Blood and pain, memories of shame

John sighs from his cuffed state. Good going him getting caught in that trap. But it was either him or the ghoul kid that was new to his scavenge crew. Just hopped the kid went straight back to good neighbor to inform everyone. Because there defiantly was no way he washer ting out of this one easily. He was defiantly stuck. As was his fellow companion in the caged wagon. “So Edward…. What are you in for?”

Neighbor Steve
  • Neighbor Steve

“H̷͉̦ͅE̞͖̕L̲̺̼͈͔̣Ḻ̴̨̦̥̺͉̼͉O͏̬͉͓̺̦͙̥ͅ,̸̦̮̱͕̳͇̪͢ ̸̱͖̣̼̠̱Ǹ͙̮̞̗̺E͙̯̝̟͢I̻̬͎̱̙̳͚͡ͅG͙̣̩̣͔H̟̦B̼̳̯̼̙̠̙͝Ǫ̹̞̮̦̦R͏̨̨̹͎̠̹̲ ̶̡̭̤͜S͇̬̻̗̜̩̣T̵͏͏͇̦E̴͏̬̰V̵͈̹̱͇͔̫̫E͏̥͖̣̻̠“

Influenced by the original post by @sixpenceee (not to mention its original source,) the text by @geostatonary, and the comic by @meltdraw

Music: Friendly Neighbors - Earthbound

I’ve been sitting on this one forever, it’s good to finally have it out of my system!

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Happy Birthday Xavi!  March 20, 1989 Québec, Canada
[women] are the people i want to talk about, they’re the people i want to protect, they’re the people i want to put in my movies and see fail or win. as a writer, as a human being, and as a young man, it’s easier for me to express my anger, to ask questions, to seek answers, to talk, to cry as a woman in a movie. i connect with those figures more than i connect with men. men are born privileged in the scale of things - i’m generalizing, but it’s true. women have to define themselves in the eyes of men. they have to fight for their rights, especially in a society that will pretend that there is no fight or no battle, that it’s a cliche, that feminists are reactionary, all these things. as a young man who struggled to find his identity and to find his place, i relate to that quest for belonging in society. with mothers, especially, with their flaws, the way they have made huge sacrifices in order to be good moms or just moms. they probably sacrificed a part of their career, they sacrificed some desires, some dreams. i cannot relate, but i love to talk about it.
—xavier dolan for interview magazine