Poop Stories (dog poop)

This morning I took the dogs out for their morning walk and to do their business. Being a good neighbor, I pickup after our dogs; being environmentally and frugally responsible I try to use a single bag to pickup after both dogs. This morning when picking up after the second dog, I felt something was off and found to my horror the bag had a hole in it. Lovely! 10/10 shitty experience.

Later this morning I got a text from Mrs RRR. She’d returned from the school run to find Baxter had pooped in the house and had “the biggest grossest smeared dingberry.”

They say things happen in threes …

Baxter (especially since his recent illness) will only let me pick him up, wash him etc. So most of that “biggest grossest smeared dingberry” will be waiting for me to clean up tonight.

It’s a good thing we love ‘em!

Happy Monday! How’s your day going?
This researcher programmed bots to fight racism on Twitter. It worked.
And a particular kind of bot worked best.

his findings

1. white racists (like you “good” whites’ uncles, grandmas, neighbors, and friends) only change their behavior when they are confronted by other whites with more status. 

2. when Black people confront the racists attacking us, they just pile on harder because they get a kick out of knowing they’ve gotten to us.

tl;dr - just like Black people have been telling you for decades, it’s up to whites to end racism and you can’t do it by remaining friends with your cousin and grandma who voted Trump because “fuck political correctness”.

Neighbor Steve
  • Neighbor Steve

“H̷͉̦ͅE̞͖̕L̲̺̼͈͔̣Ḻ̴̨̦̥̺͉̼͉O͏̬͉͓̺̦͙̥ͅ,̸̦̮̱͕̳͇̪͢ ̸̱͖̣̼̠̱Ǹ͙̮̞̗̺E͙̯̝̟͢I̻̬͎̱̙̳͚͡ͅG͙̣̩̣͔H̟̦B̼̳̯̼̙̠̙͝Ǫ̹̞̮̦̦R͏̨̨̹͎̠̹̲ ̶̡̭̤͜S͇̬̻̗̜̩̣T̵͏͏͇̦E̴͏̬̰V̵͈̹̱͇͔̫̫E͏̥͖̣̻̠“

Influenced by the original post by @sixpenceee (not to mention its original source,) the text by @geostatonary, and the comic by @meltdraw

Music: Friendly Neighbors - Earthbound

I’ve been sitting on this one forever, it’s good to finally have it out of my system!

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Britain is building a massive wall to keep refugees out
The UK is going to build a 13ft wall in Calais to block refugees from crossing the channel, the Government has announced. "People are still getting through," immigration minister Robert Goodwill told the Home Affairs Select Committee. "We have done the fence, now we are doing the wall."