or the other is also fine. Thank you so much! (BTW I really love all your fanfics, they're part of what got me into Batman in the first place).

Thank you, and thanks for the question! :)

Btw, never be shy to jump right into the thick of things because you’re an inexperienced comic reader! When I got into this fandom in like 2012, Bruce and Dick were still those swanky, neckerchief-wearing dudes from the 1960s and 1970s to me, my Batman was wearing go-go boots and my Robin was wearing short pants, and I didn’t even know what a Batfamily was. If you like the characters, you’re gonna cobble things together as you go, trust me. But I’m happy to give you my overly-long, highly biased list of favorite Batfam comics. XD

(Side note: it was very hard for me to do these in chronological order, instead of the order I read them in XD You should be able to find most or at least a lot of them here.)

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I was just wondering what the difference between trans and trans* is?

 good question anon! 

trans = specifically transgender men and women 

trans* = an umbrella term including genders such as: genderqueer, bigender etc

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Hi! I was wondering if you could explain Brienne's relationship with knighthood, and how it changes throughout AFFC (maybe starting in ASOS)? I've read a lot of meta about Brienne, but I don't recall too many about this topic in particular. Thanks!

Wow Anon, this is a pretty big ask, but I am very glad you came to me with it. 

You are absolutely right to suggest starting at ASoS because this is really where she starts questioning her own strongly held convictions. (I mean, her faith is shaken a little in ACoK but ASoS is really where the challenge comes).

First though: let’s quickly outline the way Brienne thinks about chivalry/knighthood at the outset of her journey. Of course, she’s incredibly naive, and most of her ideas about knighthood have been picked up fro the songs and tales she has heard as a child, which are much less messy than the reality of knighthood in Westeros. All knights are not gallant, all maids are not beautiful, and the sun is not always shining. She’s also pretty unaware of her class privilege, and her goal re: knighthood is very much based around Renly and his kingship as well as proving herself a worthy/capable knight in the eyes of the society that deems her a freak. Obviously she is a very empathetic person, and she cares a great deal about others (see her insistence on properly burying the tavern girls hanging on the river bank) but she’s pretty unaware of the realities of war and its effect on the common people. She is dedicated to knighthood but she is not yet a True Knight. 

Of course, Jaime is a huge influence on Brienne in ASoS; I hardly need to say how much contempt she holds him in at the beginning, but his saving her from rape by the Bloody Mummers is a really key moment. I think it’s easy to jump straight to the bath scene and the bear pit but this is where she first realises that the world is not black and white. Jaime, a man she knows has broken oaths and attempted to murder a child, also saves her from being raped. It’a also worth noting that this is not only a kind and good thing to do, but it is a brave and knightly thing to do. Jaime puts himself at risk when he speaks up on her behalf, and a vital part of the knight’s code is to protect those who cannot protect themselves, which Brienne cannot at this point. 

Obviously then we have the bath house scene and all that entails, which I think is pretty self explanatory: Brienne learns that sometimes one has to do something they would in another situation consider “unknightly” or dishonorable in the face of a higher purpose. Another important note here is that Jaime chooses the “higher” form of knightly vow here. He chooses to protect the common folk rather than the king, and he chooses to protect the common folk from the king. Once again, he is stopping the abuse of power, and disregarding his vows to his betters in order to keep the vows he made to the realm. 

Then you get into AFFC and Brienne is being used by GRRM to highlight several themes. Of course there is the theme of knighthood and gender but Brienne also takes over Arya’s role (now that Arya is no longer in Westeros) of spending time among the common people and highlighting their suffering while the Tyrells and the Lannisters play at politics in KL. Septon Meribald plays a really crucial part in this when he talks to her about the broken men, and obviously Brienne despises such people but Meribald gives her a new perspective: not everyone gets a choice about whether they go to war. Brienne herself was all too happy to leave Tarth and follow Renly, but the common folk simply have to follow their liege lord into whatever slaughterhouse he tells them to. 

Of course, she has also realised for herself the realities of killing, since she kills her first man early in AFFC. It is a moment of loss of innocence, but it is also a very self-affirming moment for Brienne. She remembers Ser Goodwin telling her that “you have a man’s strength in your arm, but your heart is as soft as any maid’s” and though he does not doubt her skill with a blade, he does doubt whether she could take a life. Here Brienne shows that she can take a life when necessary, and that her soft maiden heart is not an impediment to her knighthood.

So by the time we get to her final confrontation with the Bloody Mummers she’s pretty much at her peak in terms of Righteous Knighthood. When she steps out to protect the children against seven vicious killers she thinks she has “no chance and no choice” (have I mentioned that I fucking love Brienne of Tarth all right. I want this line tattooed over my heart). She has fully stepped in to the role of the True Knight, one who puts stock in her vows but also cares deeply for the common folk and the realm as a whole. 

So now of course, what Brienne has learned is really being put to the test. It’s a popular theory that Brienne will kill Lady Stoneheart to echo Jaime’s killing of Aerys, and I think that is actually very likely. Brienne is going to have to choose one form of knighthood over another, and considering what she has learned along her journey, it seems backwards to think she would not choose to forsake a now-corrupt mistress in order to save Jaime and continue her quest for Sansa. 

And because I can’t write Brienne meta without complaining about show!Brienne and D&D’s portrayal of her, should Brienne ever meet with Stannis in the course of her narrative, it is incredibly unlikely that she would choose to kill him. Because despite her vow to avenge Renly, killing Stannis does nothing useful, and would be detrimental to the realm, since (in my opinion at least) he is the best candidate for the Iron Throne. Brienne can kill if necessary but whether she could kill Stannis out of pure vengeance is debatable, especially now that she has had experience of the “real world” so to speak. Her view of chivalry is no longer what she imagined it as when she was a girl in Renly’s camp. I think that were she to see it now, she would recognise the emptiness of Renly’s chivalry. 

Essentially, what Brienne realises over the course of the three novels is that knighthood is a much harder code to maintain than she had originally imagined. She swears her oaths with as much conviction as ever, but she knows now that some oaths are more important than others. She also knows that everything is not black and white, and she is not as quick to judge as she is in ASoS (though she is more wary). BUT what needs to be remembered is that although she becomes more jaded, she does not lose her faith in knighthood and chivalry as a concept. She knows now that knighthood is messy and difficult but still she strives to uphold her moral code to the best of her ability. What I find amazing about Brienne is her ability to see the horror and the reality of Westeros and not give up the fight. She is learning with astonishing speed how far to bend her own rules and when they need to be broken, rather than throwing the rule book out of the window, as Sandor and Jaime do. She loses her naivety but not her innocence and that is what makes her a True Knight. 

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its funny how you called out on mac for the rape joke (which she removed) but then you have no problem shipping solangelo, an extremely problematic abusive ship. A bit hypocritical.

Show me proof that Solangelo is abusive

Because Will’s comments towards Nico were abrasive and rude, but he has no idea of what Nico has been through, and at the end of the Blood of Olympus may have just viewed him as a new friend who is a increasingly stubborn patient.

Did Will give Nico some harsh comments? Yes.

Did he make these comments because he was trying to help Nico? Yes.

Could he have found a better way to help him besides give a few rude comments? Yes.

Was he under the stress of preventing the destruction of an entire camp at the time? Yes.

Does he have any idea of what Nico has been through, besides shadow-traveling a statue back to camp with two other people, nearly killing himself in the process, and being part of an epic quest? No.

If Will had known what Nico had been through, it’s a possibility that he wouldn’t have said those comments, or at least would have found a different way to say them.

However, at the time, he and Nico had maybe talked once or twice prior to the battle in canon. So Will doesn’t know too much about Nico.

Not to mention that most demigods are ADHD, and some ADHD people (such as myself) often blurt out comments without thinking about them. Will probably just said whatever was on his mind.

That’s the only instance I can think of of Will acting in an abusive matter towards Nico.

I am not defending Will’s actions or comments. I am merely trying to explain why he may have said them. I do not like some of the comments he gave to Nico, and I hope that he apologizes for them at some point in canon.

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do you think snow white is chubby?

i don’t really think so, no… i think snow white is definitely not as skinny as every other princess but that’s probably due to a few reasons like a) it was the first time the disney team tried to animate a human character more realistically, it was unprecedented in such a big production and they used a lot of live action footage to try and keep the proportions of the model as best as they could, (so the result are drawings that are a lot truer to the human shape than later human characters, which would be much more stylized)

and b) they did not emphasize her waist, chest and womanly figure because snow is supposed to be 14, they wanted to make her childlike (a lot of concept art shows her as quite younger looking) but not so much so that adults in the audience couldn’t identify/sympathize with her; this is also why her overall design is so round, you won’t find a single sharp angle in her, circles are the main structure in most young looking characters, but they can make him/her seem chubbier/fluffier, it’s supposed to make them cuter

so to sum it up, she’s chubbier than other princesses, yes, because of these, and probably more, reasons, but i wouldn’t call her chubby

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Does it ever make you self conscious if your boyfriend reblogs other girls/porn?

Nah. Because after he takes .9 seconds to scroll down his dash and another to click on the ‘reblog’ button of a picture of a nice butt, my butt is still better because it’s mine and I am his girlfriend and he gets to touch it


Alfred: My honest to God thoughts about my relationship with Francis is that I love him, despite everything that’s happened. Sure, the main reason I ended up being bigger was because of him, but he didn’t mean to have bad intentions.

I trust him with everything I’ve got. I can tell his weekly trips to see Matthew are really helping his mental state. He seems happier than before and he has a heavy weight lifted off his shoulders, and that makes me happy. He seems less and less concerned with how thin he is when he wakes up. He checks himself less. He eats more than he did. And I know that he’s been noticing my weight loss, and he’s not stopping it.

I love Francis with all I have, and I couldn’t be more excited for our upcoming marriage. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to see Francis smile every day. He’s really the best things that’s ever happened to me.

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YESSSSS I DID IT. I DID THE TREK. Mod, I love you, you are amazing. Especially with character development, because I SUCK at character development, so I admire that. Also, here's a question for everyone: If you could change one thing that you did in the revolution, what would it be? It has to be a specific action YOU could've taken, it can't be something like someone not dying. It can be you DOING something to prevent a death. But be specific as to how.

(WAY TO GO! I am glad you enjoyed it and thank you for your compliments :) )

I wouldn’t have given Prouvaire the letter. -E

i wish i didn’t take the shot at the guard in Versailles, he would still be alive if i didnt.  -R

I wouldn’t have made Grantaire stand guard, I should have let him come into the room with me to get Gabby. -E

I would have tried harder to resist the methods of torture that ultimately made me stab my best friend.  -Combeferre 

I wouldn’t have let Combeferre come with me to see my father.  If he hadn’t come with me then he would never have been captured in the first place. -E

I would have kept a better eye on Prouvaire at the barricades when he went over to the other side.  If I had been able to stop him, we wouldn’t have had to be rescued and Feuilly wouldn’t have died. -Joly

I should have gone with them to rescue Joly and Prouvaire, so I could have stayed behind with Feuilly … so he wouldn’t have died alone. -E

I should have stopped Gavroche. -Courf

I should have been there, I’m sorry. -E

Enjolras, the question asked for ONE thing. -R

I can’t pick one thing, I made SO MANY mistakes … there is no picking one. -E

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Do you think Shiemi will get some kind of weapon soon? Maybe Nee turning into a sword?

i doubt it

i doubt it mostly because katou probably wants her under the whole tamer/doctor meister category. Sheimi is probably working up to become a doctor with her extensive knowledge in herbs, but aside from that, i doubt she’ll give her, or izumo, a knight meister position.

which i dislike cause I would like to see the girls with weapons to fend for themselves when they can’t summon their familiars, but oh well. (i’d like to be proven wrong)

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Have any of u qh bloggers ever though what you'll do with your blogs once qh is over?

Well i think this is a question for all of us QH bloggers?

Funnily enough me and mitwaaa were also actually talking about this same topic recently!!! LOL. Ummm…well once QH is finished i will still definietly keep this blog! I mean i love our fandom so i don’t see the point in deleting it completely. I guess i would wait and hope a new Gul Khan show comes out which i may fall in love with and start using this account for that or maybe change the name of this account and make it a personal blog? OR i might as well just keep this blog as a memory forever of the awesome show that was QH :’) I mean that’s what i’d probably do from the top of my head…

But there’s a loooong time to go till that! For now lets just enjoy this amazing show <3

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Hi! I play w101 a lot and I really enjoy it but sometimes I don't enjoy it as much as I should or feel like quitting the game because I get told a lot that I'm bad at it just because I'm a girl.. I'm an archmage and have been playing since the release and comments like that make me feel horrible. Has this ever happened to you/ do you have any advice for not feeling this way? Thanks.

Hey!! That has happened to me, I think it happens to everyone a little, but I think girls definitely get the brunt of it!! It makes me feel shitty too, and I actually quit for awhile (about a year) partially because I didn’t feel that I was any good at the game!! However, there are so many players that are going to be better than you and then there are even more that are 10 times worse!! If you’ve made it as far as archmage clearly you aren’t bad at all, because 80% of the people who play w101 never even go beyond wizard city!! And most of the time when people tell you that you’re bad or that you suck in reality it’s because they know you’re better than them and they’re jealous of you. Originally I used to argue with people like that, but now I just ignore them!! At the end of the day, you decide your own worth, and everyone else be damned!!

Anyways, I’m glad you brought this up because I constantly see people harassing other people because they’re “noobs” or they “suck” and at the end of the day I think we all need a reminder that we’re (mostly) teenagers running around pretending to be wizards in a game that was originally made for 8 year olds ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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so like, do you read books from the African American section?

Okay, so this is a difficult question. The answer is no, and that’s because I don’t really know where to begin. I know about Zane, a little anyway, and I’m not sure if I would be interested in it. I should check the section out, but I’m stuck buying what I know, you know? I’m slowly but surely branching out of YA because my fear of adult books is disappearing, but I’ll make it a goal to look at the section next time I go to B&N or wherever. 

I know some black people who wouldn’t pick up a book where the main character is white. I know some white people who wouldn’t dare read a ‘Zane’ book. I honestly don’t give a shit about color, I mean I married a white guy and I’m black. I just want a good ass story! Something different from my boring ass life xD

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So, as a math major, do you really understand math? Or are you just better at pretending it isn't madness?

I understand math and I actually enjoy it. Sometimes I do have a hard time understanding certain problems but that’s what’s cool about math, the answer will never change even if you don’t understand the problem. The steps on getting to the answers are giving to you haha so its pretty easy if you think about it. So its not so bad anon. It’s up to the person to understand the steps really. You can’t say “what the hell is this?” and give up and start claiming math is pointless haha you know? I think that’s why I want to be a math teacher, to change that kind of mind set.