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Bechloe prompt: Where Beca is lowkey hoarding an item [of your choice] and Chloe is stressed by it and yeah, tension!!

Gotta love me a prompt! :)

Here’s what I came up with.

‘Hazardous’ Headphones:

Beca Mitchell was becoming a problem within The Bella’s Dorm, to the point that having her around was almost hazardous. Okay, Chloe exaggerated the problem, there was no actual real danger. But of course, Chloe saw the worst in the situation and insisted that the girls could hurt themselves. And if they did that it’d be the end of everything that was right in the world because they’d be unable to perform for The Worlds.

Everywhere you looked there was Beats By Dre headphones. Beca didn’t see it as an issue, she was a collector, that’s all there was to it. But Chloe had reached her limit. So she prepared to address the ‘Hazardous Headphones issue’.

As Chloe walked into the living room carrying 3 different pairs of Beats, a type of murderous vibe filled the room. “Beca.” she said shaking her head at the brunette who was sitting on the sofa. Beca pulled her Beats down to her neck where they rested on top of another pair that she was already previously wearing. “What is it Chlo?” Chloe sighed as she held the Beats out in front of her “This is getting ridiculous. We’re struggling to pay the rent on the Dorm and here you are with a million different pairs of Beats” her annoyance was apparent in her voice.

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  • Me: I like outlast, the way there's no inexplicable, supernatural/paranormal stuff, the ending is explained and easy to figure out, the Whistleblower always further explains it and is quality
  • Outlast 2 ending: Are you sure about that?
Listening to music with my spirit companions

I give each of my companions a turn on choosing a song. Two rounds. I skip three times, and the song that comes up is what they chose. Here is the result:

*Mr.DemonFae: Stand by me. Why are you such a cuuuutie

*MrDarkUnicorn: Candy shop - 50 Cent. He was wondering what could someone sing about candy xD

*MrDragon: From yesterday - 30 Seconds to Mars. He wanted to give me an amusing song for this. Apparently he found it amusing that someone like him would choose an emo song.

*Mr.GuardianAngel: Hurricane 2000 orchestral version - The scorpions. At this moment he just wants to let me hear some good quality music. xD I like the other songs too though.

*LittleGirl: Master of Puppets - Apocalyptica. She’s gotten so into metal this one was predictable xD

*LittleBoy: Maniac - Michael Sembello. Oh boy you’re so obviously lovestruck.

*NewGuy: Another Stranger Me - Blind Guardian. Poor thing. Yes, you are a stranger for now, but I promise we want to welcome you in here.

*Mr.DemonFae: Invader Zim theme song. Yup, neat song. We should watch Invader Zim, or read the comics.

*MrDarkUnicorn: Nippon Manju - Lady Baby. I told him last night and earlier today that he’s very cute. He doesn’t understand what cute is. I told him cats are cute. He insists he’s nothing like a cat so he still doesn’t understand what cute is. He knows I think this song is cute, so he brought it up, trying to study and understand what cute is. It’s funny how intensely he’s listening to this song xD

*MrDragon: In the flat field - Bauhaus. Yay for enigmatic songs. Nice bass, and despite it being calm and not jazz at the same time, it’s still enjoyable.

*Mr.GuardianAngel: Blush - Jeffree Star. No shame at all of how much we’re into certain pop music. You go girl. Guy. Pal. I love you.

*LittleGirl: Teenagers - My Chemical Romance. Yaaaaaaas :D

*LittleBoy: Beautiful Girls - Sean Kingston. You’re too cute

*NewGuy: Blue - Eiffel 65. Aw I’ve sensed you’re a bit down. Don’t worry, you’ll fit right in before you realize it.

Whoever has taken the time to read this, I hope you enjoyed it. Have a nice day n_n


The story of Keito and his plants. It’s so interesting reading his story. And he’s too adorable and lovely. He makes me falling for him more 💕

🙋🏻 Enjoy yourself!

😅 I forgot the source of the scan. Anyway credit to you. Thank you for the scan ❤️



Houseplant 🍀
From small to big, I think i have around 10 pots? In this 2-3 weeks only I already collected a lot. Somehow i didn’t want to use my life just for myself, the thought loving something that feeling I wanted to nurture it. Actually i wanted to keep a pet, however the time I will be away from home is quite long. So i try to keep a houseplant instead. Because I bought all of them instantly, I do not know at all their name or even the leaf name (laugh). Ah! I know water lily! When all the flowers bloom, each time I saw them I would be happy. I can sense that the atmosphere of my room is changing. I finally realised that I am living with a plant. As one would expect, I still haven’t had a name for them yet (laugh), talking to them while taking care of them would make them grow stronger right. I think they can listen to good quality music. Now after I finish work i started to think “I should go back faster, I need to take care them!”

There was a day when me and my dad appear on [Johnny’s All Star Island] as a guest. Before that, we had a meeting together with Johnny-san. After we finish talking, my dad said “Let’s take a picture of 3 of us”. I was trying to escape at first, but I end up sitting on the chair in between two of them. While saying “I don’t want to di this~” i put on my hat and look at the camera properly (laugh). The picture seems like a 3 generation family photo (laugh).

Small bird 🐦
When I happened to see a pet corner in a shop, I keep thinking “I want a pet~”. When I was small, I always had animals around me. Dogs, cats, foxes. I was in animal protection group before, so I have been looking after them. I thought it seems impossible to keep a sparrow because it’s a small bird, but I would be lonely if the bird was not at home. It seems good if we could spend a day together again someday. When I played guitar they will gathered around me. I’m so happy if the bird sit quietly on my guitar head and not moving ♪

BTS Reaction to you fangirling about BS&T

Anon requested:  Can i request a bts reaction to their girlfriend HARDCORE fangirling about how good they look in the BST mv? :) thanks~

Deadass would be me as a girlfriend not even going to lie.

Jungkook: Jungkook couldn’t help but laugh at your reaction, he’d roll his eyes while you watched the MV on your laptop and basically groaned with how good your boyfriend looked. “Come on!” You groaned yet again. “How can someone look this good, like it’s not natural!” Jungkook laughed again at your frustration and simply started to shake his head.

“Jagi, I didn’t look that goo-” His words were soon cut off by a very loud girlfriend.

“Don’t you even try to say you don’t look good because I swear, I will smack you so hard Jungkook it’s not even funny.”

“But I wasn’t even the-”


“I’m just telling the truth!”


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V: “God I miss your blonde hair.” You let out a sigh. Taehyung would be watching you as you stared at the computer screen, a big smile would be etched on your face while your eyes stayed glued to the screen. “But God,” You groaned looking from the computer screen to your boyfriend. “Enough with that god damn tongue. You’re literally trying to give everyone heart attacks.” You laughed before looking back to the screen. You continued to watch it and continued to squeal even more as you saw your handsome boyfriend. “Why do you have to look so good oh my god.” Taehyung just laughed at all your compliments and shook his head slightly, you saw his head move and immediately pointed at him, eyes still on the music video. “Don’t you dare disagree with my Kim Taehyung.”

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Jimin: You were bouncing up and down waiting for the MV to load on Youtube, you cursed your shitty internet connection for not loading quicker. Once the video downloaded you immediately screamed at seeing your boyfriend. “Oh there you go fucking with my heart again.” You laughed once seeing your boyfriends old dark grey hair. You honestly loved that color on his and seeing it once again in such a good quality music video had your heart speeding up again. “Park Jimin!” You yelled and immediately heard footsteps running from your bedroom to the living room, a sleepy Jimin appeared and you soon questioned how he didn’t wake up from your first scream. 

“Huh? What? Is there a fire?” He’d be looking around to see a perfectly calm surrounding and a too excited girlfriend of his bouncing up and down. “You’re watching the music video aren’t you?” 

“You looks so good!” 

“I’m going to bed.” 

“Hey, wait-”

“Wake me up when it’s over.”


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J-Hope: “Oh shit my boyfriend’s getting wet.” You heard a laugh come from behind you and to your amusement you saw your boyfriend who had just came out of the shower, hair dripping wet. 

“I mean technically I am.” he replied, sitting down next to you in nothing but a pair of basketball shorts. “You’re watching this…again?”

“You. Look. So. Damn. Fine.” You enunciate every word as you replayed the video once again. “Like oh my god your dancing, and your hair I loved your hair that color when are you dyeing it back? And you got so much screen time I loved it and your dancing, oh my god.”

“You mentioned my dancing twice.”

“It deserves to be mentioned twice! You just did such a good job Hobi, oh my god you look so good.” You were speaking quickly trying to get all your compliments out and soon sighed as you began watching your boyfriend again. “So good.”

“I think we get-”


Rap Monster: Namjoon couldn’t help but smile when he saw your face light up when his part came on. You would smile wide at the screen, eyes transfixed to it and when his verse ended that’s when all hell broke loose.

“You look so good! Like, I can’t even! Namjoon who even are you? Who was that? You literally looked so fucking good I can’t.” You fell backwards from sitting on your bed, laptop in lap and felt your head hit the pillows. You let out a loud sigh and Namjoon just laughed while shaking his head. 

“Don’t you think that’s a bit dramatic? I didn’t look that-”

“Watch it.” You said pointing your finger directly at him and soon turning your head to look at him. “You looked very handsome now if you say you aren’t I will literally smack the shit out of you. Got it?”

Namjoon quickly shook his head repeating your words. “Got it.” You turned your head back and sat up clicking the replay button while the music was starting you heard Namjoon mumble “I didn’t look that good.” and before he knew it your hand met the back side of his head. “OW!”

Suga: Once you saw your boyfriend appear on the screen you snapped your head at him with wide eyes. He’d be shocked by your expression at first, he’d think you’d smile or squeal like you usually do for his music videos but no. He got a wide eyed girlfriend staring at him like he was a fish in a bowl. “What?” He’d have to ask since you hadn’t said anything.

“Who. Gave. You. THE. RIGHT.” You enunciated each word, getting louder as the sentence ended. 

“What?” Yoongi let out a laugh as he was still slightly confused by your words but still found your new reaction amusing. 

“You look so fine! oh my god, your black hair, the fans are going to die for it you have no idea.”

“And how do you know that? They could totally hate it.”

“If you don’t remember, I was a fan at one point. So that clearly means that I know what the fans want and like, and I like this so they must like this.” You’d click the replay the video for maybe the 50th time that day and you’d just seeing Yoongi’s hand shut the laptop, you’d try and snatch it but he’d quickly take it from your lap and walk away with it. “Hey!” You’d call at him but he’d continue walking out of the living room in the dorm and up to his room “MIN YOONGI I WASN’T DONE FANGIRLING OVER MY DAMN BOYFRIEND!”

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Jin: Jin would watch as your reactions changed each time you saw him. You’d be all giddy one second and then groan and fall back the next. He’d laugh so hard his stomach would start hurting from all your different reactions.

“You literally looked like a god, how did I get lucky enough to be dating a god? Honestly, you’re looking so good Jin, like so good. Did I mention-”

“That I looked so good?” Jin laughed again and you simply rolled your eyes and continued to watch the music video. You’d constantly compliment your boyfriend on all the screen time you god and nearly let out a deafening scream once you saw the ending. 



I can say that I am truly proud of BTS. To get to the billboards is an amazing achievement. I hope they can go higher and k-pop fans can combine as a family to congratulate this. They are very handsome, very kind, down to earth, dance beautifully and powerfully. However what was the snatching point is the fact they craft their own music. When you craft your own music the fans or listener feel more in touch with the artists, like they’re talking to you. So yes BTS congratulations, k-pop fans are very proud. Continue to make good, quality music and simply embrace who you are.

“BTS members are under great mental and physical stress due to some fans’ lack of discretion”, these people are called STALKERS and they’re seriously out of control, this is beyond creepy. BTS has been working non stop since years giving people good music and quality content and these people also have to stalk them?? what else do they want from BTS? they literally share so much with fans already. Please have some respect for BTS and yourself, damn.

EXO react when they are at the grocery store and hear porn in the audio system

Naughty anon XD I loved this.  

Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Trying to make some noise but ends up making everything more awkward* “OMG SOO LOOK AT THIS! SOME GOOD CHIPS YEAH! LET’S BUY THEM!! YAY CHIPS!”


*Looks at you all the way to the Cash register* “This place… has good taste.. Creating a good mood…  Don’t you think?”


*Really nervous* “Oh. Hey jagi.. you finished.. can we ahhh…. go home…now..” *Definitely struggling*


*Doesn’t notice because he is always wearing headphones* “Ohh this is good.. hmm.. I enjoy this good quality of music….”


“Oohh,…. someone is having fun back in the cabin.. should have chose a better quality video though..” *Naughty all the time*


*Well uhm… this GIF says everything.. probably won’t make it to the house… so the car will be enough*


*Video chatting with you* “I told you I’m at the store… it’s not me… I’m buying food jagi! What did you think I was doing here!?”


*Looks at the manager this way* “And I thought this was a vegan place…”


“It’s you isn’t it Chan? It’s your phone’s recordings! Stop it already!!” *Dying of embarrassment* 


“I think.. I just lost my innocence…” *Being weird as always*


*Almost crying* “I’m leaving this place! Why did you bring me here Kris! I shouldn’t have listened to you!!”


“Why do I have to cover my ears Y/N? Are you going to kiss me? I don’t know what you are saying…” *Being protected by you*

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

YOUNG MONKS - Bad Bad Freddy

YOUNG MONKS, a 5-person band from Canberra, Australia (yes there’s only four in the picture). These guys sure know how to write a hell of a song.

Bad Bad Freddy is their latest track and boy is it good! The quality of the music, vocals, production, and lyrics are all really tight. It also gives off a sweet, groovy vibe that reminds me of Twenty Øne Piløts and Sticky Fingers. 

Right from the beginning, you’ll already be moving your head to the music. And when it gets to the chorus, you’ll probably be moving your whole body. A lot of personality and energy defines this song, and something about it really captures my attention. This song is really easy to listen to, all thanks to the fantastic production. And i’m also going to add that it’s pretty catchy. After a few times listening to it, you might find yourself singing along.

This is a great song. From the the slick bass-line to the fresh, chill vocals, there’s plenty to love about it. Everything just works really well together to create an incredible vibe.

If you don’t know who these guys are yet, definitely give their music a listen and you won’t regret it. I for one am looking forward to what they’ll be making in the near future. Loving the tunes so far!

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How often do you meditate? I find my thoughts interrupt me really easily

Once in the morning it’s the first thing I do after waking up, then again before bed. Make sure your environment is comfortable, light some good quality incense, play relaxing music or whatever you find soothing it’s all up to personal preference just find your special place

I am so fucking sick of Demi Lovato getting relentlessly bullied on social media. Y'all act like social justice warriors yet you don’t give a fuck about the fact that she has now been bullied out of her career, her passion, the thing she loves most. Demi was homeschooled because she was bullied so badly in school and it’s honestly disgusting that people still do it now. Yes, sometimes she says shit which y'all may not agree with but her intentions are good and tbh everyone knows that, it’s just cool to hate on Demi Lovato. I see everyone preaching about mental illness and supporting it except when Demi shows a symptom of hers. She’s fucking bipolar. Just because she’s a celebrity doesn’t mean she isn’t human. Y'all also preach about eating disorders yet i don’t see anyone defending her when she gets thousands of people calling her fat and whale every single day. Y'all say ‘she’s a celebrity, she needs to handle it’ but she shouldn’t have to handle it. It’s so triggering for her to see these comments. The worst is when people tell her kill herself or to self harm when everybody fucking knows she’s dealt with these issues since childhood. Seriously y'all are fucking sick. And now she may never make music again. Anyone who knows Demi knows that music is her life, she’s said countless times that music saved her life and saves other with it, and now that is gone. How is that fair on her? Seriously y'all can choke because you have bullied a woman, a young woman who had her whole career ahead of her, out of doing what she loves most. It’s no question that she has one of the best voices in the industry and she makes good quality music, now we’re left with shitty songs like ‘Work’ and 'Panda’. I hope y'all are proud of yourselves for what you’ve fucking done. She is a human being, like you. Imagine getting that amount of hate every single day. I’m literally so sad for her.

Some Common Qualities regarding Any Yes indeedy DJ Straddle Demand

There are different types of parties being composed all over the world. Whatever be the line, the generic thing amongst all such events is a DJ. Depending by their budgets, people hire such performers to replenish the guests entertained. If you are along reflective upwards of organizing a party, inner man cannot help but always garner pompous that you escalator clause one of the best Disc Jockeys into care for your party alive. This would result into your guests remembering the event as a long time. However, one in reference to the toughest parts as for organizing an aftermath is choosing the right DJ. Ex post facto you would like nothing but the best for your party, you should make poised to hire a DJ doing demand. Such professionals are usually so prevalent and also very acclimatized. Inasmuch as them keeping the mood vivified in parties is a very informal job. Yowl, better mean wisely before choosing one such professional.

If you look at any good and well known DJ on demand, you would bulletin board that all of herself have some common qualities. These qualities would help you understand which DJ to choose on behalf of your party. Many people do not have an idea relative to such qualities. At this juncture are some in re the qualities you cannot help but remember while looking for the advantageously Disc Jockey for your party:

Well known for the quality of music theory played: There are very cursory Recording Jockeys who are popular for the quality of the muses they play at an offshoot. You would advertence that any warmly known DJ about demand would be kitschy for the type of musical score he plays up entertain guests. As nobody would admiration to hearken to to bad music, it is up on route to him to take to mean mate factors and play music accordingly.

Is swell to requests from guests: There are tidy sum Cassette Jockeys, who are not eager to accept any requests from the guests at a party. These professionals are usually the ones who are not pesky popular in the go shopping. On the quite another thing hand, you would notice that a DJ on demand would steadfastly exist stimulated up play the type of music which are requested by guests at an event. These professionals become very popular super easily. There are many other qualities of a good DJ on pro rata. The next time you need to hire almighty, better keep these factors in mind. These would go a great distance in assisting yours truly to find one of the put Disc Jockeys as far as perform at your groundling.


Summary: When you fall into a coma, Bucky is at your side immediately. In an attempt to bring you out of your comatose state, he recalls each and every significant moment in your relationship, reminding you of the fact that Heaven is here on earth; and it’s with him.

Word count: 3.5k


PART 4 TO @bovaria AND I’S COLLAB. I hope u enjoy bbs. Remember it starts as the first date memory, straight off the bat. (Italics are memories)


Bucky cleared his throat and straightened his jacket. He patiently waited for Y/N to appear, his eyes cast over the carnival, which buzzed with life. His lips were turned into a small frown, his brows creased in thought. Several minutes went by, and Y/N still hadn’t arrived. A heartbreaking scenario played out in his head; what if she decided she didn’t want to see him after all? His chest hurt at the prospect. He put his hands in his pocket and tore his gaze from the lively carnival to the long stretch of desert road.

He was broken from his thoughts by a sweet, tender voice. “Bucky?”

He turned around, his expression immediately breaking into a warm smile. The sun was settling into a quiet glow, the orange hues basking Y/N in a halo of dimming light. She looked absolutely beautiful.

“H-Hi, Y/N,” Bucky stammered, which made the girl giggle.

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Why do you love Min Yoongi so much when Jungkook is much better looking

Min Yoongi is very handsome but there’s so much more to him than that. Jungkook is very handsome as well. Jungkook has that traditional attractiveness that the general public will agree one. Yoongi doesn’t have that and it’s perfectly okay. Min Yoongi (and Jungkook too) is so much more than just a pretty face and he does have one. He is so passionate about his music and following his dreams. He’s true to himself and doesn’t let others change him. He is one of the most hardworking people I know. He spends hours upon hours, up at all kinds of crazy hours in the morning working on music for Bangtan, for himself. He doesn’t just focus on doing his own thing but spends time working on dance, helping the other members where they’re lacking. Whether that’s telling them, hey this needs some work and being completely blunt and honest with them to improve them or it’s helping them because they come to him for advice. He’s speaks his mind and praises his members for their hard work. He’s constantly saying over and over how hard Jimin works and how proud he is of Jimin for practicing as hard as he does. He praises Jungkook’s work on the Outro of their latest album. Which Jungkook came to him for help but you don’t see Yoongi taking the credit. He’s greedy in the sense that he wants to produce music and good music but he isn’t greedy for himself. He such a talented rapper, producer, lyric writer. He has really great fashion sense, have you seen his airport fashion?! Yoongi takes care of the members even if he isn’t so blunt about all he does. He’s a quiet a man and he’s humble in the ways it counts. He’s adorable when he’s promoting his own work because he’s genuinely proud of it. Yoongi isn’t stuck up thinking he’s better than everyone he knows he has flaws and has admitted them, he’s constantly wanting to better himself. This man is so sweet, caring, loving and sincere to his groupmates, friends, family and fans. For his last two birthdays he has prepared some sort of gift for the fans whether it be candy or drinks or both. He drew his own label to stick onto the drinks, he picked out himself what he thought was a good choice, he paid for those gifts to the 300 something fans (in the first one) on his own. He took the time to HANDWRITE every single message on a sticky note from him to the fans. He felt bad that more fans came than they had been anticipating and he took more time to write more messages for them. His group members helped him with the packaging for the second B-Day support he did and he bought them all pizza for helping him do that while he was handwriting all the messages, yet again for another year. Min Yoongi is a rapper and yes rappers are cocky but he’s cocky about his rapping, his music that he puts his sweat, tears, blood and undying devotion into not just for himself but because he wants to make good quality music for us, for fans, for people who aren’t fans but happen to hear his work and nod along. He’s so much more than a pretty face and I love him for that. I love him for who he is and who he isn’t, who he will become and who he’ll never be able to be. Min Yoongi is not perfect, we all make mistakes but he’s perfect to me.

If you get the chance see him in person, he’s so very handsome and I mean physically attractive even if it’s not in the traditional sense. You’re missing out on something if you don’t.

Jungkookie is precious to me as well for many reasons I will not get into today but he doesn’t move my heart the way Yoongi does and that’s okay. Not everyone can do that, everyone is different.

Suga, Min Suga and Min Yoongi I love them all and always will as they are all facets of one beautiful person.

I’m sorry that’s long but I hope that answered your question and perhaps someday (if not now) you’ll see the true beauty in someone not just their ‘immediate physical attraction).